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21 Nerimon

Alex is an amazing vlogger and manages to connect with his fans, as well as being a great musician. He is funny and original, and has lots of different styles of videos which make me wait until his next one - not to mention his fashion choice!

Alex Day is perfect. I love his music and his videos are actually so funny.

Nerimon is seriously one of the best YouTuber ever. He's an amazing person ; funny, really smart, original, and he can think! What else? NermieArmy for ever

22 ItsJudysLife

Best people around the globe Alfie is genuinely awesome! He is nice, intelligent and very funny! When you watch his videos you feel like you really know him in real life and that's just one of many advantages of his channel- you should really check him out.

Alfie is the most genuine guy out, and it shows in his videos. He has a good time, he's clearly not putting on an act to get subscribers and he is a total pleasure to watch.

Alfie is amazing. He is so funny and his enthusiasm makes his vlogs amazing! I definitely recommend checking his channel out, it is worth it!

Alfie is such a positive role model

I discovered Judy and Benji about six months ago and have watched their daily vlogs ever since. I love seeing what they are doing every day, how their first year of marriage has gone and I think it's wonderful for them because they have a permanent memento of this time of their lives to look back on in years to come.

I'm addicted to Judy's life! They always post a new video everyday! They're so funny and entertaining.

Amazing family

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23 TheAmazingProject

This channel is a mix of my two favorite YouTubers! I might actually like this channel more than the others... I don't think they make videos anymore, but I still watch the older ones.

Who is this person. Never heard of TheAmazingProject

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24 Theysay ItsEthan
25 DoseOfFousey

He's So Great. Always motivating us and he really gets personal. He doesn't hide anything and you feel like you know everything about him. He will show you his day and not just here and there hiding certain things but really getting close and showing us his daily life. - Laurent36

Great inspiration to people across the world. Reminds me that not everyone is perfect and to always try to stay positive

If you need some extra motivation and inspiration, this is the channel where you'll find it!

He makes a lot of sense when he has a message to say. He goes very deep into it.

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26 emmablackery

Emma is perfect and funny with her quirky and raw sense of humor and gives wonderful advice. I love how her hair changes colour every second day and she's the sassiest person on earth!

Recently watched some of her videos, and already she is one of my favorite youtubers. She has never failed at making my day.

She's so good. You should definitely watch her if your having a bad day. She'll cheer you up whenever your sad
Watch her

How is she not higher in this list? She is funny, awkward, and SO relatable. I can binge watch her vlogs all day. I love her.

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27 Kickthepj

Peej is so creative and funny I could honestly watch him all day. His channel is also very diverse because he has more than one type of video vlogs to sketches to really awe inspiring artistic stuff.

Peej is honestly amazing. Creative, charming and of course, incredibly good looking. My favourite youtuber hands down.

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28 MarcusButlerTV

Marcus is so genuine, funny, and sweet. His videos always put a smile on my face! Love him!

I seen all his videos and they are so awesome! The collaborations he does and challenges are heaps of fun watching and keeps me amused all the time

Marcus is so SUPER funny, he is sweet, creative and amazing to watch...

Marcus is lovely and he is so funny. I love him so much and he is all in all a lovely guy.

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29 VitalyzdTvSecond

Funny + genuine prankster. Keeps YouTube alive + he's got personality. Personalities don't just come from flogging/vlogs etc.

Best Prankster who uploads behind the scene and Party vlogs... PEACE OUT

Best prankster that has a great personality

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30 iJustine

She is awesome! I watch her videos almost everyday and enjoy every single one! Justine is a genuinely nice person and has great values and morals. She doesn't make any sexual humor or anything like that on camera often and proves that you don't have to be dirty to be funny!

She is absolutely hilarious.. I can't wait for Saturday to see her on the new show Escape Routes! It is actually a really good show, make sure you see it! It's on NBC, just incase you didn't know (y)

IJustine is one of the best YouTubers out there, she does all these videos on just about everything from Video Games to her life she knows things I don't know.

I love Justine! She was the first YouTuber I have watched

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31 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

He is so so so funny. He loves his fans, he's good man, he donates money to charity, he loves his dogs, he always makes me smile, I love him, he's just awesome.

I can see that. Hate me if you want, but I detest him. Don't shout at me. - PizzaGuy

I watch him every single day on YouTube

Do you even vanilla bro

Her blogging is so awesome and many more

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32 LukeIsNotSexy

Inspirational, funny, relatable and just a good laugh. Cheers me up in like 10 seconds and makes me laugh just as quick. Really someone who you'd love to be friends with.

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33 GabeandJesss

Watched her become a Teen Mom to a beautiful wife and mother of 5 all on YouTube.

Awesome mom of 4 and great role model

Authentically sweet and loving.

She's is an amazing vloger and iv seen all of her videos I can't belive she's not on this list already!

34 Courtoonxiii

She is just such a nerd and you can relate to her. She was also my first vlogger.

Courtney is true to who she is, and invites her followers to join her and her adventure through life. Sweet and caring, yet sassy and sarcastic she is amazing and inspirational both through cosplay and in living life.

I love her. She is so awesome. You'll just have to trust me and please watch her channel. She is so hillarious; a true vlogger indeed.

35 dicasp

Casper is awesome! I love his videos!

Casper is a genuine sexy South African slut, love his weird personality

I love caspar! There always a mystery with him and the way he never laughs while making videos ohh love it! Anyways his videos are so funny and he's so cute!

How is caspar so low?

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36 littleradge

I love his accent! And he looks like David Tennant... But anyway. I like that he doesn't go out if his way to be really funny in his videos, he's just really casual

He looks like David Tennant and he talks like David Tennant L. How is that not amazing. He's the BEST. And he's Scottish. Oh and he looks like David Tennant. Oh I already said that. Wo

37 Miranda Sings

She is the best ahhh


She is funny

I love Miranda! Her Vlogs are always on topic! And she's hillarious! And her lipstick's on point! 👌🏻👌🏻💋💋

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38 20's 30's and a baby
39 Okbaby

I love watching how they raise their son as young parents

They are so cute and lovable. They are also extremely consistent with their vlogs in that they never miss a day. Oscar and kyra are teen parents to an adorable baby named Levi, who they call buggy. They are so fun to watch because they are really true in that they show the good and bad, and real keep it real. That are definitely my favorite vloggers and you need to subscribe!

They are the best

They have 2 adorable kids. A 1 month old baby girl named Alaya and a 17 month old son named Levi who has the nickname of "Buggy".

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40 BertieBertG

He's done so much for his age, so ambitious. it's a good thing! this guy's just plain brilliant

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