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101 Janoskians

The Janoskians are amazing and really funny and I just yeh they're great.

These boys are my favorite youtube people ever! They are so funny and cute and aww I love them! So awesome! X

102 HaiLedaBear

Leda awesome! Shes great love he vlogs

103 DamonFizzy

He is just so honest and funny! He has really good jokes and is very talkative. He can make you laugh by his funny-made voices! I love how he is describing his opinions and his interests. I also really like how random he is!

He's funny, helpful, honest, cool, and always put me in a great mood

104 JoshuaDTV

I love watching Joshua, not only is he married to Miranda sings(AKA: Colleen Ballinger) but his motto is be nice to people. If you haven't watched any of his videos yet go and check them out now please! You'll be hooked already on the first video!

He amazing! I just started watching him in 2015 when it was his last day of daily vlogging and now I love him so much! Please do yourself a favor and go watch him and his wife (Colleen) and watch there awesome journey of being a married couple! ❤️

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105 Erik Conover

Erik lives in NYC and vLogs week days with model girlfriend Jessica. They have such a positive uplifting channel. Life in NYC and their travels. Very real, down to earth, nice people. Should be in the top 25 at least. I would place them higher myself. They don't do pranks or silly stuff but their personalities, honesty and outlook on life is so refreshing. "Smile More, Worry Less and Live Your Passion" has been his tag line for a couple of years and that pretty much sums it up.

He's so sweet and so is she, a daily vlog which are always truthful and happy

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106 MrChiCity3
107 IanH

Yah IanH. I love mailtime with smosh, lunchtime with smosh, and Ian is bored. By far my favorite - mrmidnight

108 HodgeTwins

The down to earth, "do not care, just say your opinion"-attitude on these to men are hilarious!

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109 OlanRogers

Funniest stories I've ever heard in my entire life! Plus, he's very good looking

He is the funniest man alive and always can put a smile on my face! :) He has an amazing sense of humor! And glorious inverted pogs on his face! Him and his laughter and amazing dancing! :0

110 MrArturoTrejo

Nancy is a saint. Fun to see their son inheriting their great sense of humor.

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111 jennxpenn

I LOVE Jenn! She is super funny and her videos are really creative! Also, her music taste is the best!

She is amazing on youtube shes a star shes on Awsomestv

Very funny blogger! My favourite on YouTube

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112 Rhett and Link

Their vlogs are interesting, creative and fun! I also love the crazy dares they do and all the bizarre food they eat. It's HILARIOUS!

There just crazy and great

So funny and creative!

They are so funny. They eat the worst food,do epic things and there awesome!

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113 Trisha Paytas Trisha Paytas

Trisha shows us all her emotions. She doesn't hide anything from her viewers. I find this refreshing. She's not always dolled up and when she's had a bad day or heartbreak she let's us in on how she's handling things. I know a lot of people have a different opinion but frankly I don't think she can be anymore REAL than she is with us. Kind of makes me feel better when I'm having one of those melt downs to see that I'm not the only one..Thanks Trisha you're great!

Such a beautiful person

love her

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115 TVFilthyFrank V 2 Comments
116 Simon and Martina

My favourite YouTubers! A super wonderful Canadian couple who vlog, make sketches, play games, do challenges, sharing their lives living in Korea and Japan. Funny, genuine, creative people who are a joy to watch! And they recently passed the 1million sub mark! Wooo!

117 M13
118 JaackMaate
119 chonnyday

Brilliant material, beautiful subjects, and always, always a capturing title.

He is the most hilarious vlogger out of all of them. He has multiple channels. MyChonny and YourChonny. CHECK THEM OUT!

120 LaciGreen

She's really awesome and a great issue-handler

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