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Mark Edward Fischbach (born June 28, 1989), known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTube personality. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.


This guy is an example of a good person who can put a smile on people's faces. Honestly, I don't really like PewDiePie. He might have some funny jokes but besides he's just plain garbage. Markiplier on the other side is indeed funny and entertaining. He's my favorite YouTuber also because he's a really nice guy with all the charity works and the "Thank You" videos to his subscribers.

This guys actually better then PewDiePie. I think Jacksepticeye is WAY better, but Mark has a good heart also. He makes funny and entertaining videos, he doesn't focus on editing, unlike PewDiePie. Plus, Mark is going through SO MUCH. 1 of his friends just committed suicide, he broke up with his girlfriend (I think), and his channel got hacked.

Helped me through the toughest times in my life. Four years ago, my father had died in Iraq in the war, and my mother had committed suicide. My grandparents were dead, and I thought it was the end of the line. But I found him on the internet, and managed to finish college through sheer joy and happiness. Now? I live in a penthouse in minneapolis, with my beautiful wife, Avery, and have a great job in engineering. He just finished his Sister location series and a anti-suicide charity livestream that raised over 200,000 dollars for it. Deserves to be in front of that swede!

Mark is a person who gives money to charity and I will be a good time to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get

He is inspirational, funny, grateful for everything and doesn't want more than he deserves, and even though he is a grown man, he isn't afraid to show his emotions or scream like a little girl on camera. Even if lots of people hate him, he is one of my favorite youtubers, just because his smile makes me happy, I love what he does, and he is just an amazing person who deserves all the subs he wants.

I have watched an equal amount of Markiplier and PewDiePie. I always laugh a lot more at Mark's videos, like uncontrollable laughter. PewDiePie has his funny moments, but I don't feel he is as honest and free as Markiplier. Mark really cares about each and every one of his subscribers, and Pewds has just kind of gone down over the years. Mark is genuinely a sweet guy, he cares nothing about fame, but the people he gets to meet and the adventures he gets to encounter. I LOVE YOU MARK!

The difference between Markiplier and other YouTubers... He has always been genuine in his videos to the best of his ability. He has always put forth the effort to thank and appreciate all his fans have done for him over the years, and not to say the others don't... but whenever he gets all choked up and teary whenever his fans do something for him, he has true emotions and happiness put into what he does, and isn't doing it just for the likes and subs (although YouTubers like him have to), but consistently reminds subscribers and himself that he does it for the happiness of himself, and his followers. I've been subscribed to Markipler AND PewDiePie since they both had only 200k subs, and I saw the revolution of both of them. PewDiePie has made himself out to be silly, and even more outrageous over the last few years, just to act out, it seems. Markiplier has continuously thankful and fan-based. Just look at PewDiePie's video titles verses Mark's. "Killing self in VR? " and ...more

Why is Pewdiepie first? It doesn't matter if you have 35 million subscribers. Mark does wonderful stuff and is a great guy. I wish to meet the guy. He is very funny in what he does. And I love that about Mark. - MTDiorio19

Markiplier, donates to different charities quit often, he tries to not cuss, every three seconds like PewdiePie, he cares so much for his friends and families, and he always tries to do the good thing when he's playing a game. Even did Until Dawn again so that Chris and Ashley could be together.

I have an unbelievable amount of respect for Markiplier. He is funny, intelligent, and entertaining, but most of all, he cares about his fans. He cares about what he does, and it isn't just a way to make lots of money. He sometimes cries while thanking his fans because we aren't just numbers to him. Number 1 in my opinion.

When I'm felling sad, I always watch Mark's video's to cheer me up into a great mood. He has inspired me to do lots of things including, getting my hair dyed red, starting my own youtube channel and even getting a Windows computer so I can play all the games I like to watch him play. So in my opinion, Markiplier is better than Pewdiepie.

For all of us that have stuck with Mark ever since he was rocking that Shark Fin hairstyle. Maybe I haven't watched every single horror game that he has came up with, but most all of them, I have. He is probably one of the highest spirited youtubers, doing charity videos every months, occasional vlogs, and heartwarming things like that. But honestly, my favorite part of his videos is his sense of humor and him cussing at a screen. Isn't that everyone's?

He's one of the best or is the best cus he's funnier than most YouTubers I've watched and there's not really much people who hate like the man is a kind hearted and creative guy, he's mature for a guy who does allot of jokes and he does allot of charity and he's like a living cartoon, I've watched pewdiepie for a year also mark, and tried to see who was better and mark was more motivating and just expressive, and is the best there can be, he is not comparable.

I get that there are so many youtubers out there who create gaming channels but this guy is amazing. I have never found something I don't like about Mark. He's absolutely hilarious. When he plays a game, he's scared, or angry, or he just laughs at his own jokes the whole way through. Sure he swears, but I can think of many other youtubers who swear a lot more and at things where swearing isn't necessary. I love other gamer youtubers like Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie etc. But this guy gets the vote. Why? Because he's incredible. (Lived his Until Dawn and Slender: The Arrival playthroughs)

Markiplier changes my life every single day! Of how he reacts to those scary games, rage games, his vlogs, and his other games that he plays, it makes me laugh so hard that my eyes start to tear up. He always makes me feel a WHOLE lot better! Thank you Mark for being there for me whenever my days aren't happy! YOU ARE THE BEST! Keep going for those new games. I would definitely would love to watch them! LOVE YA!

Mark, in my opinion, is the kindest man who has nothing but love in his heart, aside from games that sometimes make him mad. I won't argue with ranking but Mark, Jack and the Game Grumps deserve to be in the top 5 together in my opinion. They bring pure happiness and are my idols

One of my all-time favorite channels out there! I love Mark so much. He always is there for his fans and is able to put a smile on everyone's face. He is also so grateful to his fans for helping him become what he is today.

I have been following Mark on Youtube for over 4 years now, and have seen him grow into one of the best youtubers alive today. What I find most impressive of Mark is that he somehow manages to embrace change and truly own himself at the same time.

Markiplier is revolutionary when it comes to humor, seriousness, intelligence and care between his followers. Others could be like him already but he is the first one that really stood out.

Words cannot describe how much I love Mark. He has made hard days so much better and he is one of the most honest youtubers I've ever seen. He actually seems like a real person and he cares about his fans and doesn't let the fame get to his head.

Markiplier is awesome. He plays games and stuff, makes us laugh, but even talks about serious topics. He can switch from funny guy to serious guy that wants to help out with sensitive topics. A real inspiration.

He doesn't bash anyone and is never rude to his fans. He seems like a genuine guy, personally I love his videos. He always gives me a laugh or at least a smile. (Sometimes second-hand embarrassment, but that's just Mark being Mark)

A lovable guy who can be hilarious, annoying, sensitive and serious. He has such a big heart and makes people happy. I love it when he makes videos to share his thoughts or cries about what his fans did for him. He is so lovable!

I feel he should be #1, because most of the people on this list get a lot of hate, but I have literally never met a person that doesn't like markiplier.

Markiplier is the most amazing YouTuber. He shows true, honest and genuine care for his viewers. To him, it's simply about entertaining people and giving to charity. Pewdiepie seems staged most of the time. He's a bit boring and (like someone else said) he's repetitive. Markiplier is something else. He deserves number 1