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Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 60 million subscribers. more.


I admit that he is awesome and cool, and etc. But, I do not obsess him that much, for we know that I might end up of one of those Bros who take criticisms seriously and would even have an ally to defend their opinions against a constructive criticism. So yeah, his personality is what we enjoy the most. His hysterical laughter, overused profanities and some stuff like that is what makes his channel worth watching. Just because he is famous, it doesn't mean you have to find his weakest spots and try to defend your own opinions about him, such as him being loud and weird. Some people are like that, and they even try to compare them to other video game commenters such as Markiplier and Toby Turner, saying that they are perfectly fine and normal and not like PewDiePie who is loud, stupid and a two-faced jerk who craves for money.

Well, we humans just want something to entertain us to make our hours worth, well, there you go! A most-subscribed, famous PewDiePie who'll act like an ...more

He is hilarious, and even though many people may think that watching gaming channels on YouTube is extremely nerdy, PewDiePie makes it hilarious and fun to watch for anyone. I am extremely addicted to his videos, and they can always put a smile on my face. As soon as I discovered him from a friend, I was instantly addicted and subscribed. I was subscribed to his channel since he had about 3 million bros, but now he has over 11 million, and I am glad to be a part of the bro army. BROFIST.

I started watching him when I watched an episode if how teens react to pewdiepie and from there I have been watching him ever since! He makes my dad and I just love all his voices! (Stephano! Chair mode activated*beep, MR CHAIR! ) thanks pewds! BROFIST FROM TEXAS(were not all hillbillies)

Your parents willfully let you watch all that profanity? What is wrong with your family?

No need to say anything. Basically speaking, PewDie is one of the best of the best when it comes to commenting, and playing horror (and also the tons and tons of laughs that he delivers). Also, it would be better if even Cry would be recognized.

You either follow this guy to the depths of the earth, or daydream about killing him

There is a reason he has the most subscribers on YouTube, he's the full package! He's attractive, funny, can sing and he's awesome. He has the ability to make a person laugh by just screaming the word BARRELS. He makes gaming look badass.

The Best of the best youtube gaming channels. He plays mostly horror but some rage games, action games and cute games every now and then. He's hilarious and interacts in the games as opposed to just playing them to win. It's a million times beter to mess around and joke in games, especially horror, than just play it. The jokes in the horror games overpower the scares which are funny too when he reacts. BROFIST!

People say he has lost originality with his gain of popularity, but he has continued to upload new, different, and original content. I like him for his genuine humor and how he simply could care less even though he gets plenty of hate.

Hilarious and really entertaining when you need a good laugh and really try's to do his best by Charity, and anything else he can do for people. He is an amazing guy and over all a great funny smart person. C:

He is funny. Pewdiepie is... PewDiePie! He has a hilarious reaction to horror games and well games in general I haven't seen many of his videos/I am new to the Bros but I am so happy I found him He makes me laugh so much and smile and he just brightens my day!

Pewdiepie is most definitely the best gaming channel out there! He has a great sense of humour and plays a good selection of all round games, as well as being amazingly down to earth and in touch with his subscribers. 100% most popular and 100% the best.

At first I was like "oh this guy is so immature and stupid, why am I watching this? ". As I continued watching his videos I fell in love laugh out loud. He makes me want to play games with him.

He's really funny because he always does hilarious reactions and he always gives inanimate objects their own personality. It's too hard to explain it all just by talking, you need to see him!

He's awesome! Anyone regardless of age can check out his channel! He makes even the scariest of moments, into the funniest moments! And by the way, have I told you he is donating money to children in Africa? He's awesome!

"PEWDIEPIE is a good man, and he does good videos, he makes me laugh, when he uses the hater block glasses, he makes good content on YouTube for people to watch, I like his sense of humour, it is so hilarious, he makes me go into a fit of giggling"

Pewdie gets my vote simply because he makes everything funny. I love the characters he presents, as well as the voices and faces he does. I literally always have a huge smile on every-time I see his videos.

Even more than that he plays a wide variety of games, his reactions are priceless and just all around entertaining. I'd say give him a try, if anyone. BROFIST!

HILARIOUS. HANDS DOWN. I totally recommend watching his videos, old and new. And his channel grows FAST. There is no way that someone cannot find him to be funny!

Pewdiepie is obviously the funniest gaming channel on youtube. Tobygames and RoosterTeeth right behind him. Brofist. Oh, tell stephano I said hi!

PewDiePie is awesome. He doesn't care about trolls or how much money he makes off of YouTube. He just loves to play video games!

Pewdiepie is honestly the best. And not on my because he's a kick ass gamer. He's the funniest, and he brightens days and lives. He's helped me, and much much more people, through hard times just by making us laugh. Bro all the way.

He is the best gamer ever even though he forgets easily his horror instincts kicks in and helps him complete games. He's also the funniest person I know in the world. He has the right to be no. 1.

A mixture if Horror games, Funny Games, Sad ones, serious, and a toilet simulator (yes he did play that) how much greater can you get, he's has to be the best YouTuber hands down. He interacts with us bros and posts funny Friday's With Pewdiepie for us. He's a gamer, comedian, and a supporter. Not everyone can do that.

He's definitely on funny oddball, with a combination of those fictional inanimate characters, straight-out goofiness are at most times very, but hilariously inappropriate.

Best YouTuber! He plays all sorts of games, from horror games to even Barbie games. :D His hilarious commentary makes it very entertaining. BROFIST FROM SOMERSET!

I thought I was the only one that didn't think he was funny or entertaining AT ALL. FINALLY, people that use their brains agree.