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Ryan Higa, best known as his YouTube username nigahiga, is an American comedian, YouTube personality, and actor. He's best known for his comedy videos, which have been viewed over 3 billion times. His channel was once the most subscribed on YouTube from 2009-2011, longer than any other channel, besides more.


This guy posts humor that is so original. The videos are not offensive, inappropriate, or overall cheap humor! His videos are relatable, funny, and sometimes they even teach you a lesson. If you look into Ryan's past, he's gone through a lot of hardships, but amazingly, has overcome them, and grown to be a YouTube legend. Ryan and his crew (RHPC) puts a lot of effort into their videos, and you can see that if you just watch ONE of their BTS videos. His friends are the best camera crew ever (lol). His videos may take a week to upload, but you can be sure that they are WORTH IT! His videos are really entertaining. If he has an opinion, he won't rudely spread it! Instead, he'll look to the other side of the argument, and find evidence that supports THEIR side! He's very modest about his rank on YouTube. So, if you're looking for some of the best comedy around, full of giggles, puns, and true laughter, subscribe to the best asian YouTuber around, nigahiga! TEE HEE!

I feel like Ryan is the best youtuber, not because he's my favourite, but because of how much efforts he put in all of his videos. His videos are genuinely enjoyable to watch and are really creative. He is that youtuber who goes quality over quantity, which is good, cause I rather want to watch a video with a lot of quality (which his videos has) than tons of videos with a little to no efforts. Ryan's not problematic and is genuinely nice and awesome. Even thought he goes into controversal topics, he make this sort of topics still entertaining and have a lot of points. Even thought he is still popular, I feel like he's underrated compared to other popular youtubers now. With all the efforts he puts in his videos, he deserved a lot of views and appreciations than he really has. - bboombayah

Ryan Higa has managed to consistently pull in millions of views with every upload for 10 years, without using click bait titles or thumbnails and without stirring up drama with other youtubers. He doesn't ever do lazy videos and puts 100% effort into every single video. Despite his inconsistent uploading schedule, people never seem to get bored of him because every video is creative, original and entertaining from start to finish. He is literally the only youtuber who always exceeds my expectations. His writing, acting, and comedic talent only seems to be getting better. On top of all that, he is incredibly humble and doesn't care about recognition or awards. Just the continuous effort and hardwork he puts in shows how passionate he is about his craft. He is undoubtedly the greatest youtuber of all time!

Ryan is seriously a legend. I always think of him as one of the pioneers for YouTube and he's stayed true to his fans. He's not about the next new and shiny thing. His videos are original and always have a unique style. He's so funny and he's finding a really great middle ground between his content and how young his audience may be. He's just a very real person and RHPC is fabulous. They're doing great things and they're all great people.

Ryan's videos, rants, and skits are incredible. He's got an amazing sense of humor and knows how to create gorgeous videos and stories. He's just a great person who's naturally funny.

I'm not a huge fan, but I'm voting for him because he's one of the only YouTubers on here that writes his own comedy, that can actually be funny.

He puts in SO much effort! Remember that stop motion video he did? His team had to cut out over 2,000 pictures of him and animate it doing a sequence just because someone asked him for it! He does so many requests and does so much the keep his channel going!

An awesome person that makes awesome videos with a large amount of work along with his funny friends... I love Ryan... Definitely knows how to make someone happy and smile

When I feel down, I watch his videos, I'm not allowed to subscribe to any channels, but if I was allowed to, he would be my first choice. - SonicDrummer231

The amount of effort and intelligence put into every single video is obvious. There's never mindless and rude "humor" in his videos, which I see in a lot of videos from other YouTuber's. And yet, all of his videos and made me literally laugh out loud.

Actually, everyone is eager to compare all youtubers, but I don't even want to compare when the topic comes to Ryan Higa. He is the most honest, non-racist youtuber as I saw... Even when you don't meet him face to face before, he gives you that sincerity. I think he deserves a better place than he is now. Thank you for making videos that makes people laugh! That was the main purpose, right?

He makes appropriate videos and has a very unique way of entertaining.

He is the best YouTuber! He puts so much of hard work in his videos... He can derive anything from nothing! He is a genius in freestyle speaking and thinking so fast! He is awesome! He is supposed to be on number 1! PewDiePie on number 2 and Smosh on number 3!

I love Ryan so much he is amazing and if you are one of his haters then you have no soul because Ryan is an amazing great guy never stop Ryan you are my hero.

Ryan Higa is extremely underrated because he as videos that took days to make and some where they spent a really long time to make something really cool or even both. He puts a lot of effort into what he does, and has fun doing it. Pewdiepie will do literally anything for subscribers and Ryan is just trying to have fun. If anybody deserves to be number one youtuber it's Ryan.

He has a very unique style of doing thing and congrats to him and his team for making everyone laugh even when they are sad or etc... I hope they keep going for another 20 years

How can one not like this guy? He's funny, creative and original. His channel is one of a kind and you can see all the effort that he puts into each and every one of his videos. Ryan is one of a kind and there's a reason I fell for his channel (and his puns)

Seriously the best, can't watch any videos secretly or laugh too much

I LOVE RYAN'S VIDEOS! They are so funny and creative. I'm always cheered up when I watch his videos like Dear Ryan: Can You Stop Posting Videos

Nigahiga is the best. He always comes up with new ideas that is totally untouched by any of the others and I guess he is the one and only. He has a good sense of humour. He is so amazing

He's the best! Every single one of his videos are creative, clever, and original. (unlike Pewdiepie! ) He uploads videos on a regular basis and he and his friends are just amazing people. He deserves the #1 spot.

Nigahiga is basically THE BEST AsiaN YouTubeR IN HISTORY. Man, I've been so jealous of him. He has a unique sense of humor and makes really good short films and Vlogs. And also, one of his best videos was his Draw My Life, which I am certain made many fans happy, emotional and independent. Nigahiga is so creative. He puts his soul into making videos and he cares for his fans. - iiKyodaiKickz

I never watched most of his videos, but his fake trailers are very funny and creative! - xcToxicana

Nigahiga team puts a lot of effort in their videos and not only r they funny but some videos r very inspiring..

Best YouTuber by FAR. It is clear that he puts a lot of effort in every single video. VERY underrated. He should have more subs than pewdiepie. Also, he is great sense of humor, and never repeats stuff, like Smosh.