YouTube channel review Episode 1: Good Mythical Morning

Welcome to the very first episode of Grimm Shady's YouTube channel review Depending on how popular this post gets, I will be making more. Today, I decided we would start out with the my personal favorite YouTube channel, Good Mythical Morning. GMM is a talk show hosted by two comedians, Rhett and Link, and features them discussing weird topics or playing weird games. This channel also uploads another show titled Good Mythical Crew which focuses around the crew that makes Good Mythical Morning. Both shows are incredibly entertaining but Good Mythical Morning is the main show you wanna look out for. Rhett and Link are both hilarious, and their crew is obviously very creative, all of which is demonstrated in their unique episode topics and fun games. Their interaction with fans is also priceless, and they are one of the few YouTubers with a genuine care for their fans. They also upload episodes daily, so that fans are never left without entertainment for long, which is always great. All in all, Good Mythical Morning is a great channel, and when you take into account how fun and unique the show is, you know it will be good. I honestly can't think of anything negative to say. I guess their show more recently has felt a bit more planned, but that could actually be a good thing depending on who you are. All in all, I am always incredibly entertained by this channel, and I will always be interested in whatever they are doing. So I'm gonna give Good Mythical morning and A+!. Now would also probably be a good time to explain my rating system. Here are all of my ratings from good to bad;

A+: Amazing channel that I recommend to all!
A: A fantastic channel with barely noticeable problems!
A-: This channel's minor problems cannot affect its overall greatness!
B+: Though it has it's issues, it is still very likable and entertaining channel.
B: It is an entertaining channel, though there is room for improvement.
B-: Though it has fairly large problems, it ultimately has enough going for it to be likable.
C+: This channel isn't very good, but it does have many entertaining moments.
C: This channel isn't very good, but it does have mildly redeeming qualities.
C-: This channel is bad, with some good aspects.
D+: This channel is bad, but it is original.
D: This channel is bad, but the youtuber behind the camera is trying.
D-: This channel is just plain bad.
F: This channel is terrible.
And then, on some hopefully rare occasions...
Z: This channel must be avoided at all costs!

Thanks for reading my very first review and be sure to let me know how you feel about Good Mythical Morning. Love it, hate it? Also, if you want me to keep making these posts, be sure to let me know cause i'm not interested in making them for nobody! If I do make more, they will always be on the list of best youtubers!


I love GMM, I haven't watched too much of their content, but it is an A+. It is very unique and Rhett and Link compliment each others personality amazingly. this is a great channel, and probably the best non gaming or vevo channel, although its extremely underrated. - EliHbk

What's weird about GMM is that they are super popular but remain incredibly underrated on the internet. - GrimmShady

There one of the Youtubers who are really popular who are actually good. - cjWriter1997

When are you going to make another, this was great... I can't wait! - EliHbk

Sorry I haven't released one in ages! I just haven't had the time to do in depth research. Hopefully I'll be releasing more in the next week! Stay tuned. - GrimmShady

I love GMM. I watch it every day. - The01Bro

Never watched it - Pokemonfan10