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The funniest youtube poops! And they don't have motherfirtrucking screamers.

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1 Weegee Forest

Well, this Top Ten list is a big mess. You noobs don't realize that there are better Youtube Poops out there. I mean, SpaDinner poops are so low quality to this day! Look for some better ones, please.

A YouTube poop of the SpongeBob episode, 'Club SpongeBob'

Squidward, You and BAGEL isn't gonna fit in this
Squidward:I'm gonna kick your ass! - sagat2010

This would do better on WORST YouTube POOPS. - SammySpore

You sure this exists or was it blocked, I searched for it and could nt find them. - PageEmperor

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2 Spongebob and Patrick Sell Poop

I always laugh my head off at Patrick saying "Can I has yo number" I think this should at least be 10

First poop I watched

It's a classic - Phillip873

PissMyselfLaffing, loved this YTP ever since!


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3 Angry Grandpa Destroys The House Over Cookies

Rip agp - TeamRocket747

4 Escape From HOH SIS

One year later, and you want the JOJ even more than the first time, right?

Richard Swiney and Ed Beachman

This is obviously cs188 best ytp it is very unfortunate that it got removed but there is a reupload

There’s nobody better than HoH SiS


The artist approaches, ready to DIE

Or is it the BAGEL


The answer to that question is a big Dinner

Now where do I DIE

Not funny, too many meme replacements, no editing, and it doesn't make sense. - SammySpore

He Stole My Computer
He Stole My Binky
He Stole My Spaghetti

Squidward: The artist approaches, ready to DIE
*SpongeBob's face appears*
SpongeBob: Imma bet you can't do this.
*Squidward paints the word "No! "*
SpongeBob: "IT BURNS"

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6 Donald Trumps Everything and Everyone

We need to improve Obama's hair. - FondaSu

This is so hilarious

Thousands Of Toilets Across The Mexican Border
I Died At That Part

7 Obama Will Not Tolerate Children

In WW1 american gis were one one of the many nazis to poop on children
My fellow nazis

8 The Haunted Hotel of Weegee

Whoever organized this list must've had no research done at all to find good YouTube poops to put on his terrible list, but oh well.

First one I ever saw

Very good classic poop from the king of poops: Hurricoaster. Much better than Weegee Forest. - Lasvegasxavier

This YTP was good for it's time. It's a god nostalgia poop. That's why I like it.

9 Dying To Lie

Seriously funny as hell

All I wanna do is, Mamma Krabs!

One word: Bubble Ass

A great example of how dirty ytp was and how crude it is

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10 Donald Trump Loves ISIS

The Newcomers

? Deliver Us

Why is this not on the list? - Yottifferent

The Contenders

11 Skellington's Revenge

This one is just amazing. The animation, sound, references, and quality were great. It had an actual story, an outstanding sequel theme which few poops can capture well. This is something else. It should be at least number 5 on the list.

This is one of the longest YouTube poops.

THIS deserves to be number one. It is truly beautiful and feels like an actual movie.

Best ytp story. Can't wait for MoBrosStudios sequel.

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12 Grandma Dies by a Reindeer

Not funny, it's cruel - Feliciafurrypaws4ever

I am mean - Feliciafurrypaws4ever

13 Ash's Island Adventure

Hey this ones actually hilarious

14 SpongeBob Goes to Vietnam

This one is really under rated I find it funny and I lke it how it does not ruin the Ytp by using trippy sound effects this one just keeps to the good jokes and photo shopping not many good Ytp like this anymore

15 Ash is a Jerk

I love this ytp forever and always

Yes - PageEmperor

And I thought Mad Hagrid was a good ytp video!

16 The Sky had a Weegee

Squidward! The sky had a Pokemon from my cereal box! - sagat2010

I like the YouTube poops that are funny and have little or no bad words, so I like this YouTube poop. - Imreallyboredrightnow

I am the flying Bowser

17 The Zombie Outbreak of JOJ
18 Francis Does The 6 Icecube Bucket Challenge
19 Spingebill and Skodwarde get Robophobia

A classic poop.


20 Youtube Poop: Gumball's DVD Antics
21 Jimmy Isn't Nice to Women

Who made this video? It doesn't exist anymore :(

22 Drake and Josh Against Viacom
23 Gumball and Darwin spread the SimSimi virus

This is one of the best Gumball YTP I've ever seen in my life! - MeeMeeCandy777

24 Caillou is Devil Spawn

A funny poop about our own annoying 4 year old harassing his sister.

An entertaining poop about Caillou doing what he does best...being annoying and evil.

