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441 Jev

He is funny amazing person I always try to get his attention but he never listens to me how much I care for him you know well I LOVE YOU JEV

so beast

442 Brandon Rogers

He is so funny he will get more popular he has just hit his million subscribers he's amazing

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443 BB Ki Vines BB Ki Vines

He should be number 1 he is the best

He is funny,relatable,wonderful.

Isn't he a bit hypocritical? Like going all - out vulgar (I'm looking at you, Fuddi) in his videos (sorry, Vines) while being the best human being in the whole world in real life. Like he's Justin Bieber upside down. Still man, there's room for improvement.

Most Favourite Series - Angry Masterji
Most Favourite Episode - Part 3 and 8 - PhenomentalOne

444 Coop772

Best Nerf YouTuber in my opinion

Tactics bro

445 Shoe0nHead Shoe0nHead

Who else loves her?! Debunking SJWs on YouTube is my dream job. - Evieevie

Very good. - Lucretia

446 Technical Guruji
447 Jim Chapman

Jim is so sweet, he deserves to be higher up

448 TheJWittz

The JWittz isn't annoying, doesn't say curse words and makes great top 10 videos, such as the top 10 best Zelda games, top 10 worst Mario Kart items, the top 10 best Mario Kart items, and so on. He doesn't rant and supports every subscriber that suscribes to his channel. He does a good job making videos and is aimed to young kids. I hope he makes more new videos in the future!

Hey guys another Pokemon video from thejwittz we've all seen it and we all know how good he is

449 Romanatwood

How didn't I find this on the list at all he is definitely the best

Are you kidding me! Not number one

He has changed so many peoples life's and does deserve a spot in the top ten

Roman Atwood is my favorite YouTube ever! And I can't believe I had to search for him and find him in this spot! He deserves a spot in the top 5 at least

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450 Theradbrad

Why is this here if there's someone like PewDiePie...

Best of the best

If ya are seeking for a genuine gaming channel,he is the best out there is


451 Typical Gamer

You play Grand Theft Auto 5 you got a Hike the gamer

You're the best

He makes short and short videos

Makes great videos an has great playlists don't stop Tg

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452 ElRubiusOMG V 1 Comment
453 Joe Santagato V 2 Comments
454 The Skylander Boy and Girl

Best YouTubers on earth

They are the best and funny they just got skylanders imaginators


455 Slogoman

I accidentally clicked on one of his videos. Probably the best "mis-click" I have ever done.

I was the same with you I accidently clicked on one of his videos and I enjoyed I now do that now he should be #1 YouTuber!

He is literally the best YouTube ever and makes great videooses

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456 Bigyoshifan

His videos are funny he should work with Supermariologan

British version of SuperMarioLogan

457 Balloonshop

Classic comedy sketch channel. Their videos never get old - smirkss

458 jeffreestar
459 comedyboss101

They are like, The FUNNIEST GUYS EVER! I just love to go and see a new video every few days.


Bung the Booce, one of the famous quotes by M3RKMUS1C. He is very funny.


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