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221 Blitzwinger

By zakareeya blitz I am you fan your videos are the best every day I watch an episode and is awesome he is funny and hope that you have another video in mind my hope was continue on lego dimensions I wan that game so I was good for a whole year and got it. I thanked my parents and been watching it and keep the good stuff I wish I could give you likes but I'm not allowed to sign up its okay as long is the power of blitzwinger

Best YouTubers if you didn't know he just went over 1,100,000 he is awesome funny and packs a big punch he deserves to be higher he is very under rated he can do Lego reviews Lego games and has two other great channels all in all he is awesome see ya later alligator

Please read the comment by zak and I always wanted to meet you blitzwinger

I like Blitzwinger as my favorite YouTuber because he does LBA.

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222 Jaiden Animations

She is the best YouTuber she tells funny stories based on her own Experience that are most of the time funny but the Face Reveal Video was very sad because of what Jaiden Experienced but she is still a great and Inspiring YouTuber honestly I can't say Anything Negative about Her or Her Channel so she's doing great and I hope she Becomes Successful in her Career

She'll never rise to the top because of the fame of people like Pewdiepie and others, but that's fine. She's just the most adorable YouTuber on all of the YouTube and she makes great animations and tells funny stories. Also she does a lot of things with theodd1sout and that gets her a lot of points. - MarianasPilots

223 MoreALIA

Videos of nearly every game

You are the best ever #LOL

He is the best


I thought pieguy would be a lot higher. His spongebob videos are great, in my opinion.

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225 MirandaSings

What the even heck? She should be like number 1 cause she's the queen.

All of the people that hate her can't take a joke. I can't stand it when she makes a video of her singing and people put : SO BAD DISLIKE. I mean, It's A JOKE. She's super funny!

Miranda is LIFE! I watch her videos all the time! Why isn't she higher?!?!

Oh sweet jesus this is one of the worst. - DapperPickle

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226 Element Animation

Taking 5 decades to make a video that isn't a Minecraft Short. - Epicsauce45

I voted for him because I can

227 FGTV


228 Roblox

This game is awesome, and the videos are too.

can't get enough of the videos and games they make.

I play this game and wont stay on forever but I still like the games everybody makes.

I love the game.

The game is good tell me your username and ill friend u

Shut up you

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229 Jonni Valentayn

A great channel for Tom and Jerry fans. - MeeMeeCandy777

230 Lpshannah V 3 Comments
231 Co Vines

Co Vines is so funny!

I love there comes

232 Brentalfloss
233 NintendoCapriSun
234 HuskyMudkips V 3 Comments
235 TobyGames

He is the funniest and he is better than all the others because their not funny and say bad words a lot I do not know why you guys like the bad words a lot

This is the exact same account that tobuscus has and yet it is here.

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236 Nikefaller
237 SoFloAntonio V 2 Comments
238 lisbug

She used to be good until she broke up with Shane, and started doing crappy videos like most people now.

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239 FilmCow
240 Gamingbychris
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