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The funniest youtube poops! And they don't have motherfirtrucking screamers.

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1 Spongebob and Patrick Sell Poop

I always laugh my head off at Patrick saying "Can I has yo number" I think this should at least be 10

First poop I watched

It's a classic - Phillip873

It burns! - soulard

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2 Weegee Forest

Well, this Top Ten list is a big mess. You noobs don't realize that there are better Youtube Poops out there. I mean, SpaDinner poops are so low quality to this day! Look for some better ones, please.

A YouTube poop of the SpongeBob episode, 'Club SpongeBob'

Squidward, You and BAGEL isn't gonna fit in this
Squidward:I'm gonna kick your ass! - sagat2010

This would do better on WORST YouTube POOPS. - SammySpore

This list kinda sucks, a lot of spadinners are on the top 10 - Phillip873

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3 Donald Trumps Everything and Everyone

We need to improve Obama's hair. - FondaSu

This is so hilarious

Thousands Of Toilets Across The Mexican Border
I Died At That Part


The artist approaches, ready to DIE

Or is it the BAGEL


The answer to that question is a big Dinner

Now where do I DIE

Not funny, too many meme replacements, no editing, and it doesn't make sense. - SammySpore

He Stole My Computer
He Stole My Binky
He Stole My Spaghetti

Spaghetti. Also, after I retire from the site, my main job is making YTPs. - AlphaQ

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5 Obama Will Not Tolerate Children

In WW1 american gis were one one of the many nazis to poop on children
My fellow nazis

6 The Haunted Hotel of Weegee

Whoever organized this list must've had no research done at all to find good YouTube poops to put on his terrible list, but oh well.

Very good classic poop from the king of poops: Hurricoaster. Much better than Weegee Forest. - Lasvegasxavier

This YTP was good for it's time. It's a god nostalgia poop. That's why I like it.

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7 Spingebill and Skodwarde get Robophobia

A classic poop.


8 Dying To Lie

Seriously funny as hell

All I wanna do is, Mamma Krabs!

One word: Bubble Ass

A great example of how dirty ytp was and how crude it is

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9 Donald Trump Loves ISIS
10 Skellington's Revenge

This one is just amazing. The animation, sound, references, and quality were great. It had an actual story, an outstanding sequel theme which few poops can capture well. This is something else. It should be at least number 5 on the list.

THIS deserves to be number one. It is truly beautiful and feels like an actual movie.

This is one of the longest YouTube poops.

Because it is a very cool one

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The Newcomers

? LarryMan Twice

It took almost a year for Jimmy Davis to make this poop, but it was well worth the wait. Introduces Weegee Junior. Also features "I'm British! " and "It's the mayor! She says it's the mayor! " - FantasyBrickz

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11 Grandma Dies by a Reindeer
12 Ash's Island Adventure

Hey this ones actually hilarious

13 The Sky had a Weegee

Squidward! The sky had a Pokemon from my cereal box! - sagat2010

I like the YouTube poops that are funny and have little or no bad words, so I like this YouTube poop. - Imreallyboredrightnow

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14 Angry Grandpa Destroys The House Over Cookies
15 SpongeBob Goes to Vietnam

This one is really under rated I find it funny and I lke it how it does not ruin the Ytp by using trippy sound effects this one just keeps to the good jokes and photo shopping not many good Ytp like this anymore

16 Ash is a Jerk

I love this ytp forever and always

17 Francis Does The 6 Icecube Bucket Challenge
18 The Zombie Outbreak of JOJ
19 Mr. Krubby Krabby Avenges Pearl Harbor
20 Jimmy Isn't Nice to Women

Who made this video? It doesn't exist anymore :(

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1. Dying To Lie
2. Grandma Dies by a Reindeer
3. SpongeBob Goes to Vietnam
1. Weegee Forest
3. The Haunted Hotel of Weegee
1. Spongebob and Patrick Sell Poop
2. Obama Will Not Tolerate Children
3. Donald Trumps Everything and Everyone

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