Rooster Teeth should be the best in this list. The Achievement Hunter guys are incredible, and they always manage to make me laugh with their ridiculous (but somehow always on track) let's plays. The fact that they can do more than just let's plays is incredible. Most of the other gaming YouTubers that I know focus on one kind of game, and don't do many others. The Achievement Hunters not only play a variety of games, they also make content that doesn't rely on controllers and keyboards. They're funny because they have fun with what they do.

But Rooster Teeth is so much more than just Achievement Hunter. Rooster Teeth is a company that gives us great shows like RWBY and RVB. They also film podcasts on at least a weekly basis, and they love to show the community the inner working of their company. One of my favorite things to do is watch the rt life clips over and over. They show the little things that make Rooster Teeth so much better than anything else. Those clips make the ...more

RoosterTeeth is arguably one of the best gaming channels for its variety and amount of content as well as the community. The company has several branches, each of which produce their own shows, including gameplay, podcasts, animation, and even game shows. Nearly anyone can find some show that they enjoy produced by the company. The community is extremely vast and welcoming. There's even a yearly expo hosted by RoosterTeeth! In addition, the channel is very modest. They ask for help only when necessary and don't go around flashing their success. They help other creators and promote interactions on their website. I can't express my appreciation for the channel enough. If you can, I'd really suggest giving their content a look.

They have the most entertaining videos and funniest videos. They are so funny and I laugh at all their videos. Their Halo: Reach HORSE and Fails of the Weak are amazing and I haven't missed any of them and their Trials Evolution videos are great as well.

By the way, Michael is the best and Rage Quit is their best segment.

Most Entertaining group on YouTube. Verging from hilarious live action to the most entertaining lets plays on the entire site. From the creators of Red vs Blue and Achievement Hunter, every video is full of great content that is always original and always full of laughs.

How can these guys not be #1? They've been around longer than most anyone else and put out quality content consistently. They've gotten quite large over the years but still give back to the community and mingle with their fans. This is a group that loves what it does and it shows.

Easily the best channel on YouTube. The lets plays by Achievement Hunter are my favourite thing in the world and I spend most of my free time watching and rewatching their videos because there is nothing better on YouTube. Can not express my love for these guys more.

Ridiculously funny. I throw laughing fits every time I watch them. Best channel on YouTube. Stupid, funny, silly. There's nothing not to like about them.

To be completely honest Pewdiepie isn't funny at all he tried way too hard and just comes up short in my opinion, my opinion is obviously outweighed by 26million though... Rooster teeth and mainly achievement hunter for me make me cry of laughter at least once a week, love these guys

Their minecraft lets plays are hilarious

If you give RoosterTeeth a chance, you will easily see that they are the best gaming channel to choose from. I first got hooked into it due to the Rage Quit series that Michael Jones did and it led to an amazing community that's basically a family. Even if you aren't big on just gaming videos, they offer more than just that with shows like Sportsball or their anime RWBY. They have even just finished producing a movie (Lazer Team) that will be coming out in January. I can't say enough good things about this channel and all the people involved. They're amazing.

RoosterTeeth is one of my favourite YouTube channels of all time, if not my favourite. I spend countless hours watching Achievement Hunter. My favourite gaming channel on YouTube. I'm so glad to have been introduced to them.

They are best because I'm pretty sure they've been there the longest. They always put out top quality videos with their great editing and amazing Let's Plays. They upload something almost everyday.

Honestly, Gavin, Michael and Ray are the funniest people I've seen on Youtube. Their LP's are hilarious and I can enjoy watching their stuff for hours. FREE EDGAR 2013!

My favorite channel but I wouldn't describe them as YouTubers I would describe them as more of an entertainment company because YouTube is there secondary site mostly and it all happens on there own site.

These guys are underrated, they started out as a bunch of guys joking around with Halo into a whole company. They deserve more credit then what they get.

They're so funny to watch. They perfectly mix entertainment and information, with their achievement guides. The best of the best.

I won't say much. Rooster Theeth/Achievement Hunter/Lets play is the funniest gaming channel I have come across. Some other channels have had funnier videos but this group of people has made almost all of their videos exciting and funny and sometimes just outright redicous. I love these group of people. Watching them is not a waste of time 99% of the time. They get credit for Red vs. Blue but I give them credit for their Grand Theft Auto lets plays, their diligence at Minecraft, and variety of games played and other creative pod casts and such. The comedy is worth watching day in and day out.

Absolute lads, all of them! They're not just a Gaming channel, they're a community. They have tonnes of merch, a festival and things even more than gaming such as a podcast which is always well worth the view! They have top banter and hot girls

The fact that this is not #1 confuses me

I personally LOVE RoosterTeeth, especially their Rage Quits, mostly Michael Jones. I think those videos are HILARIOUS and I enjoy this channel (as well as every other gaming channel I watch). by the way did you guys know Michael Jones is going to voice Sting in Fairy Tail?! YESH!

They have so much to offer! Their other channels such as let's play or achievement hunter are also succeeding greatly.

May or may not be your cup of tea, but the variety, dynamic, and ideas they have for games make them a respectable choice

The best and funniest guys in the world! All their lets plays r so funny and all their videos!

The entire RoosterTeeth crew is hilarious and they never disappoint. They're insanely creative and funny guys.

RAGE QUIT me N my friends stay up and watch it every weekend and every weekend we cry ourselves to sleep