He's one of the best. I was going to vote for Phil but, seeing as Dan was number 1, I wanted to strengthen his lead. The reason he's one of my favourite YouTubers is because it's almost impossible to not like him. No matter your age, there is always going to be some aspect of Dan you like. If you're socially awkward, you'll be able to relate to some of things he says. If you're quite confident and outgoing, there will still be something you can relate to. Dan's videos make you feel like you're not the only going through things and that can be really helpful for people in high school or college, especially since he talks about his university days a lot. Dan's basically almost like the helping hand for anyone who has subscribed to him. If some of his videos could speak they'd say 'Hey, I know you're going through tough times but I've been there and I know what it feels like so let's just laugh about it and go through thid together'

Totally and 100% Danisnotonfire. I think it's merely the case that he's totally and utterly himself; he puts no faces on. There's also the fact that I relate to him fully; and I'm not just saying that because he's oh-so-attractive. There's something definitely unique about him.

Dan is relatable to everyone out there who is going through a rough time. He gives hope to people who are at their lowest because he has been there too. I love him because he is so funny and inspirational and has even inspired me to start vlogging. Also he is a great actor and commands the stage he is on while also being super awkward and that's why he connects with all of us awkward people.

His videos are quirky and definitely relatable. He puts quite a bit of effort into his skits and has a naturally wicked sense of humour which keeps you coming back for more. Pair this with the fact that his smile is one of the most beautiful things on this planet and you have your dream YouTuber! (Be sure to check out his videos with AmazingPhil. When they're together it's perfection).

His vlogs are super entertaining and I can defiantly relate to them. Most of them just make you look at your life and feel good about yourself because it could have been worse. I think he is fantastic!

He is hilarious and I love the fact he makes fun of himself all the time. If you're feeling down, just watch one of his videos, it will make you feel great :) He's so sincere and when you're watching him, you feel like he's your best friend.

He's funny! But at the same time, he can have serious videos with good messages that really make you think! He always makes me smile after watching his videos! :D Stay awesome, Mr. Howell!

Dan is a very funny and talented young man. He makes funny and inspirational videos. And he is very sexy too! What's not to like!

Danisnotonfire is the cutest most funny human being to ever live. I relate to him in so many ways and he's so awesome!

Dan is amazing! He always manages to make my day better no matter what, with his hilarious videos! I seriously can not get enough of them! :) x

He makes hilariously true videos that make you laugh he truly is one if the best you tubers ever also has an Internet support group

Dan is a great vlogger, if you hadn't seen already but the votes. He is socially awkward, as are many of his fans, which allows him to easily relate to them through the screen. He is super adorable, and often does collabs with his best friend and roommate; amazingphil. These two are amazing, and should tie for first. Dan had a huge impact on many people's lives, he is a known feminist and is a great motivational speaker. If you haven't checked out this amazing danosaur, do so immediately if you want to die laughing on your floor. His cooking videos are hilarious (which he does with Phil) and he also has a gaming channel! If you like Sims 4, that channel is the perfect place to go (and he also shares that channel with Phil). He has a second channel, danisnotinteresting which is also very entertaining and more on the vloggy side. He also has a crafting channel with Phil, which is actually an april fools prank. DanandPhilCrafts is the name, has only one video, and they even won an award ...more

Dan's channel is where I go when I'm feeling depressed or sad... And he always cheers me up. He's really funny, and I enjoy every one of his videos.


He is absolutely hilarious, such an inspiration, and he is one of us because he started out by stalking other YouTubers!

Dan is amazing! I've seen every single one of his videos, and he can always make me laugh! He also looks amazing with fake boobs and moustaches.

Danisnotonfire is my all time favorite YouTuber! He's is so funny and he loves his fans. If you check him out, you need to check AmazingPhil out too. They are flatmates and are equally as funny. Oh, and they're British. They are best friend and combine together and they are really funny.

He's very entertaining, a lot of people can relate to his situations and he's not posh or gangsta. :P

Dan is perfect. British, funny, entertaining, cute... What more could anyone ask for in a YouTuber? He inspired me to be myself and not give a crap about what anyone else says. He also taught me to do anything to be happy. #FavoriteYouTuberEver

He is literally the best person and I love him! Great role model and always has some kind of good (and funny) lesson about life. Go dan!

Dan's videos are relatable and funny at the same time. He would always put a smile on my face even during my saddest times

I love Dan he is so funny! I'm super glad he is first. He really deserves it.

I relate to him surprisingly enough, and its not everyday ypu find someone that knows their flaws and can have a laugh about them. He's an all around cool guy and never fails to make my day a little better. I also love his short skits in the episodes.

I love Danisnotonfire because he makes me laugh and he pretty cute xx

How can you not vote for him! I love dan he's super relatable and funny without over doing it.

Dan is absolutely hilarious, he posts original content, and his videos always leave me laughing more than any other YouTuber, especially when he teams up with Phil for a video. Whenever he posts a video, it instantly brightens my day.