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481 Rebeltaxi

One of the most consistent and honest people on this site. I chose him over other equally good folk such as SomeCallMeJohnny, RegularCarReviews, Lazy Game Reviews, Jacksfilms, or AlternateHistoryHub because he has less subscribers than any of those other people.

Original, funny, & good reviewer.
What can you ask more?

482 Miniminter

I like your videos with the sidemen. PLEASE DO MORE!

Miniminter is one of the best YouTubers I now

The Sidemen should be ranked 1-7 on this list

Miniminter is the best. what is 486? He is supposed to be first.

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483 Vlogbrothers

Not only is their content both entertaining and informative, they also actively support many other YouTube initiatives and charities.

I mean, John and Hank Green, Enough said. - Internet-User

Vlogbrothers are just the best.

They are the best, they've been on Youtube for 10 years now and have contributed so many great channels and things to the website, DFTBA!

484 Jerma985

Most contagious laugh I've ever heard, never can keep a straight face during his commentaries.

When are you gonna come out with that new Rumble Jerma? Please make the return of Grampa.

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485 Rachel Ballinger V 2 Comments
486 RedLetterMedia

I don't know how they're at 375. My favorite YouTube channel they are easily better than most of the people above. Hilarious, intelligent and unique

487 MattyBRaps

He is so cool and cute

He can't rap or sing

I Think For My Opinion That MattyBRaps Is Such A Cute Adorable Sweet Young Boy Kid He Is A Great Rapper He Can Be The Next Emniem And Matty Has A Great Voice For That Kind Of Boy He Is Cool He Is My Favorite Rapper Singer And Youtuber And I What To Meet MattyBRaps I Love Him

I hate him. - Catacorn

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488 LostNUnbound

This guy needs to be higher. He's funny, makes great videos, and is a risk taker. If you want an athlete and gamer as a YouTuber, put LostNUnbound on your list. - EpicJake

489 AnimeBroMii

This guy is great

Awsesome guy he should be more than 855

490 Idubbbztv

This guy is the best there isn't a bad video. His bad unboxing are hilarious and his new content cop thing is amazing - Hunter1221

491 Funnel Vision

I now they are so people mike lexi chase shawn skylanders mom skylanders dad

I love their videos they are the best they should be second

I love their videos.

Funnel vision is the best
Subscribe if you agree

492 The Unusual Suspect

Hilarious, especially the ones with Spider-Man...

This guy is the best. Go watch his videos now

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493 The Gabbie Show

I love Gabbie she's really funny and she just tells the best stories ever.

494 TheDoubleAgent

Best reviewer in the universe.

495 Drama Alert

Who put Drama Alert on this list!? He sucks! - SamHalls2015

By far the best Youtuber. How can someone hate him?

Clearly the best Youtuber. No questions asked. CancerAlert deserves the top spot. He is the pinnacle of comedy and his racism is unmatched. No one who hasn't made false pedophilic accusations should be on this list.

Killer Cumstar aka Cancer alert is by far the best men to EVER EXIST - HydroTail

496 House_owner V 3 Comments
497 Pentatonix

They're so good at what they do and they are so world wide and different that they can connect in some way to everyone. They are so good at arranging and singing, along with being aware of what's going on with the world and how they should reach out to their audience.


498 Nicole Arbour

She doesn't deserve to be here, she's a hateful snob. - Popsicles

499 Berleezy

I literally die of laughter when I watch his videos. He is so funny!

I love his cartoon roast videos with his long ass head lol. - YouShallEatPoopy

I love berleezy exposes,But what I don't like that he censor a lot like supermariologan and that people keep on saying that his head is big and long, but to me IT'S NOT!

500 Galadon V 1 Comment
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