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481 Rebeltaxi

One of the most consistent and honest people on this site. I chose him over other equally good folk such as SomeCallMeJohnny, RegularCarReviews, Lazy Game Reviews, Jacksfilms, or AlternateHistoryHub because he has less subscribers than any of those other people.

Original, funny, & good reviewer.
What can you ask more?

482 Fun2draw

Best person to learn to draw from!

483 Vailskibum94

Although half of the theories were incorrect, the other half were correct and I respect him. - AnonymousChick

He makes awesome gravity galls videos - Gh_player

A great man. Love him. - growlbunny

He has good videos. He inspired
Me to make a YouTube channel

484 Jerma985

Most contagious laugh I've ever heard, never can keep a straight face during his commentaries.

When are you gonna come out with that new Rumble Jerma? Please make the return of Grampa.

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485 NateWantsToBattle

This guy does A LOT of English. Dubs for anime openings, he's weird and so funny to watch.. I love all his videos!

618! What! Nate is a great singer and a great musician and he is almost at 1 million subs! How is he so low!

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486 Kid Behind a Camera



487 Maybaby V 1 Comment
488 Bereghost V 4 Comments
489 Lukeisnotsexy
490 DOSEofFOUSEY V 1 Comment
491 Mylifeaseva

I love "How To Survive High School". - Catacorn

Hilarious fun and crazy videos

492 Laurdiy

Laura brings lots of life and love into the world. Also her DIY's do help in every day life. They also help to make things cute.


She is so loving and caring, her diy's are so creative and helpfull. Please watch her videos!

I love laurdiy.She makes the best diys ever especially her snacks it's so creating I just want to eat them.Please and watch her she's a genius

493 EmperorTigerstar

Makes the best YouTube war animations and has many followers unlike most others this far low. This needs to be in at least top 50

494 Lindsey Stirling Lindsey Stirling

Wow! Her violin skills are awesome

She plays the violin AND dances! Half the people in the top ten do a cover with Lindsey.

She's incredibly passionate and you can totally see that. She's so good it's unreal.

I love Lindsey! She is incredible!

No one else can play the violin, while dancing to her own dubstep music. Did I mention she also does backup vocals in most of her tracks, and sometimes edits her own videos? She does all that while staying down to earth. She is one of my favourite artists for these reasons. KSLL.

495 Ownage Pranks V 1 Comment
496 AnimeBroMii

This guy is great

Awsesome guy he should be more than 855

497 Sam and Colby

They are amazing they need to have way more subs than they have.

I love you guys so so so much and WHY hasn't anyone commented? You should be in the 50s down, but I know your not that popular yet. Colby, your so hot, and Sam, keep smiling.

498 Coryxkenshin

Slice that like button like he says

. I love his videos.

Best YouTube


I ARE TECH hit 276 on this list? Wow, you guys must really like him.

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500 LachlanPlayz

How is he 488. He is by far better than pewdiepie, and is my favorite youtuber

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