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1 Charlie the Unicorn

When I was in elementary school, me and my friends would act out episodes of Charlie the Unicorn at recess! It was SO MUCH FUN!

Hey Charlie! Wake up! Yeah silly sleepy head wake up! What the heck is it is the forest on fire? No we found a map to candy mountain! Laugh out loud!

Hey Charlie hey Charlie I mean laugh out loud and they ripped my ' kidney out! I mean hilarious - Awesomedogg

Oh man I haven't seen an episode in forever! But there the best I've got them memorized.

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2 Potter Puppet Pals

The bleeping curse words are one of the episodes.

LEGENDARY - 150040

"I'm Harry Potter, Harry Harry Potter, I'm Harry Potter, Harry Harry Potter" "DUMBLEDORE! "

Catchy lyrics, potter fan or not, you gotta see this - lillie88

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3 Numa Numa

Maia here Maia hood Maia has Maia ha ha - lilrocketman

Laugh out loud! Have you seen the numa numa guy's mouth... It's ' huge! - Rakiya

Come on, its the numa numa guy! - clerkatron

You should see Numa Numa conducting a marching band! actual video!

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4 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared


Brilliant web series - Phillip873

That sounds really boring.

His name is Malcom and we feed him gravel

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5 The Evolution of Dance

The sixth class preform it every year for there graduation LOL

So awesome! One of my life goals is to master the evolution of dance routine!

Its like 40 times better than charlie the unicorn...according to the views...

6 Charlie Bit Me

My name is chalie

OW mum charlie bit me, stop it charlie. LOL!

So funny! It was even on T.V. once!

Charlie that really hurt - PeeledBanana

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7 asdfmovie4

This is a robbery *hangs up*

Best ASDF Movie ever - VanZeppelin

I’m going to do an Internet woaah:) i’m going to do a book aw:(


8 Shrek is love, Shrek is life

This story has changed me emotionally and physically. I cried st the sad parts, was scared at the spooky parts, and cheered st the happy parts. This video is a classic, and hopefully we get a movie adaption

I watched this video when I was 10, changed my entire life. - Catacorn

This scarred me for life

This video was so funny - PeeledBanana

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9 Funny Spongebob Video - Grandma's Kisses

"Isn't this great my wang is as hard as a prosthetic leg" LOL - Celestius

This video is inappropriately sick, which is why it is so funny. - thunder850

This is actually funny. Charlie The Unicorn is just retarded.

So inappropriate... but a little bit funny.

10 Hitler Parody Videos

Re. - Officialpen

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? Justin Bieber Bear Up in Boxing Ring (Complex Photoshoot)

A bit disappointing this video is not real, but incredibly satisfying to see this disgrace to Canada in pain nonetheless! - thunderstar1124

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11 Don't Stay In School

Love this video. - RoseWeasley

The video say that people should change education system.
i agree.

12 Zombie and Squid get 3 jobs and get grounded

The best cringe

13 Shoes

- lillie88

14 Keyboard Cat

Should Be Number One

15 Katy Perry - Roar

I had a feeling it would be on this list

Second favrotie next to DJ Drybones 2012 mashup

16 Postman Pat Rude Version
17 The Scottish Peppa Pig
18 Brian Gets Held Back
19 Sabrina Carpenter - Can't Blame A Girl For Trying
20 The Real Hog Wash
21 Gangnam Style

Dumb - Gehenna

1 Billion Views! Most Likes! Elevator Guy! Swagger! Random! This should be at least #10!

Dude be in 2015 because this video has 2 billion views.

Best ever!

22 Eric and Brian Move to the Bronx
23 Red Vs Blue Series

Yeah charlie the unicorn's ok but it isn't top notch material like red vs blue. Still good though. - PotBellyPup

Caboose makes you laugh your butt off I bought the dvd box set

funniest thing on youtube! - Razor79

I totally agree - IHateOnions

24 Bed Intruder

Hide Yo Kid Hide Yo Wife

25 Scarlet Takes a Tumble
26 Look Up
27 Old Gregg

Hilarious! He's just some "scaly man-fish" - lillie88

old gregg is the funniest guy ever

Best mangina out there

it is life

28 Me at the zoo

This should be number 1. - GehennaTheSecond

First YouTube video ever!


29 Chocolate Rain


Chocolate Rain some stay Dry and others feel the Pain

30 Emo Dad
31 Dove Cameron - If Only

Why is this so high? - 150040

32 Eric and Larry: Funtime
33 Microsoft Sam reads Stupid and Weird Signs THE SIXTH

Burger King: Try our enormous dick. Now hiring. - N64Dude

34 The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger
35 Leave Britney Alone!
36 Everything Wrong With Birdemic
37 Selena Gomez - Good For You
38 Let's Play Oobi's Letters - Alligator!
39 Lazer Collection

Wow the lazer collection was the first video series that made me laugh as hard as I could before smosh.

40 Star Wars Kid
41 Sneezing Baby Panda
42 Jacob Sartorius Callout
43 Demi Lovato - Confident
44 Top 100 Greatest Movie Actors of All Time
45 Wrecking Ball - Chatroulette Version
46 Asdf movie 2
47 Shawn Mendes - Stitches
48 Legend of Zelda: Abriged Series

PERFECT COMMETARY. Knee-Slapin funny fo zelda fans. - lillie88

Almost made me pee my pants. So funny. Prferct lines and characters.

49 How to Be Gangster
50 Spiders On Drugs

That's funny and the funnier part is that the spiders were doing what they originally do! Laugh out loud

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