I don't like this because it repeats things OVER AND OVER. - SammySpore

Caillou's daddy wasn't happy to see him shooting Rosie.

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25 Mr. Krabs Unquenchable Bloodlust

This is so amazing. Out of all the poops I have seen from Emperor Lemon, this is the best!

This youtube poop I actually liked so much. This youtube poop has a deep twisted story and is creatively edited. I loved the jumpscares in the beginning, and I loved everything about it. It's also funny mixed with a hint of horror!

This is the real Mr. Krabs when the camera crew isn't following him.

This is more than a YTP, it actually feels like a genuine horror story, it also started the "oh yeah mr krabs" meme - Phillip873

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26 Mr. Krubby Krabby Avenges Pearl Harbor

I’m taking you on an acid trip

27 Oppa Goddamn Style

I'm an owl, silence you narwhal

Grope a bottom style

Good Job CS188

28 Youtube Poop: cs188's Greatest S**** 2-year Anniversary Compilation

Best ytp ever, this is the ytp revolution, no more Mario and weegee crap

The cartoon poops are the worst.

29 Weegee Stays at a Hotel


30 The Fall of Hank Hill
31 YTP - Chowder and the Super Monkey Ball Tournament
32 Wow! It's Made

This should be higher. Why are all the spa-dinner poops at the top?

33 Spongebob can't make KFC

Hilarious with good editing.

34 Woody Trips Over Garlic Bread

One of fhe funniest poops I've seen.
You saved the day again, Woody.
I'm this close to raping you!

Best parts of this YTP:
5: I came! I finally came!
4: (slow-motion laughing)
3: Kiss my auss!
2: They're Great!
1: MY SHI-! T.

35 Spingebill Travels Half the Globe for a Hat

I'm not a huge fan of YouTube Poops, but this one makes me laugh to the point of tears every time I watch it, it's so good.

36 Spingebill Experiences a Horrifying NDE

That one part with Eminem. I guess someone finally dissed the one celebrity who disses everybody.

This is actually REALLY well made, funny, and at the end and some parts it gets really creepy. One of my favourite YTPs. One of my favourite parts is when the anchor falls on Mr. Krabs and it says PINGAS! Because the rest of the video is so well edited, its funny to see such an immature, lame joke just randomly. - SammySpore

This is hands down the best SpongeBob YTP I have EVER seen. The editing is absolutely top-notch and it is WAAY ahead of its time in terms of editing. This YTP was made in 2010 or 2011 yet it looks better than most YTPs of 2018. While it doesn’t have as much sentence mixing as modern YTPs have, the visual gags more than make up for the lack of sentence mixing. Also, that scene with Squidward injecting himself was disturbing as heck, but my gosh it was so well edited.


If you haven't seen it, go watch it. But I'd only recommend it if you know about that 90s internet video...

€Here’s one your dad will love. It’s” -Peter Jamison

38 Harry Potter and the Smelly Old Shoe Brush

This is so funny and so well edited

39 My KOTH Collab s*** by DikeKike (AKA KroboProductions)

"Quitting fishing is the best thing I've ever done. Check this out! NEHH! " So much genius in this poop. Krobo is awesome.

40 Toys on Acid

This ytp is glitchy as heck, As soon as the video started playing, I started laughing, This is by far the best ytp I have ever seen!

41 Toys Gone Wild

I loled at the car commercial

42 The UNcredibles
43 Pride Patties

Tie should be num 1

44 Caillou Loses His iPhone

Caillou has a porn tape in this

YouTube Poop sure made Caillou sexy.

Best quotes from this YTP:
You tube poop
(Slow motion laughing)
Say hello to tit-dirt
Caillou the chech
And they were staying for lulz
What are we having for lulz, mommy?
Thank you
You put on the potato sauce and spread it ravelot.
And I'll have a sauce puppet and you little pice of shoot

45 Zelda CD-I Revisited

Ganon's rousing rendition of Let it Go is the best. - FantasyBrickz


This is the best YTP JimmyDavis has ever made.

46 Spinge Binge: Me Millionth Dollar

The editor was at his best.

47 Dr. Rabbit's Suicide World Tour by WalrusGuy

Seriously people, this should be at least #5. You don't get any better than WalrusGuy. - ThatStrangeKid42

48 Caillou Flips Out

Man is this an entertaining one.

Yeah the best. - andrewteel

49 Strange Things Are Happening

Hoffy, you are a genius!

50 My Little Porno: Friendship with Benefits

I died when one of the ponies said that Jack Black's penis is so cute and he gets embarrassed by it

AWESOME cs188!

Kind of disgusting

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