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181 Loraandlayton
182 AwesomeTyme
183 GazzyTube
184 Pirillo Vlog

Only vlog worth watching

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185 The Fellow Yellow

The Fellow Yellow is a v-logger of a variety of subjects, being profound or just humorous. Once you watch one of his videos once it's unstoppable. He lives and experiences things most people experience and he talks about his opinion. Once in a while he might post some parodies or advice. He has a good heart and I think anyone would love his v-log.

186 theschuermanshow
187 Chester See

I fall in love with this man every time I watch one of his videos.

He can sing, he's funny, he's talented, and he's so cute. The perfect man. ‚̧

188 SamPottorff
189 VlogAfterCollege

The funniest the best the greatest vlogger and hench with the biggest personallity around he makes me laugh so hard and teachs you how to live after college what a funny man! 111

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190 TheAmazingAtheist‚Äé

Uses logic and a sense of humor to make his Points about Religion & Politics.

191 NerdzRL
192 Sawyer Hartman

Sawyer is an amazing person, he is so down to earth and loves all his fans. get sawyer in the top 10 and if possible get him to number one because some one who works as hard as he does deserves it. his short film are brilliant and I recommend that you check out his short one 'forever in my dreams'
All of you who love sawyer, show your support

He is so funny, he makes amazing short films and he has a awesome sense of humour. He does great daily video blogs and a series 'thru my eyes' which is brilliant

193 TheLaVigneLife

Can't believe they are no. 132 on this list, they are amazing and have the cutest kids, J3 and JorJor.

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194 benbrown100
195 The EHSE Channel
196 Sup3rfruit

Mitch and Scott are so funny! They're really talented singers too

Mitch and Scott are so funny! They're really great singers and have interesting opinions on pop culture and amazing song suggetions

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197 WahlieTV

Cutest couple by far and they both have the same sense of humor and are hilarious with each other or by themselves! ^. ^

198 MyHarto

Hannah is just super funny and amazing

199 BreakingNCS

One of the most unique internet personalities out there. He's neither young nor attractive nor political nor loud/attention-grabbing. Instead, he has an off-beat sense of humor, a gift for story-telling, and one of the friendliest demeanors around.

I'm not a huge fan of vlogs, but Tim is the kind of guy you can just sit down and talk about various things about.

200 Lonniedos V 1 Comment
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