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261 H&H Harris Family Journey

She is a single mom of special needs twins and awesome! I've been following her for over a year and since I am also a mom of special needs twins it helps to not feel alone. You go girl!

262 EmilyKate013

She started at making comics then she made a video that is truly adorable. She's a newbie but she deserve a lot of subscriber! Follow her on instagram and twitter at emilykate013 :)))

263 MrRepzion
264 SkiddleZIzKewl
265 Jamie's World

She's simply the best better than all the rest. haha. She is haleriouse

266 BranVideos
267 Strawburry17
268 DavidSoComedy

This guy is HILARIOUS... He is also very smart and creative. Seriously, he will give you the unexpected

269 Werevertumorro
270 ItsDanielKai
271 Katytastic

She is so funny and talks a lot about books and writing. This makes her intended audience smaller, but those that can connect to her vlogs love them!

272 Every24

They are a new couple starting daily vlogs but the quality of their videos is great for just starting out. I watch a lot of the popular vloggers like shaycarl and ctfxc and I'm really liking every24 so far. Good luck to them

273 MattnKayleigh

They are so down to earth, funny, cool and BEASTS! They have 2 cats, Minnie and Niko who are adorable! They love to workout, eat healthy.

274 Fishtownies

They are a family of 4 and call themselves Fishdaddy, FishMommy, Fishbrother and Fishsister. They have 2 cats and 2 dogs and love exploring the city of Philadelphia (based out of Fishtown). They love playing with their kids, showing homemade meals, saving money, and doing outdoor activities. Family is priority and I love watching them interact as there kids grow!

275 ZokVlogs
276 Daxflame
277 LaVitaDiMeg

I absoulutly love meg she makes the best vlogs and shes an amazing beauty guru she always puts a smile on my face when I watch shes an insperation shes so gorgeous :)) watch her vlogs a beauty channel you wont be dissapointed

278 WahlieTV

Cutest couple by far and they both have the same sense of humor and are hilarious with each other or by themselves! ^. ^

279 CuteGirlsHairstyle

She is cool and pretty

280 Wing Is Fun

NYC Vlog about Chinese girl who loves makeup and her boyfriend who is Real Estate agent. The two of them eat at cheep restaurants and jibber jabber about life in NYC.

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