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101 The Spingebill Collection

One word to describe this: Amazing!

102 SpingeBill Makes Gay-Gary Take a Bath
103 Plinkplank's Disturbing Glimpse of Reality
104 Go Weegee (90s Edition)
105 Cold
106 Cold 2: The Squeakquel
107 Jaunt Ron
108 May is Gay
109 Bill Nye Destroys Matter
110 Bill Nye's Big Dick Theory
111 Caillou Joins The Circus
112 Steve Is Crazy
113 King Dedede Inhales a Negative Ion
114 Aqueous Anomaly

Made by an underrated pooper, you should see it to believe it.

115 Kermit Trolls Cookie Monster

This is one of the rare YouTube Poops that had YTP cliches in it and still manages to be funny.

116 Caillou's Biggest Temper Tantrum
117 The Christmas Tree Of Doom

Making a YTP of The Christmas Tree is such a great idea, and Hoffy1138 made it very funny.

118 Big Bird Brings Death To Sesame Street
119 Simba and Nala Go to White Castle

Poor zazu! In this video, he got: shot to death in a Justin Bieber suit, hit with a golf club, blown up by explosives on a waterfall, hit by a train, crushed by a huge human foot, and crushed to death by a tower of signing animals that was knocked over by a crazy lawn gnome. This ytp is just so fun, and weird, and just plain awesome!

I swear, this ytp has EVERYTHING you need to make a hilarious, clever, and amazing ytp! Definitely the best in my opinion!

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120 YouTube Poop: The UNcredibles

Really? Not even one Emperor Lemon YTP in the top ten? What kind of list is this?

Please, restore my faith in humanity. Anything with WeeGee in the title shouldn't even be allowed on this list, let alone #1?!?!?

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