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141 Pbggameplay V 1 Comment
142 supersane101
143 Trevchan2
144 Pop Fiction
145 Yogscast

These guys are hilarious, and Hannah and Kim's Fright Nights are the best. :P -Leila


If you want batman content go here 100% recommended kid friendly too no cursing

147 Ali-A

To be honest alia is an epic person, he is informative, good at what he does; and a nice character in real life also (went to same school).

Holds the world record for the most popular Call of Duty channel, should be way way higher

He is the best! He give information you need. Best gameplay interesting videos etc

Ali-a is amazing at what he does

V 15 Comments
148 Giancarloparimango11

Gian is an amazing Pokemon gamer. His videos help give other players helpful hints for his/her Pokemon gameplay. Also the fact that his videos are so entertaining, you want to keep watching him play. In my opinion, he is the greatest Pokemon gamer on YouTube, and no one can compare to him, and no one ever will. You are amazing Gian! Keep up the good work!

The best Pokemon Gamer out there. I look up to him always for walkthroughs on Pokemon games.

He is a funny guy. He really helped me when I was having trouble playing PokePark Wii 2: Beyond the World. He really is one of the best and to be honest, he really knows how to keep a good head on his shoulders. He sounds like a nice guy and my favorite video of his is when he finds that shiny Basculin

Gian offers a lot of enjoyable content and makes great update videos for new Pokemon games. One of my favorite poketubers

V 20 Comments
149 ZackScottGames

Great commentator for Video Gaming (radio announcer type of voice that is easily understood) - commentates full play through for KIDS *(rare to find), and also commentates for ADULTS. He reaches all audiences. Graphics come through clean and crisp. Zack is comical - has a good sense of humor. **Highly recommended.** Looking forward to watching his Video Gaming for the New game system - "SWITCH".

I liked how he played gen. 6 of Pokemon. He didn't know what he was doing most of the time (because he usually doesn't play Pokemon) but it was all the more interesting because of it.

This guy has more subscribers than people in the top ten. why isn't he higher on this list?

I like SMG4 (Retarded 64) too, he is one of those rare people who makes me laugh my ass of! But ZackScottGames is my personal favorite - he always somehow manages to say funny things and he is just great! The only thing that sometimes annoys me if I've already played the game before is that he does things that I know better than to do - but when I haven't already played the game, he's the best! I also like TheDominoKing - he is absolutely amazing, if you haven't seen his Videos, than I recommend starting with his Video ''Super Mario World in over 8,000,000 Dominos'' it's the most impressive Video of his I've seen! Just give ZackScottGames, SMG4, and TheDominoKing a chance - they're my personal favorites, I also like Jayshockblast - but he's not that good (no offense if you happen to read this, Jayshockblast)!

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150 Criken2

Even if he does take a while to upload videos, I gasp when another one comes out and that's why I've been watching him since 2009, and what can I say, he's just hilarious.

Really this guy is simply hilarious. He works a lot on his videos to make his videos as enjoyable as possible. Plus, he tests many different kinds of games.

How can you not like this guy?! He adds something to his videos not many people can. Legend.

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151 Aphmau

Aphmau is an inspiration many people. I hope to be like her someday

She's inspiring and just plain old awesome! She deserves #1!

I love you and you are the best

I love you aphmau but you are a not kid friendly thing that always do kissy and love stuffs but that's okay the thing is I love you if you read this I will be so exited! :-)

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152 SomecallmeJohnny V 1 Comment
153 Farfromsubtle

And how are they not on the list? Awesome Video Games can be funny, but Video Games Awesome (the main show) makes them my favorite.

The hosts are hilarious and give their honest opinion of the games they play, whether it be indie games or mainstream titles. Fourplay Fridays are the best! They also stream almost all of their shows before uploading to YouTube.

Best production quality, with a great "gaming on the couch with your buds" feel

154 JoeyGraceffa

Joey should have been in the 50s he is great.

Best gamer joey is the best and funniest at minecraft

Joey is amazing and hot...I know he is gay but still he is cute. He is hilarious and a great gamer. I don't get it why he is not number 1. Also,watch escape the night! #Joey the best!

You make me laugh everyday when I see you play video are so funny.We all love you.

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155 inthelittlewood

Come on guy him and nerdcubed have a series. He and nerd our my two favorite youtubers of all time and that's not it he is now a part of the yogscast with a new channel name called yogscast martyn. Finally he also plays prop hunt with pewdiepie sometimes everything he does is hilarious.

If the million people who subscribed to inthelittlewood also known as Martyn saw the poor rating, the will make this guy to the top. - Joshishere

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156 BirgirPall

His videos are just ultimately hilarious, you just laugh out loud while watching his videos. You have mossed a lot if you have not watched him!

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157 grievousrocks
158 boogie2988

Francis videos are funny and his regular videos are entertaining even though he doesn't upload much gaming.

159 Seal481
160 Ethoslab

Whenever I watch Etho, I want to play minecraft (his primary game) that he just enchants me with.
He explains all of his projects in great detail, but not too much to the point where I get bored.
He also listens to his subscribers and their suggestions and opinions.

He's intellectual in his personal videos, but with friends he's hilarious. It's the best combination!

Why the hell is he so low. He is the best at explaining all of the complicated things that he builds.

Etho is a modern hero!

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