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21 SuperMarioLogan

I found SuperMarioLogan when he was at a 100,000 subs and I was with him every step of the way. Honestly logan deserves more than just a million subscribers!

Brilliant. If you watch his older videos with Mama Luigi, it is incredible. I CRIED in a plush series!

This guy is someone you should subscribe to - EpicJake

Sml is my favorite youtube channel

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22 Roosterteeth

I love their videos and and all of them rock

Best YouTubers ever watching sense 5

These guys are awesome

I love rent

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23 CinemaSins

I'd put a sin for it being 36

CinemaSins if awesome! Why it this not in the top 20 section?

They have good every things wrong

One of the funniest channels on youtube. I watch this and Bad Lip Reading a lot.

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24 Cryaotic

I've watched Cry for many years by now, and I can confidently say (well, as confident as you can get without actually knowing a guy) that he's completely genuine. As another commenter mentioned, Youtube tends to be filled with people that have loud, big, exuberant personalities. At times, all that screaming and amplified reactions can exhaust a viewer. Of course I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that; I'm just saying that it can be a refreshing break to watch someone with a chill personality for once. The other people writing here seem to have already nailed him down pretty well. In summary, Cry is a chill, humble, genuine, helpful, caring person. That's the very reason why I adore him. It doesn't feel like he puts on a fake persona to appease his fans. He seems like an actual person.

The unique thing about Cry is that, while he respects his viewers, he really only plays games that he thinks he will enjoy. Because of this, he is less jaded than other YouTubers who tend to play what they think their audience wants to see, and it makes for overall a more sincere experience with no fake reactions. He has charming commentary, but allows viewers to experience the game with him rather than just watch him react.

Cry has an awesome voice and manages to keep a stable upload schedule. He's funny and most of all, he doesn't scream annoyingly like a few gamers on YouTube.

The chillest youtuber, not an obnoxious loud mouth like farfromsubtle's Fraser.Just...chill...real chill... - DapperPickle

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25 GradeAUnderA

How on Earth is this number 285?! He makes excellent points on everything he does and his jokes are absolute gold!

This is a guy who actually really deeply cares for the state of YouTube and unlike many who lets what's wrong with it stay he actually wants those problems to be fixed

He has great points to make and always has clever things to say.

He is a egotistical a-hole who has barely any backing for his arguments and can't take an opinion against him without picking out the obvious vulnerable spots of the person who 'assaulted' him.

Just see QuintonReviews, he destroys him. - DapperPickle

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26 WatchMojo WatchMojo

They had a Top 10 Modern Cartoons (about 2010-present). They had Teen Titans Go as an honorable mention, and Steven Universe wasn't even on the list, not even an honorable mention. They actually think that Teen Titans Go is better than Steven Universe, I can't trust them anymore.

Not sure how I feel. They put gravity falls on Top 10 Hated Disney Animated Shows AND Top 10 Cartoon Shows of the 2010s. - dipperpinesfangirl618

Irrelevant top 10's, too many anime top 10's, they even make lists on very small things in video games, movies, etc.

Yes best youtube ever!

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27 Cinemassacre

Why so low? I'd rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in my ear than see him all the way at 39.

Nostaligia Critic, Jontron, and Angry video Game Nerd. Should be 1 2 and 3. They actually Write quality material and have a show. Most others on this list are utter trash. Smosh, Pewdiepie.. It shows you 12 year olds run the internet, just like the music industry

James and Mike's channel is what got me in to YouTube and a pioneer in the gaming section of YouTube.

Same Said for SuperMarioLogan for 4 because like Cinemassacre, Channel Awesome, and Normal Boots SML has their own shows too.

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28 Game Theory

Definitely my choice for best YouTuber, as he creates YouTube-centric content (not just the YouTube-based stuff, but the topics he talks about and the way he talks about them is very distinctly YouTube), and what he creates is very well-done. Yeah, some theories are not 100% provable, but Game Theory has never sincerely implied or said that the theories are without holes. He's gone into detail on saying that some of them are more holey than the others, and he's not totally confident in them, but he and his team put TONS of research hours into them. How easy do you think it is to know every aspect of every lore of all or the theories? And, yeah, he has made a few screw-ups, which he's admitted to, but it does seem most detractors are eager to dismiss any explanation. He councils smaller YouTubers on improving and growing their channels. Game Theory is, truly, the best YouTuber.

I absolutely love game theory! Ever since I got back into playing tons of Mario games and other games made by Nintendo, this guy has just been absolutely making my day each and every time I watch him! A lot of people say that he ruins the Mario world, you have to remember that he just likes to stretch the concepts and that makes his videos even more interesting! And most of all to all those haters of Game Theory, you have to remember that his Youtube channel literally says "THEORY" so that's all I have to say.

He doesn't ruin Mario his fans does they don't know what a Theory even is! - Aguythatpeopleignores

Game theory is definitely my favorite channel I've been with game theory for years now before there first hundred thousand there amazing

He's a retard

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29 Tomska

I also like trains

Come on, do you NOT like trains?

How is he not in the top 10?

ASDF movie, musical suicide. yes - sonicrosebeam

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30 JennaMarbles

She's super funny, pretty, has dogs with their own personality and seems like a cool girl to hang out with. Whats not to love

One of the only YouTube's I'm able to watch nowadays. She's sweet, funny, and keeps it real. I appreciate the effort she puts into her videos, and how enjoyable her content is.

