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I wanted to talk about this specific video because... the rating scale for each character is actually pretty original in which while I may not agree with every single one, nut the criteria is pretty spot on. Its in two parts, but i'll just condense it entirely to make it better on you the reader.

Reactions: This was made around the time Mortal Kombat turned 25 years old, since it has been one of the most popular fighting games its 2, and a half decades of those that still quote ''Fatality!'' There's no secret I also i'm a diehard fan of this fighting game series, and curiously I thought this ranking system inspired to do one of well an underrated cult classic Timesplitters that you may see shortly, or already have seen the first part of the epicly long ranking system where it was ironically some of taken from this video.

Moloch, I thought he looked cool in his first appearance with his yellow demonic glaring eyes, but he does make a good point why he is in the lower tier of Mortal Kombat kharacters he is a boss who is enduring, but has a boring play set such as a bulldozer moves, and explains why he is shown killed by Quan Chi in MK X probably makes a lotta sense.
Havik, I like Havik in Deception he was one of the most unique, and confusing kharacters to know about from the new cast of newbies. Snaps his neck, and loves to create chaos don't we all? Granted he has a generic attire compared to all the others, but its not a bad thing in this case.
Ashrah, She definitely had potential based on her background alone somebody in white sent down to the Netherrealm, and one with a vendetta against Ermac even. Then in Armageddon had a grudge against Nitara which I find his reason to be hysterical why she is in the lower tier, but yeah cool kharacter that... probably could of had better fatalities.
Kintaro, Granted he isn't as well known as Goro, but he was a formidable foe in Mortal Kombat 2 to defeat as a sub-boss. He serves a purpose just a higher ark henchmen for Shao Khan which is okay for Outworld to have somebody like this.
Blaze, A very interesting kharacter who started out as a flaming torch essentially then he became secret kharacter in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, then comes back again in the Portale version of Deception then title Unchaned with extra kharacters also being thrown in there who were not playable in the original game. To then getting a huge promotion is that he was the Boss of Mortal Kombat Armageddon which was picking somebody out of a hat pretty much, but that's not entirely blaze's fault he had pretty much cop, and paste Onaga moves he was more predictable I should say. I do agree he had a great intro to make you believe he was the next big boss in the series which might of been a big flop hopefully the next MK game will remind why Onaga is awesome.
Drahmin, Even i'll admit I had no interest in Drahmin despite his model looking accurate as a prisoner from the Netherrealm. He had powerful attacks that were both cheap, and repetitive. Maybe he should of been the sub-boss instead of Moloch his companion.
Hotaru, easily one of the most underrated kharacters in the series. A dude that wants the realms to accept the way of order, but at the same time the design, and fatalities put him more over the top despite his boring persona role in konquest mode.
Darrius, Awe yes the Blade ripoff failure who had playable moves, but didn't give me a full reason to care enough about him or the mercenary we see later.
Li Mei, Granted one of the weak kharacters portrayed in all of Mortal Kombat, but for being shown only the story of MK X. Li Mei she may redeem herself in this newer timeline of the series.
Mavado, Great design, but ultimately comes off as forgettable with terrible movesets, and do I need to say anything about his Deadly Alliance fatality that one of the worst I have ever seen.
Frost, An evil version of Sub-Zero to the point she is over zealous, and goes after anybody who gets in the way of the Lin Kuel clan pretty much. Hey at least you're alternate costume is awesome, and they brought you back in MK X briefly.
Sheeva, A female shokan who to be honest even I had no interest in other than just a henchmen for yes Emperor Shao Khan.
Kobra, I remember the day I played Deception, and how much of an obvious poor ripoff Kobra was the answer to Street Fighter's Ken was an utter embarrassment. Erron Black was introduced in a cool way at least for a mercenary saying he killed Kobra is a favor for all of us of his terrible idea well done.
Motaro, One of the hardest bosses in all of Mortal Kombat, and he is only a sub-boss MK 3 had to be the toughest game to complete in its entirety. Then you go fast forward to Armageddon, and they took away his legs Boo!
Kira, I like her design both of them are cool looking, and yeah its like a evil mix of Sonya, and Kano almost like she was made of fanfiction or something. Much more original than Kobra though that's for sure.
Tanya, Didn't really expect her to be in the lower tier since somehow Rain avoided the lower tier is even more mind boggling not to say I don't like Rain, but more people despise Rain, and Very little loath Tanya. I always thought she underrated for the little she appeared sure she plays the role of backstabber, but her moves, and design are good.
Sareena, Incredibly underrated kharacter who should be in more Mortal Kombat games. Started out as a henchmen to Quan Chi eventually turning good in helping Sub Zero (Noob). She was brought back in two games after that thanks to the fans a handheld, and Armageddon because she counts, but not very many knew of that. Despite not being playable in MK X it was great to see more obscure kharacters from the 2000's era come back the next decade for this one game.
Nitara, For somebody now granted she never had the best movesets I agree that there flawed, but she's totally not a terrible kharacter. One that probably needs more flashed out kharacter development aside from the ending being the only evidence of what you see her as what sets up Deception for the return of yes the Dragon King makes logic sense I put it that way.
Reiko, Right... the Shao Khan wannabe from Mortal Kombat 4 you knew diddly squat of. He comes off way too forgettable, and he never appeared in any of the newer games which makes me believe he might not come back anytime soon... nothing more than a curious case in MK 4 ''the world may never know.''
Bo Rai Cho, I seriously do not understand the hate for Bo Rai Cho, yes his a drunk master, but Ed Boon too hard to get him over... in that aspect that would make him the modern day equivalent to Roman Reigns Ha... Poor Bo Rai Cho. Granted he has one of the worst weapons in the game which is a staff, and yet he has to be the most mixed reception of any kharacter in the franchise.
Fujin, The god of wind, and one kharacter we were totally robbed of that we thought we would play as in MK X. One of the better choices in MK 4, and from the beginning of X its never explained what happened to Fujin, but why couldn't he of just aided Raiden when he needed it most against the fallen elder gods mercy?
Meat, A throw away kharacter that was somewhat a unplayable fighter you do see in MK 4, but only for a brief few seconds seeing the veins of the persons's second degree burn yeah that's genius idea to put him in Armageddon, and yet we had to wait so long for Tremor to appear in a Mortal Kombat game... ridiculous.
Hsu Hao, He looks like a bad offensive version of the Asian/Korean Kim Jong-Un would take offense to lol. Just not a interesting kharacter he was just there because they needed more Red Dragon clan members the worst kind of extra throw away kharacter that was unneeded even back in 2002.
Jarek, The one bright spot of how Bad the cast of Mortal Kombat 4 was of the new fighters. The last black dragon member Jarek made his appearance a hysterically memorable one when he falls on the cliff, and makes this weird like where he is shouting out ''IMSOGAY!''
Kai, Probably the most forgettable protagonist kharacter in all of Moral Kombat? Seriously who remembers a Shaolin Monk named Kai?
Dairou, He has a generic design, but actually has a decent moveset that's not all fail so okay to chose at best, but not a standout.
Mokap, Oh here we go the joke kharacter that came from Deadly Alliance, and has since been considered one of the worst ideas to include in a fighting game. It was intended to be a joke kharacter that was a tribute to real life motion capture guy.
Onaga, In all honesty he should not be in the low tier his an awesome kharacter with an excellent flesh out background that I bet in this next Mortal Kombat game everyone will start to know the Name Onaga The Dragon King I just know it.

