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261 ParkerGames
262 BethanyFrye V 1 Comment
263 Tinytiger50 Aj
264 Jake Paul Jake Paul

I really hope all of these comments praising "Fake" Paul are just jokes.

It everyday bro

Your so awesome!

Jake Paul is a some every body else sucks.ixcept other people on team 10.its every day bro piece

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265 Sir Puga

Why am I not in top 100 yet? Extremely disappointed. - Puga

Making a best YouTubers sandwich - purpleyoshi98

Get me to top 100 lads - Puga

Skadoodling I'm above Rihanna - Puga

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266 Rclbeauty101

Rclbeauty101 is awesome and I love her videos

I love her videos

I think she should at least be in the top 20

I love Rclbeauty101 she rocks She way more better than all the beauty gurus. #Levinator4Life

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267 Kwebbelkop

Kwebelkop should be best

This YouTuber is the BEST!


Even if he is not the best he is still making out of it. He is very good at Grand Theft Auto But most of it he wants to entertain us with he's Two Best Freinds (Jelly,Slogoman) He is also playing random games that they are not main in his Channel. I know that he will never see this but I'm pretty sure that This guy will be the best he has 5.2 Million Subscribers now(16 September 2016) Why he isn't one of the best?! LEEETS DO THIS!
From Lovely fan from Macedonia

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268 TheSyndicateProject

I love syndicate he's a very positive nice guy to meet he's a very social person thanks

He is one of the best YouTubers out there. Better than pewdiepie that's for sure

V 2 Comments
269 CookieSwirlC

She sucks and she has the fake voice and I don't thing she deserves 1 million subs!

Why is this loser on here? CookieSwirlC sucks!

All she does most of the time is open boxes of toys so I don't like her

She's 19, and all she does is open and play with toys... What has this world come to?

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270 Sqaishey Quack

Squishy is an amazing person who deserves to be number one because she is kind to everyone and never asks for you to like comment or subscribe.

She is really nice and funny and does not show her face a lot in videos she should be number 1 because she is friendly.

V 3 Comments
271 Gamexplain
272 TheBajanCanadian

Why is Mitch so underrated on this list :c

One of the best YouTuber I have ever saw

You are my 2nd favorite YouTuber

Love him

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273 Troye Sivan Troye Sivan Troye Sivan Mellet, better known as Troye Sivan, is a South African-born Australian singer, songwriter, actor and YouTuber.

Troye deserves to be higher up. He's so funny and talented! Every single video he uploads makes me smile

Troye is so talented and such a good singer! He's really funny and sweet and adorable and good to his fans... I love him!

He is bae I love him so much

He deserves to be number 1 and his music is so good but Blue Neighbourhood on iTunes! Watch Youth Video on YouTube!

V 4 Comments
274 StephenVlog V 1 Comment
275 The Game Theorists The Game Theorists

They are awesome. Yes there are multiple people under this. So under rated if its at 180.

276 Grav3yardgirl

How wasn't she here before? She's hosting the Nyx Face Awards too and I'm so proud! She truly loves the Swamp Family!

She is amazing and that's why I am a part of the swamp famally

This woman is one of the best YouTubers ever

I LOVE HER! - Catacorn

277 communitychannel

Nat is a hillarious and relatable lady - not to mention she's Australian (Aussie pride! ) Her videos, although not always regular, spark up my day. She doesn't just post videos that she thinks will be popular, she makes videos talking about her day to day life and experiences. She's truly hillarious and I would highly reccomend checking her channel out. Happy 10 years, Nat!

278 Mr. Crainer

You're the best

279 はじめしゃちょー(hajime)
280 romanatwoodvlogs

Roman is just the person you want as a friend he always says I'm just thankful and he calls his subscribers roman soldiers he has gone through a lot and his still gives us a smile and his company is called smile more

I can't believe this channel isn't in the top ten! I can't believe I found this and the other channel by searching! Absurd.

Roman is the best you tuber and has more subs than Bart baker he should be at the top!

I like his vlogs allot and I can't wait for the baby girl

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