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21 Youtube Poop: Gumball's DVD Antics
22 Caillou is Devil Spawn

A funny poop about our own annoying 4 year old harassing his sister.

An entertaining poop about Caillou doing what he does best...being annoying and evil.

I don't like this because it repeats things OVER AND OVER. - SammySpore

Caillou's daddy wasn't happy to see him shooting Rosie.

V 5 Comments
23 Gumball and Darwin spread the SimSimi virus V 1 Comment
24 Squidward Starts a Band
25 Mr. Krabs Unquenchable Bloodlust

This is so amazing. Out of all the poops I have seen from Emperor Lemon, this is the best!

This youtube poop I actually liked so much. This youtube poop has a deep twisted story and is creatively edited. I loved the jumpscares in the beginning, and I loved everything about it. It's also funny mixed with a hint of horror!

This is the real Mr. Krabs when the camera crew isn't following him.

This is more than a YTP, it actually feels like a genuine horror story, it also started the "oh yeah mr krabs" meme - Phillip873

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26 Youtube Poop: cs188's Greatest S**** 2-year Anniversary Compilation

Best ytp ever, this is the ytp revolution, no more Mario and weegee crap

The cartoon poops are the worst.

27 Weegee Stays at a Hotel V 1 Comment
28 Oppa Goddamn Style V 1 Comment
29 The Fall of Hank Hill
30 Spongebob can't make KFC

Hilarious with good editing.

31 YTP - Chowder and the Super Monkey Ball Tournament
32 Wow! It's Made

This should be higher. Why are all the spa-dinner poops at the top?

33 Woody Trips Over Garlic Bread
34 My KOTH Collab s*** by DikeKike (AKA KroboProductions)

"Quitting fishing is the best thing I've ever done. Check this out! NEHH! " So much genius in this poop. Krobo is awesome.

35 Toys on Acid

This ytp is glitchy as heck, As soon as the video started playing, I started laughing, This is by far the best ytp I have ever seen!

36 Toys Gone Wild
37 The UNcredibles
38 Pride Patties
39 Spingebill Travels Half the Globe for a Hat

I'm not a huge fan of YouTube Poops, but this one makes me laugh to the point of tears every time I watch it, it's so good.

40 Zelda CD-I Revisited

Ganon's rousing rendition of Let it Go is the best. - FantasyBrickz


This is the best YTP JimmyDavis has ever made.

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