Adding up the total of all 22 low end kharacters in the following order (some of it he edited):
Hotaru - 17 pts
Tanya - 16 pts
Kintaro - 15 pts
Fujin - 14 pts
Dairou - 13 pts
Ashrah - 11 pts
Havik - 12 pts
Drahmin - 14 pts
Reiko - 13 pts
Motaro - 11 pts
Kira - 11 pts
Sheeva - 10 pts
Hsu Hao - 9 pts
Darrius - 8 pts
Bo Rai Cho - 6 pts
Li Mei - 8 pts
Frost - 7 pts
Top 5 worst kharacters according to this video are:
Kai - 10 pts
Nitara - 5 pts
Mavado - 7 pts
Kobra - 3 pts
Jarek - 5 pts

What you noticed though is he had some kharacters left off who were not exactly ranked entirely which were Onaga, Moloch, Sareena, Blaze, Mokap, and Meat. Why is that i'm not sure its never explained near the end of the video. Instead he gets more in depth on his adjustment of his 5 worst kombants in all of Mortal Kombat. Hope you enjoyed this, and i'll try to make more these in the future bye!


It says a lot when even the developers hated Hsu Hao. They intended his first death to be canon and permanent, but was only bought back in Armageddon because every playable character from the previous games was going to appear. And then he was bought back in the MKX comics, only to be killed by Scorpion immediately after he makes his presence. - CrimsonShark