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161 WiiRikeToPray

They do 4 player let's plays, which is rare on YouTube. They are all really awesome and funny guys and you will love them. A lot of multiplayer channels are super competitive but these guys are the epitome of teamwork. They put so much of their time and effort in recording for us Weirdos.

Love watching the 4 player let's plays. These guys are super funny in a nerdy way, which is great! They are relatively evenly matched for skill level so you never know who will win when they are competing. Really awesome weirdos!

They do 4-player games, bunch of hilarious guys, never let me down on content. You should definitely check these guy out of your looking for multiplayer content.

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162 STAR_

Best tf2 player I have ever seen and it was so hard to close between watchmojo and star_

163 MrbossFTW
164 Videogamedunkey

I don't understand why Dunkey is so low on this list. Almost every other channel seems to be aimed at the lowest common denominator, which is ok but has the downside of forcing the video producer to dumb down the humor. Dinkey usually plays dumb, often behaving in a juvenile, obnoxious way, but stands above the subscriber whoring, playing games for enjoyment and occasionally completely sabotaging his team's efforts, which is entertaining to watch when those individuals play along and even more so when they throw a fit. Ironically I felt doodle's content is intended for a slightly more intelligent audience, as there are aspects that are borderline satire and a number of downright funny one-liners that are more profound than they seem.

To be Honest he is the funniest guy on YouTube, maybe not for everyone because he has a certain kind of humour, if you like this kind of humour you can not simply ignore this channel

Has the most amount of hilarious one liners on the planet. If you are dumb. Then you won't get his jokes. Just saying.

Another point for Ikon baby!

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165 Extra Credits

Why in the world isn't the best YouTube channel in general in this list? When it comes to gaming, nothing is as amazing as Extra Credits. Well, except maybe Errant Signal, but he hasn't made enough videos yet. - Maplestrip

166 BlastphamousHD Gaming
167 Captain8Bit

Love his Game Chasers show

168 Hocky521

The raging videos are the funniest I have ever seen.

Gaming videos that keep you entertained for days.

169 Superskarmory
170 PeteDorr

Great retro gaming channel although I wish he didn't always talk so quite. Regardless I love his content. - AlexApathy

171 KwingLetsPlays

Best channel ever does tons of game plays

Another Knightwing01 for stuffs other than batman and DC Comics and reveiws and stuff

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173 AzuriteReaction
174 CrappyCaptureDevice
175 unCAGEDgamez
176 ZexyZek V 2 Comments
177 TheReconJacob
178 TheSw1tcher

Been watching the Zaibatsu for several years now and they just keep getting better, bringing the fans Full lets plays, mini lets plays, "Friday night fisticuffs", not to forget one of my personal favourites, Rustlemania, in which Matt, Pat and Woolie play the worst wrestling games of all time. These guys upload daily without fail, as well as doing a regular podcast, which is now up to 59 episodes. Not only this, but they go through hell to provide for their plans. The have played Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls for the fans happiness alone, despite hating David Cage as a game developer, and cleverly named it "The Sadness Trilogy". The provide witty and informative comments throughout their videos, making lets plays fun and engaging. I find myself not even paying attention to the sroty, and enjoying videos of games I am not remotely interested in. Not to forget Zach the cat, the cat that Matt owns named after York's "imaginary friend" in Deadly premonition. Their ...more

These guys are my favourite gaming channel. They're funny and staggeringly intelligent (most of them have college degrees) with real world experience of working in the games industry (well three of them anyway, Pat used to be a grocery bagger with a degree in psychology) so they are always well informed and their opinions are their own. With four members for playthroughs there is always a a great dynamic between them and their friendships shine through in their videos and podcasts. Truly a great gaming channel, they really do deserve greater recognition and they are slowly expanding their fan base.

Basically the best Let's Players on YouTube. They play a variety of games ranging from Astro Boy to Dark Souls 2. With there being 4 members, you get multiple gameplay styles, and mixing of personality for either the funniest jokes or more sandbagging then you've even heard. Above all, they always finish their Let's Plays. Along with hosting a podcast, they visit lots of cons and interact with the fans. Each let's play has it's own intro usually made by a fan.

These guys are top five material. They deserve to get 1,000,000 subscribers. - bobbythebrony

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179 DanAndPhilGames

If you're looking for someone who's actually gaming seriously and stuff... stop right now. This isn't a channel where the hosts play with extreme tact and caution, with a couple of cheeky bants here and there. This is a channel where two fully grown men named Dan and Phil, Dan himself being a meme who constantly has existential crisis's and questions his existence, Phil being an adorable five year old in disguise, mess around completely while playing games that vary each week. Watch these two losers become sidetracked 90% of the time, and share way too many jokes and puns for you to handle. DanAndPhilGames is legit my favourite Youtube channel of all time, and though they may not upload as often as Pewdiepie, when they do, their content is amazing and hilarious. Please go watch them. Please.

As in Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil's side channel. They just do it for fun, but they do it funnier and better than a lot of actual gaming YouTubers.

These guys are HILARIOUS! Watching their reactions to things is just precious! Their fnaf videos are the best things EVER and seriously HOW ARE THEY SO LOW ON THIS LIST? Also I really think that they are funnier than most of the top, like, 5, because their reactions and interactions are wonderful!

Not the typical gaming youtubers. Dan Howell (formally known as Danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (Amazingphil) are absolutley hilarious, I don't know how they're so low on the list. Their personalities and good ol' banter makes their videos even better. If you need a good laugh I highly suggest checking out their channel. You wont regret it.

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180 Vikkstar123

The only reason he's famous is because of ssundee

Awesome videos and funny

Along with the other sidemen one of my favourite YouTubers

<3 the best gamer <3...LOVE HIM

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