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41 Hotline Bling Parody - Bart Baker
42 She Was Beautiful (Parody of Your Beautiful) by Kevin Sage
43 One Direction - Kiss You Parody by Bartbaker

It's actually a Wrong Direction song called "Kill You".

Bart I love this parody and used to be obsessed

44 Happy - Bart Baker Parody

This parody is so funny vote this one up and watch the video!

45 Form This Way - Born This Way Parody
46 Tuesday - Friday Parody
47 Douchebag (Judas Parody) - Shane Dawson

I just found this video yesterday and have been listening to it nonstop! I love this song! Unfortunately, Shane doesn't do stuff like this anymore. :( #WantTheOldShaneDawsonBack


48 Fancy - Bart Baker
49 Romney Problems (Hot Problems Parody) by BARELYPOLITICAL

Awesome YouTube channel. The Gods of Parody Making. They've got a lot of other parody's too.

50 Go Cops - Rucka Rucka Ali

Just because he's racist doesn't mean he is not good

51 Bieber Fever - Baby Parody
52 Whistle Parody - Geekslayer73

If only Flo Rida portrayed Link from Nintendo's Legend of Zelda.
P.S. Having the same height, weight, big bust size, pear figure, slender stomach, big thighs that are as long as their width (only a little longer) & estrogen level as Lady Palutena & Samus from the Metroid franchise who will both be 6'6" (2 meters) & 256 pounds, Princess Zelda will have the same tall 6'6" (2 meters) height & 256 pound weight as Palutena & Samus.

Princess Zelda will be voiced by Kate Winslet.

Samus will be voiced by Jane Lynch.

Palutena will be voiced by Madonna.

I loved your Whistle parody,

53 Galway Hoor (Galway Girl)
54 Indian Nipple Song (Sirf Tum Translation)

HAHAAHAHAAHAH this has to be one of the best and funniest translations I have very heard LOLOLOLOLOL a must watch video

55 Royals Parody by Bart Baker

I expected a "Can't Be Tamed" parody by you, Bart Baker. thanks!

I only like the first part

56 Dark Horse (Katy Perry Parody) by Bart Baker

Love you bart you r so hot

57 Dr. Mario With Lyrics - Brentalfloss
58 Midnight Beast - Tik Tok Parody
59 Rabies by Justin Beaver
60 You're a Mean One, Mr. Trump
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