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101 GoldenBlackHawk

He's down to earth, interacts with his fans a lot via twitter and such and is all around a hilarious gamer, especially when playing with uberhaxornova and immortalhd

102 TwoBestFriendsPlay

One of the best gaming chanels on youtube, and the most underrated! so funny and also doing full lets plays! mat and pat the best duo! better than gamegrumps!

103 Fawful's Minion

Best countdown maker ever.

104 AttackingTucans

This man is a legend.

105 Black Hokage
106 Munching Brotato
107 NerdCubed

Also further up

108 The Gaming Lemon

HE IS so FUNNY, definitely should be in the top 10 best gaming YouTuber, go check out his channel.

HE IS so FUNNY, He should be in the top ten gaming YouTuber, definitely one of the funniest gaming YouTuber I've seen so far, go check out his channel if you didn't.

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109 CavemanFilms V 1 Comment
110 green scorpion

I'm surprised but also happy he is on the list. Very underrated channel. - AlexApathy

Never seen his videos but green scorpion is a pretty badass name

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111 Michaelalfox
112 SideArms4Reason

Side is a very naturally funny guy. He always has a good time in his videos with the crew and it really positively rubs off on you. His videos are entertaining. Side is probably the most upbeat YouTuber.

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113 PaperBatVG
114 InsideGaming

Inside Gaming (Funhaus now) was the only reason I watched Machinimas channel. Definitely a huge addition to Rooster Teeth.

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115 HuskyStarcraft
116 Bashurverse

My entire ego is around this guy cool funny gamer that is a little insane bash is a goonie too I solute to him

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117 JoshJepson
118 Danznewz

Very funny, especially doing in real life videos with the rest of the Creatures! He does dares like waxing his hairy chest and (No offense) but his size is why he is hilarious!

Hilarious and his movie refrences when playing games is perfect

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119 IMasterOfDoomI
120 brentalfloss
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