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201 Lohanthony

How is he down here he's awesome and sassy! Lol

I like him because he knows miranda sings

He is sassy and amazing

202 QJB
203 WiiRikeToPray

Come on, where the lads at? This channel is underrated for sure. - cjWriter1997

They should be at least 3

204 WTFBrahh
205 First Last
206 Pie-Pivotmontier-0
207 Bed Reviews
208 TamashiiHiroka
209 IGN IGN IGN is a San Francisco–based games and entertainment media company operated by IGN Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of j2 Global and wholly owned by Ziff Davis.

Gets paid by EA to give good reviews on their crappy overhyped games.

210 Goat Face Gaming
211 Gogreengirl V 1 Comment
212 MrBaffaCake
213 YogsCast

What the heck? These guys consistnetly upload countless videos daily, give a MILLION dollars to various charities YEARLY, good for all ages, do all sorts of video games and content and are generally just nice people. Like why aren't they at least in top 25.

124?! Are you insane?!

They make great videos. Really like their ttt videos. Should be in top 20


214 EthanGamerTV

BY ZAK like your roblox things costume looks just like you

Ethan is so awesome he is really funny and good at games so COOL!

Hey Ethan! I like your Videos! I subscribed your channel! You are Fun! I like it

I love EthanGamerTV

V 3 Comments
215 Theneedledrop
216 IISuperwomanII

She has the greatest personality on the planet. She makes videos that are hilarious yet you can relate to. And she can also make your day better. Whenever you're having a down day, and you start watching her videos on YouTube, you are bound to feel so much better because she's incredibly goofy, witty and loveable.

She is someone you can relate to and knows what is going on in our lives. She can always make me smile and laugh I can't believe she is this low!

She is so wise and I love how she shares that wisdom with the Internet. I also love how positive she is all the time, which makes me smile whenever I watch her videos. She is insanely hilarious and I have and will continue to watch her videos for a long time.

She is the best

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217 ADoseofBuckley

Hate the fact that he's now losing subscribers. Either it's a YouTube glitch or the amount of sane people in the world is decreasing. - PhenomentalOne

Should be #1 or at least in the top 10.

Angry humor from an angry man - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Doesn't consider himself a YouTuber but he should be in the top tens.

V 1 Comment
218 Masterov

Masterov is the best please he is the beast

This guy rocks at bloons td battles

V 2 Comments
219 SuperCarlinBrothers

I love the carlin bros

220 EpicMealTime

My dad used to watch this channel and I have mixed emotions between laughing and throwing up... haha!

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