Most entertaining girl by just being simple and herself. Such a character..

She's the best because her videos are enjoyable and she's always herself! I love my Marble!

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31 VanossGaming

Doo doo doo doo Banana Bus!

I like watching him play Grand Theft Auto 5 with Wildcat, Delirious, Lui and others.

Honestly he's better than pewdiepie

I swear.. This Guy needs to be higher on the list.. He is really hilarious and I personally believe anyone can find a little humor in his videos. Hell even his new content is amazing!

Vanoss and the gang along with Markiplier are top two material

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32 Good Mythical Morning

I love good mythical morning! Surprised to see it this high, the show has been getting much more popular during the year so I have high hopes this might be a couple spots higher later. Rhett and link are great.

Good Mythical Morning will always be one of my favorite channels. Rhett and Link have such creative minds that inspire and enlighten many people on the other side of the screen. I admire them for always putting a smile on my face and always being supportive. They show us Mythical Beasts that with your best friend, anything is possible and you can go anywhere. This top ten list foesnt matter to me because I know that no matter what, Rhett and Link will always be in my top 3. Thank you Rhett and Link for always helping me to be my mythical best and for making me laugh everyday.

Rhett and Link are awesome and their music videos, commercials, and daily talk show are so hilarious and addictive to watch.

Carolina Reaper - PeeledBanana

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33 Rhett and Link

Yes, yes YES! They actually take time to make their videos both look good while being hilarious at the same time which is becoming a rare quality on YouTube. They may not post regularly but in my opinion that's a lot better than making horrible, unoriginal videos that have enough jump-cuts to give you a migraine. They put quality before quantity and that's just one of the things I love about them!

These guys should be MUCH higher! There is no profanity in their videos except for ear biscuits, they are funny and their videos are very good quality. Sorry Pewdiepie, but these guys are so much better. Their videos are appropriate for all ages.

They should be way higher on this list. They're so much better than Pewdiepie. Not to mention annoying orange which should be last on this list.


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34 Ray William Johnson Ray William Johnson Ray William Johnson is an American actor, comedian, producer, director, writer and rapper, who is perhaps best known for his YouTube channel, Ray William Johnson, and his web series on that channel, Equals Three.

I don't know who this is

How is RWJ so low? He's the most entertaining YouTube, like ever. He's created an =3 family & jokes that only the family can understand. He's hilarious, I can never get tired of him

He was the last "real" YouTuber until gaming took over. He's the funniest person I've ever seen on YouTube. I still go and watch his old videos because they are so funny. Definitely the best YouTuber ever.


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35 PopularMMOs

A very underrated youtuber he puts effort and feeling in his videos and isn't a self conscious maniac like Pewdiepie he cares about his followers he's not in for the money he's in to inspire young people and believes in helping out he's not just another repulsive guy who says subscribe to me screw you all he does his best to stay cheerful and help out many people and should be number 1 wake up from you coma he is amazing and so is Jen the both try their best for us so shout out and VOTE FOR HIM

Just best YouTubers ever go check out their channels amazing

He is a fun and a good person and he does his video to inspire us and make our day fun that was worth it that he got 10 million because he is my best and making me smile not like others saying bad words to young people and also there to have money and he also plays with jen so it will be more fun

Best youtubera Ever Watch his Videos everyday PewDiePie Care only about himself
And pat and Jen care about their fans and followers

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36 ConnorFranta

I've been watching him since 2013 and that guy is just a bubbly, beautiful ball of life. He's super creative and his videos are just great. His passion for photography is well-integrated into his Tumblr and Instagram feeds. He's also one of the sweetest guys out there, he has a great balance humor and serious topics and he's done campaigns to help better the world. All in all, one of the best YouTubers out there.

Connor is so adorable! He's also one of the most inspiring YouTubers I've ever watched- even my Nana thinks so. He tries his best to help with all he can and just make his subscribers happy... I love Connor so much!

Connor is just the best coffee and cat addict I know, he is always so caring and millions of people live him as much as I do (but not more) and he is always busy doing good for our generation! Oh and he's bae too

My favorite so far

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37 Chuggaaconroy Chuggaaconroy

It is pathetic that Chuggaaconroy, the guy who practically defined Let's Playing, is at the 135th place. That's kind of sad.

Chuggaaconroy is one of the best YouTubers, he makes informed let's plays and has a great personality, he should at least be in the top 25.

This is the man who got me to watch YouTube, this can do way better than, already beat the grumps and is catching up to Sean.

Should be No. 1. - TheYoshiPyro64

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38 KSI

I think ski is amazing and I would love it if he could help me start up my own YouTube account. From Dale

He needs to be in the top 3 with his brother in top 5

This guy is definitely number 1 in my opinion

Best most funniest youtuber,deserves to be first

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39 boogie2988

Quality content.

Francis skits. - PeeledBanana

Definitely the most hilarious YouTuber!

Awesome and sweet guy deserves to be in at least the top 5. Too bad all thesety YouTube gamers like pewdiepie are overrated

40 SmoshGames

I like the Honest Game Trailers, but they stopped doing everything else I used to like on their channel, such as Why We're Single and their top 5 lists. - Yoshilord

Again Look At 2nd

Honest game trailers are good there gaming is good I think they should be higher that 32!

I love them

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