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121 JoshJepson
122 Danznewz

Very funny, especially doing in real life videos with the rest of the Creatures! He does dares like waxing his hairy chest and (No offense) but his size is why he is hilarious!

Hilarious and his movie refrences when playing games is perfect

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123 IMasterOfDoomI
124 brentalfloss
125 meatwagon22

The beast wagon works super hard running both his channel and YAW as well as doing his job during the day. Been a fan since he was doing stuff with Ngt. Oh and ummm 22!

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126 DYKGaming

Come on guys! This is obviously the best gaming channel in existence! This should be #1!

This doesn't belong

This doesn't belong in the list

They're a variety channel.

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How the hell is he so low on this list? His videos make me laugh so hard. He is hysterical!

I think that he is down right funny and should be one of the first ones on the list

Come on in! In this pig dot com

The wheeze is amazing

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129 shaun0728

Hutch is brilliant, honest and a great Gamer. One of the Originally Call of Duty players.

This is a vote in honour of his achievements.
It because oh Hutch and a few pioneers in Utube gaming that we are all here as a gaming community..
Yes there are now bigger Utube gamers out there but none will ever hold a candle against achievements of The Mighty Hutch...

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130 Mini Ladd

Hey did you here it's the Mini Ladd

He is a really cool dude and I like how he always puts his face in all of his videos so we can see his hilarious reactions. I also like how much he donated to charity.

Genuinely cares about his fans.

Great part of Vanoss crew

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131 Dlive

Why the heck is Dlive WAY down here I personaly love his content and to all the people who don't like him as much as I do or just flat out hate him that's ok. its your opinion but mine is 5 stars, A+ for his content

132 Strawburry17
133 GassyMexican

His voice can cure even the worst cases of boredom. Seriously, he needs to narrate many, many things, namely my life.

Utterly amazing can keep you hooked on his videos for hours on end!

Hilarious impressions and even better gaming. He's often featured in Seananner's videos for The Hidden. Great Youtuber!

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134 cjszero01

Man, this guy puts so much time and thought into his work, always devoting and making the best of his videos. I'm subscribed and wait as long as I can for one of his new videos. Two words: Too LOW!

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135 ChimneySwift11
136 joshschorcher
137 BedBananas V 1 Comment
138 Messyourself

Funniest guy in planet he is way better than pewdiepie he should be number 1 in the list

He is the only gaming channel I will ever watch go Messyourself

This guy is so underrated, go check em out. He's great

I've got introduced to him on his Dying Light video, and I've decided to watch more of his videos.
I'm not gonna lie, he's one of the most funniest youtuber of all time.

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139 Lordminnion777

For 1 it is spelled wrong, but what ever he such an amazing guy. He is the nice funny guy who gets picked on but he likes it.

He is so kind and caring. That's what makes him special. He's amazing and he deserves 1 million subscribers.

Really interesting guy good friend with Markplier so I reccomened this channel

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140 PauseUnPause

He is just all around beast! Hunger Games, Adventure Maps, Minecraft, Ni No Kuni, Terarria, And new games every few weeks! All around amazing and original! He deserves way more attention than he has! Well, what are you waiting for? Go check him out!

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