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301 FoolyLiving

They are vloggers living in Israel. THEY WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH one way or another! I have learned so much from watching them. Hadar works in the IDF Air Force, and Andrea is a housewife and stay-at-home mother. Baby Rafael is the cutest little thing and so smart. He will make you laugh or smile everyday whether you like it or not! Definitely a family that I must watch every day or my day is not complete. They also have two other channels, Ineedmorelives and Foolycooked that I have learned a lot from.

302 CaptainSparklez

Though he mostly does gaming videos CaptainSparklez does a captains vlog about every to every other week.

303 TooMad Stevie

New upcoming YouTuber. Not just any YouTuber but an Irish YouTuber. Love his accent. He does vlogs and sketch's. He is really down to earth and cute too booth. I can see him going far in the future :) :)
I believe his name is Stevie McQuillan.

304 MoranDays
305 This Is Что-То
306 The Vlogging Boy

He creates great vlogs on his channel

307 Brian and Kirsten TV

These blogs are about the daily lives of two young people. They are a lot of fun to watch.

308 The Yogscast
309 Gilroy
310 KnifeCircus

He should be at #1! He is so so funny and super sweet! His videos are very entertaining and anyone would like them.

311 TheThirdPew
312 JakePittsBVB

I like him because he shows other guitarists how to play his stuff and he gives lessons and things like that. - JAE29

313 The Shuiligans
314 thatsojack

Best vlogger ever. He's so funny and creative, not to mention attractive. He started out with his good friend jennxpenn. He also startednbout young so he has experience, Fetus Jack was AMAZEBALLS.

315 Amy Lee 33
316 The Nive Nulls
317 EncompassingChaos
318 The Tim Tracker

Such an underrated vlog. Besides Orlando and Disney World being among my favorite places on earth, watching a single vlog with Tim and Jenn can absolutely brighten your day. So fun, so awesome.

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319 Latoya Forever
320 Matthew Lush
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