I absolutely love him! His videos have made me smile on the worst days, him and his friends are so funny and deserve so much credit for what they do! If you don't know who he is please check out him channel it's definitely worth it!

Vanossgaming should be number 1. He comes up with the best and funniest things to say and he trolls everybody so much, that it makes them angry which is so hilarious. Vanossgaming is so hilarious. If he wasn't a YouTuber then YouTube's viewers would go down by a hundred percent and people will never laugh as hard as they would when watching Vanossgaming. Thank you Vanoss. Hopefully you hear this and just to remind you, you are a life saver!

I've been subscribed to Vanoss for less than a year, and damn he reached 5 million subscribers in a blast. Definitely on my list of one of the best YouTube channels around.
Also accordingly from his statistics, he has the possibility of being part of the top 10 most subscribed.

He makes my days 100% better, even when they're completely ruined. He is super hilarious and I think he should be getting noticed more for his great content. I also love how he supports his viewers and takes what we want to see, into his videos.

I think the funny moments he comes across playing with his friends is so hysterical, and the editing makes it into a truly bad ass video! Just awesome overall, best videos to guarantee laughter.

Vanoss's videos have a unique style of their own. He and his crew are just downright hilarious, even when they don't intend to be. Regardless of playing the same games over and over again, each video still has something special to offer. You'll definitely love his channel and you may even go subscribe to his friends' channels as they are just as great. - Mcgillacuddy

I love it, because he plays with his friends! His videos are hilarious! There is not one video that doesn't make me laugh. I'm always excited to see what the next video is going to be.

I really enjoy his videos because he uploads funny moments in BO2 with all his friends. Each of his videos always makes me laugh and some trolling that they do us just brilliant. If you want some laughs watch some Vanoss and his friends! PUNCAKE!

Spends countless hours editing his videos and always make me laugh! He doesn't try to overdue humor and doesn't unnecessarily scream. His videos are just hilarious

When it comes to funniest gaming channel its VanossGaming. I love every Videos and keep an update to his channel.

Vanossgaming is the best YouTuber to ever live. He is so funny and loves trolling his friends. You have to watch his videos because he always makes you smile no matter what happens in your day. I actually started watching him about a year ago and I will never regret watching him.

Been hooked to his and the rest of the groups channel since the day I found them. He also doesn't rush out content and puts effort into everything he makes.

Found him back in his BO2 days. He actually got me into YouTube and I have watched him ever since. I appreciate how much work he puts into videos and is truly the best in my opinion.

He's a great guy with his friends and I never miss a video but I need to keep up with the increased amount of videos recently

I have been a fan since he very began and he is so funny I have subscribed to every one of his friends just to watch every video with them in it

He is very funny and edits is videos and it makes it more funny. I have to say that is friends make the video funny.

I like his video and it was very funny, he really make me laughing non stop. I hope I can meet him and play with him

Not child friendly in the slightest. But he has his moments where he can be very funny, just wouldn't recommend for parents with children

Has a bunch of funny jokes, but has a lot of fun collaborations with other people. I still miss some of his collaborations with friends

I started watching vanoss when he started, He was super funny and has great editing skills, He has a great schedule for making his videos, and I hope he stays with us, I'm only disappointed with the fact he doesn't make Grand Theft Auto videos that much anymore

Guys funny, his crew knows how to make the audience laugh, what else is there to say?

I said that Vanossgaming should be number 1. If you don't like it then you're weird - Nikolasg04

There's nothing to be said. He deserves to be the best.

One of the greatest channel on YouTube. enough said.

He is the best gamer ever :) very funny and you can't stop looking at his videos