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641 S.K Bros
642 PowerChordGames
643 Gavin Hiller
644 Line of Sight Gaming
645 Andy Hirsch
646 Riescool007
647 Zander Robles
648 ZeldaMaster2010
649 Videogamertv
650 UpUpDownDown

He is muscly and tough and he has a lot of frends who love to play with him in games

651 Will Power

His laugh is so legendary, I have been mimicing his laugh since I first saw it

652 Scumperjumper
653 Jordan vs. Josh

Best one there is.

654 Crazylittlemonster

Crazylittlemonster is so funny and she is my BFF and says that I can be on one of her videos. She is even starting her own series called "the journey of the book"

655 AzzMan

What? WHAT?! Why's he so low? Azzman is awesome!

His Yandere Sim videos are really funny and he does a lot related anime,Japanese type something like that.His really cool

V 3 Comments
656 Superjombombo

Best btd player ever

657 TheScatsbury V 1 Comment
658 MagikarpUsedFLY
659 Arcade Knight
660 Blackmere Mike

It is actually not this guy doing the gaming, he is actually editing the videos of DarkSydePhil (who is near Mariotehplumber levels of mentality) and making them painfully hilarious. - WonkeyDude98

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