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1 Charlie the Unicorn

Hey Charlie! Wake up! Yeah silly sleepy head wake up! What the heck is it is the forest on fire? No we found a map to candy mountain! Laugh out loud!

Hey Charlie hey Charlie I mean laugh out loud and they ripped my ' kidney out! I mean hilarious - Awesomedogg

Oh man I haven't seen an episode in forever! But there the best I've got them memorized.

Taxer him he's resisting arrest he has a gun he has another gun

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2 Potter Puppet Pals

"I'm Harry Potter, Harry Harry Potter, I'm Harry Potter, Harry Harry Potter" "DUMBLEDORE! "

Catchy lyrics, potter fan or not, you gotta see this - lillie88

I remember this. At my camp a few years ago, everyone sang the 'mysterious ticking noise' song. - AnonymousChick

Snape, Snape, Seboras snape, DUMBLEDORE.

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3 Numa Numa

Laugh out loud! Have you seen the numa numa guy's mouth... It's ' huge! - Rakiya

You should see Numa Numa conducting a marching band! actual video!

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4 The Evolution of Dance

So awesome! One of my life goals is to master the evolution of dance routine!

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5 Charlie Bit Me

OW mum charlie bit me, stop it charlie. LOL!

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6 Funny Spongebob Video - Grandma's Kisses

"Isn't this great my wang is as hard as a prosthetic leg" LOL - Celestius

This video is inappropriately sick, which is why it is so funny. - thunder850

This is actually funny. Charlie The Unicorn is just retarded.

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7 Shrek is love, Shrek is life

I watched this video when I was 10, changed my entire life. - Catacorn

This video has changed my life for the better

He changed my life... shrek is love

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8 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared V 2 Comments
9 Shoes

- lillie88

10 Don't Stay In School

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? Multiple Personality Clones
? Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour

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11 asdfmovie4 V 2 Comments
12 Keyboard Cat
13 Sabrina Carpenter - Can't Blame A Girl For Trying
14 I'm Bisexual (Shane Dawson TV)
15 Old Gregg

Hilarious! He's just some "scaly man-fish" - lillie88

old gregg is the funniest guy ever

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16 Katy Perry - Roar
17 Gangnam Style

1 Billion Views! Most Likes! Elevator Guy! Swagger! Random! This should be at least #10!

Dude be in 2015 because this video has 2 billion views.

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18 The Real Hog Wash
19 Red Vs Blue Series

Yeah charlie the unicorn's ok but it isn't top notch material like red vs blue. Still good though. - PotBellyPup

Caboose makes you laugh your butt off I bought the dvd box set

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20 Scarlet Takes a Tumble
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