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The funniest youtube poops! And they don't have motherfirtrucking screamers.

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1 Weegee Forest

A YouTube poop of the SpongeBob episode, 'Club SpongeBob'

Squidward, You and BAGEL isn't gonna fit in this
Squidward:I'm gonna kick your ass!

I have never laughed SO HARD IN MY LIFE

Only popular because it's spongebob.

2 Spongebob and Patrick Sell Poop

I always laugh my head off at Patrick saying "Can I has yo number" I think this should at least be 10

It has the word poop in it so it is funny

First poop I watched

It's a classic


The artist approaches, ready to DIE

Or is it the BAGEL


The answer to that question is a big Dinner

Now where do I DIE

He Stole My Computer
He Stole My Binky
He Stole My Spaghetti

One of the WORST sponge episodes makes a funny poip

Spaghetti. Also, after I retire from the site, my main job is making YTPs.

4 Angry Grandpa Destroys The House Over Cookies

Rip agp

5 Escape From HOH SIS

One year later, and you want the JOJ even more than the first time, right?

Richard Swiney and Ed Beachman

This is obviously cs188 best ytp it is very unfortunate that it got removed but there is a reupload

There’s nobody better than HoH SiS

6 Donald Trumps Everything and Everyone

We need to improve Obama's hair.

This is so hilarious

Thousands Of Toilets Across The Mexican Border
I Died At That Part

7 YTP - Michael Rosen Chocolate Cake
8 The Haunted Hotel of Weegee

First one I ever saw

Very good classic poop from the king of poops: Hurricoaster. Much better than Weegee Forest.

This YTP was good for it's time. It's a god nostalgia poop. That's why I like it.

9 Obama Will Not Tolerate Children
10 The Shrekoning

The Contenders

11 Skellington's Revenge

I only found out about this one recently. This is genuinely the most incredible YTP I have ever watched.

This one is just amazing. The animation, sound, references, and quality were great. It had an actual story, an outstanding sequel theme which few poops can capture well. This is something else. It should be at least number 5 on the list.

This is one of the longest YouTube poops.

THIS deserves to be number one. It is truly beautiful and feels like an actual movie.

12 YTP - Let's Sing Along
13 Weegee Stays at a Hotel


14 Donald Trump Loves ISIS
15 Gumball and Darwin spread the SimSimi virus

This is one of the best Gumball YTP I've ever seen in my life!

16 YTP - Chowder and the Super Monkey Ball Tournament

The reason I watched this is because of Super Monkey Ball, but I liked the jokes.

17 Ash's Island Adventure

Hey this ones actually hilarious

18 Dying To Lie

Seriously funny as hell

All I wanna do is, Mamma Krabs!

One word: Bubble Ass

A great example of how dirty ytp was and how crude it is

19 Woody Trips Over Garlic Bread

Gertilish is unsurpassed in wit and style. I'd say Woody is one the best YT Poops of all time, but I could say that about any of his videos.

Greatest YTP of all time.

One of fhe funniest poops I've seen.
You saved the day again, Woody.
I'm this close to raping you!

Best parts of this YTP:
5: I came! I finally came!
4: (slow-motion laughing)
3: Kiss my auss!
2: They're Great!
1: MY SHI-! T.

20 The Sky had a Weegee

Squidward! The sky had a Pokemon from my cereal box!

I like the YouTube poops that are funny and have little or no bad words, so I like this YouTube poop.

I am the flying Bowser

21 Willy Wonka YT Poop
22 Ash is a Jerk

I love this ytp forever and always


And I thought Mad Hagrid was a good ytp video!

23 Youtube Poop: Gumball's DVD Antics

This is one of my second favorite YTP videos ever. Loved the reference of the Falcon Punch.

24 Spingebill and Skodwarde get Robophobia

A classic poop.


25 Wow! It's Made

This should be higher. Why are all the spa-dinner poops at the top?

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