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201 Superwoman

So funny

202 iBallisticSquid

He's so funny and, unlike some YouTubers, I can listen to his voice without cringing

203 Nala
204 Macbby11

Love her she's so funny and is always so entertaining

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205 That Guy That Vlogs
206 Angry Grandpa V 1 Comment
207 Living Rosa

2 girls in Love, married and sharing their baby journey along with two cute dog. Mandi ad Tara just welcomed a baby girl

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208 Askylitavenue
209 Smirv Vlogs
210 JessieVII

She is very cute and nice but is about 10+ because of light swears

211 Daily Davidsons

They have the best family ever. I just love there relationship and how they raise there kids.

Love this family. They are so real and down to earth, they deserve much more subscribers

212 BumbleBaylee

Very funny and entertaining Vlogs. Combined with her art channel and her toy unboxing channel a good package and there is something for everyone.

213 GGVlogs
214 Dylan Hutchinson

This guy is funny, entertaining and posts AMAZING weekly videos! I can assure you that if you subscribe and watch all of his videos you will love him and want him to grow BIGGER than PEWDIEPIE! - dylhutch19

215 LiamBerryTea
216 JDTheGuru

Please check out my channel guys, I do daily vlogging, a weekend gaming show and short movies.

217 limoniful3
218 Relishonrye

Just hilarious. Very clever sense of humour. Clever jokes about himself and everyday life. Just a fantastic and very attractive guy. It's like, if I could be anyone, I'd be him.

219 12PabloGarcia
220 maddieissobeastlike

She's so unknown (only 25 subscribers and just over 2000 views) but her videos can be really funny! She's so real and if you actually talk to her she is so down to earth, too.

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