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61 Mo Vlogs

Mo vlogs makes the best vlogs in Dubai

I like Mo Vligs because he has a lot of interesting Vlogs and always ready and making fun videos especially with his sister cat and mom. I also like his sisters paintings.

I'm big fan of mo vlogs.

Best vlogs ever

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62 ItsWayPastMyBedtime

Carrie's such an awesome person with a really good heart, with interesting things to say, strong opinions and one of the best singing voices I've heard.

Carrie is such a wonderful person. I got the pleasure of meeting her once and saw her in les mis and she is just the best most genuine person I have ever met. she also has a wonderful voice and deserves everything she has I honestly don't know where I would be if it wasn't for her. she is my inspiration. hopeful for life. :D have a nice day everyone :D

Carrie Hope Fletcher is on of my favourite people in the whole world. She is so beautiful and inspirational, and she should be more widely appreciated. I adore her! :) x

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63 Aspyn and Parker

Awesome and funny people! They will probably make you laugh and you will never want to stop watching

They should be number 1! best vlogs, relationship goals! love love LOVE them

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64 Casey Neistat

He posts a movie every day. He sets the var higher each day he uploads. He presents stories at an artistically other level. Casey has been an inspiration for me since day one of his vlogging career because of his knowledge, practicality and the effort put into creating, editing and sharing his life and his adventures. Casey is in my opinion one of the best film-makers I've ever seen and definitely the best vlogger in the world right now!

Casey Neistat produces the most high quality vlogs on YouTube, period. Amazing filming, great timelapses, good life advice (for some) on the way as well, and his way of making every day an interesting one are the qualities that make him truly the best

He is a dreamer. He inspires us to do what every we want to do no matter what, through his daily vlogs.

He is one of them to gimme inspiration,makes me to kill time.He is so fantastic.I SUPPOSE HE SHOULD BE IN TOP 10.His video is full of creativity.His drone skills are awesome.i like his daily vlogs.

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65 BreakingNYC

Ray William Johnson is the second most suscribed youtuber. This vlog describes his everyday life, and how he makes his videos.

I loved rays videos from the beginning including his girlfriend anna akana

66 Meekakitty

She is The reason why I want to be a filmmaker. Seriously. Plus, she's a ginger, so she obviously is already pretty cool...

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67 CutiePieMarzia

She is super cute and so positive! She is very strong, and supports in what she believes in so much! She is definitely a good role model.

She is so cute and funny

She has fashion vlogs, creepy vlogs, diy tips and so much more. She is so creative and cute. VOTE FOR MARZIA!
P.S. she is PewDiePie's girlfiend

She is sweet and has a strong opinion on what other people say about her.🎥😀🎥

68 BriBryontour

An Irish blogger who does some Hilarious impressions and things to do before you die. Must watch, amazing!

I can't believe bribry is this low on the list, he deserves to be at least in the top 10!

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69 gingergeorgetv
70 Bratayley Bratayley

I LOVE Bratayley they are u second family they make me feel better I have a crush on Caleb (R.I.P. caleb) and Annie is a role model and Hayley is so cute they should be number 1 I watch them everyday.

I'm really surprised that bratayley is so far down in the list I really think that they beat most of the people above them

Love them so much never missed any one of there vlogs (RIP Caleb)

I love bratayley so much. They are such a sweet family (r.i.p. Caleb). Why aren't they number one?

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71 Jake Paul Jake Paul Jake Joseph Paul is an American actor and YouTube personality who rose to internet fame on the now-defunct video application Vine. Paul is known for playing the role of Dirk on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark.

I love him he is so funny and immature but that is what makes the vlogs fun to watch and he should totally be number 1 cause he is also very talented

He is the best he is funny he is hilarious all his videos are joke so don't take it seriously

He is the best should be number one

I just love him, he's awesome

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72 Christian Novell V 1 Comment
73 Tanner Fox

This 17 year old is so entertaining to watch! He's so sweet, caring, adorable, inspires people. He's just one of those YouTubers that you can look up to when your feeling down. And he can even make you smile without even trying. He Care about his fans so much and I think that he's such a blessing to this world. He's just a true inspirer and is positive which is really good for people who are struggling with depression. You just can't resist this one. He's honestly the best YouYuber ever. He'll make you smile so just do what makes YOU happy. - Blurryfacedfox

I think that he is absolutely the best and should be in the top 10.

He's great

the best

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74 mo_vlogs

Mo vlogs is very nice but some of his vlogs are boring and some are cool...

You Are Awesome Mo

His vlogs are way too cool!


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75 It'sKinglseyBitch

Kingsley is the most amazing vlogger I've ever seen. I could watch him all day long, and never stop laughing.

I love Kingsley. Really b really was insanely funny, and his overexposed videos were so relatable. Kingsley always makes my day.

Kingsley is honestly perfect, he can make you laugh when you're sad and turn your day into gold. He honestly is hilarious

I love Kingsley so much

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76 ThatcherJoe

Joe Sugg is absolutely hilarious... Love his British humor! Also does amazing impressions... He should be higher up on this list!

Check out his YouTube wont be disappointed

Joe is amazing! How is he not up the top

Joesph graham sugg is a great brother and youtuber he has a great sence of humor.

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77 OtherJuicyStar07

She is the best... By the way her sister should be in this list too (ellesglittergossip)

78 Romanatwood

Romanatwood does a lot of work and also pranks, he's so into his life you will love it, he needs to be at least 5th

He is a good person and a inspirational speaker

Funny good guy deserves to be in top 10. Helps out the people in need intelligence and kindness has been through a lot and has a cute family Kane Noah and brottany

By the way his vlog Chanel is 2nd

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79 Glove and Boots

Glove and Boots' quality of vlogs are the best the internet has to offer. They're not the most famous vloggers on Youtube, but they should be nevertheless! All of their videos are hilarious to watch, and even cute sometimes. Not to mention even educational.

I don't see how these guys aren't at the very top, they are the funniest YouTube duo I have ever seen.

They went sledding down a mountain in a porta potty. Enough said.

Best bloggers ever
Some of their blogs are kid friendly, others aren't a perfect channel that a whole family can enjoy

80 StephenVlog

Stephen is honestly one of the best vloggers out there. He's been documenting his life for 7 years or more. He's a really great guy!

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