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121 Simba and Nala Go to White Castle

Poor zazu! In this video, he got: shot to death in a Justin Bieber suit, hit with a golf club, blown up by explosives on a waterfall, hit by a train, crushed by a huge human foot, and crushed to death by a tower of signing animals that was knocked over by a crazy lawn gnome. This ytp is just so fun, and weird, and just plain awesome!

I swear, this ytp has EVERYTHING you need to make a hilarious, clever, and amazing ytp! Definitely the best in my opinion!

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122 YouTube Poop: The UNcredibles

Really? Not even one Emperor Lemon YTP in the top ten? What kind of list is this?

Please, restore my faith in humanity. Anything with WeeGee in the title shouldn't even be allowed on this list, let alone #1?!?!?

123 Egoraptor is Officially That Guy
124 The Eds quit their jobs at Taco Bell to become ghost hunters
125 Reyn's Gourmet Race
126 Shulk The Murderer
127 The King Goes To Denny's
128 Morshu Gets a Car
129 Slap My Nuts
130 Vince Is Obsessed With His Nuts
131 Undertale: Frisky Dance
132 Yer Not Fatter than Me
133 Ghost Molesters visit a Hallway by rrhuntington

The fact that this is not top 10 makes this list objectively wrong.

134 A Night On Edd Mountain
135 Ebolaween Twentyfourteen V 2 Comments
136 Johnny Test is a Criminal

I hate the show but this thing was funny

137 (insert quote from the movie here)
138 The King's Unreasonable Demands

Let's just say the King does not give mercy easily.

139 Squidward Starts a Band
140 Mr. Krabs Goes Insane
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