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1 Nigahiga Nigahiga Ryan Higa, best known as his YouTube username nigahiga, is an American comedian, YouTube personality, and actor. He's best known for his comedy videos, which have been viewed over 3 billion times. His channel was once the most subscribed on YouTube from 2009-2011, longer than any other channel, besides more.

The best channel ever.. It"s not just funny.. But it's really like a family out there even us te fans ; not the fans of the wind :p plus ryan talks about everyday problem in a catchy way so he's the best even if he doesn't make video with his friend anymore

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2 Shane Dawson

He is amazing! Just, the best! I have downloaded so many videos by him! At least 27. He is hillarious. No one heard of him? F U! Kidding... You gotta check his videos out! You'll laugh out loud at some and get emotional in some. Others you'll think they're fine.

Shane makes scetsh's and actualy he makes he's own music videos.

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4 Smosh
5 Fred Fred

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"Fred, an 6 years old boy who started publishing videos on YouTube filming with his moms camera. He is an boy with not a lot of freinds and have to goe on pills : 'to be an normal kid'. He always starts he's videos saying : Hey is FREDA! (the 'A' is kind of an stun)

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7 Universal Music Group (UMG)

they are publishing offisial muswic videos/songs

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8 What The Buck?! show (WTBS) Visit Website9
9 Michael Jackson (official YouTube channel)

Michael Jasckson's Offisial YouTube Channel

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10 Expert Village

Helps you with... every thing

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11 Seth Comedy
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