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81 StephenVlog

Stephen is honestly one of the best vloggers out there. He's been documenting his life for 7 years or more. He's a really great guy!

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82 VlogSalad

VlogSalad is one of the best Vloggers on YouTube. Top quality content and a good Christian attitude. Small fanbase but growing fast

Amazing youtube channel! So creative and always cheers me up! Go vlog salad! :D

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83 KSIOlajidebt

This british guy is funny as hell. One of my favorite series to watch of his, is Q&A Sunday. Where people send him questions on Facebook and/or Twitter

The only vlogger that makes me laugh my head off in front of my computer screen! He has to win

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84 Smosh

Smosh is epic! Two people (anthony padilla and ian heco do random yet funny things that amusing a lot of people. They do things such as "mailtime with smosh", "lunchtime with smosh", "ian is bored" etc. You should definitely watch their videos!

Smosh is made up of two amazing guys named Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, who make the best videos of all time. They meet in sixth grade, and became friends and started making videos in 2005. You must go check out there channel because without them, I don't what I would do...

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85 Tanner Braungardt

He is the best vlogger

Tanner Bruangardt is by far my favorite Youtuber is really funny and he can always make you happy when you are sad

Amazing vlogger, flipper and funny guy! Posts daily Vlogs consisting of challenges and P.O BOX OPENINGS IN THE BATH TUB!

This is by far my favourite YouTuber and should be number 1 on this list! - dylhutch19

86 HeIsSoDaft
87 Piddleass

I love piddleass she is truly amazing and doesn't keep her opinions quiet she is my role model bubbly but shy

She is badass, cool, hot and she games she's the dream, a hot derpy nerd

Kate is an awesome youtuber and deservs to be higher on this list

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88 haltiamava

She's hilarious and has the best advice and videos and she has a beauty channel also! She's pretty, and funny, has awesome videos and tips! I love her!

An Amazing Person of the you tubes inside and out that is going places!

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89 WatchUsLiveAndStuff‎

They are funny and so fun to watch!

WatchUsLiveAndStuff is the best vlogging channel ever, Anthony Padilla and Kalel Cullen are such amazing people and I love them so such that words can't describe how much they mean to me. Please go check out there channel and subscribe to there channel because I don't know what I would do without them..

So fun~ Anthony Padilla (from Smosh) and his fiancée Kalel! They're so adorable, but watch out for the Pip-Pacity levels! I really love them, they do a lot of interesting stuff, so you should check them out.

90 Mcjuggernuggets

I wait for his uploads everyday!

Jesse loves his fans and family.

Jesse makes good video's.

91 AlexWassabi

Funniest person in the world!

He is funny

Alex makes me laugh and smile everyday. He is honest and funny. I couldn't ask for a better vloger! ♡♡

92 Capndesdes

Destery is awesome he's really funny and has such a weird sense of humor

Destrey is the best. He never fails to make me laugh my butt off.

93 Fawn and Pippa

Some of the most original ideas I've seen. They're definitely different from all the other stuff out there. So good.

Two attractive young adults with an original blunt sense of humor. Totally worth checking out.

I just recently found out about them through peers at my school. They're so funny!

94 IISuperwomanII

She so cool and it's so weird my last name and her last name are the same!

She is easily one of my favorite youtubers. I love her so much!

She is so hilarious and so kind

She needs to be in the top 5 AT LEAST

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95 Katersoneseven

Katersoneseven is the best vlogger I have seen. She is extremely dedicated and is plain out amazing

Kate always shares positivity and happiness. Her personality is infectious, and she is the reason why I want to start vlogging. Over 900 daily vlogs! That's dedication! I'm a proud dedikater.

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96 Timothy De La Ghetto

Funny with great fashion and creative

97 randytaylor69

It's a proof that angel exist in the real world.

Shes like angel love her so much

Just to have known her for this little while of my existence, even if only through the dim blue of my laptop, is worth a thousand life times without knowing she exists. but it also a curse to know that something so perfect exists out of my reach. a special moment in time that I can forever look back at that no one will ever experience. this if fritzl level of infatuation.

98 Lazyron Studios V 1 Comment
99 Nanalew
100 glozell1

I think glozell is funny

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