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161 Fuseytube

He is so funny and true to his views I love watching

162 NIkkiandJohnVLOG

Such cute and adorable people...

163 Davidakhoa
164 adambricevlogs

He is a young cool vlogger he is a really nice guy you should check him out

165 Eve Bennett

Eve Bennett is a fairly young YouTuber but she has a very lovable personality and her videos are very good quality and fun to watch - you won't be disappointed ��� -

166 Hayleeandfamily

They are so fun to watch on YouTube.. I recommend checking them out!

There the best bloggers

167 The Inferno Motovlogs

Cool dude; interesting stuff; a little twist, as in, he vlogs on a motorcycle; small community, so he gets right to any comments left. - tacomofoko

168 GGVlogs V 1 Comment
169 Chilly/SuperPeachLogan

What!? This is 211!? Chilly deserves better. Her vlogs are the BEST

Her vlogs are so fun to watch - CODcaker45

Chilly's vlogs are the BEST! - Tyler730

170 Fed's World

Creative, different, funny. This Maltese vlogger has taken vlogs to a different level, mixing humour, travel, thoughts and society in vlogs that are like little, fun vlogumentaries.

Family friendly and always with a twist.

Fantastic photography and great storytelling. - fedechin

171 The Cub House Vlogs
172 stillsoundlyawake

Watch ONE of his videos and you will agree with me! - A7XfoREVer

173 5GirlyGuys
174 harveyisonfire
175 14Carebear14
176 bingradio

He's has been working on a project called past bing future bing. Every other day he uploads a video from last year and one from this year from about the same time. It's about how he has changed and how his life has changed in a years time. Go check it out!

177 Loraandlayton
178 AwesomeTyme
179 GazzyTube
180 Pirillo Vlog

Only vlog worth watching

V 1 Comment
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