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41 VenturianTale

Venturiantale is the best there funny and lovable. Some day I want to meet them! Liked all of there videos subscribed I hope they will be on YouTube for a long time

I love this channel I think in my opinion I think it should be higher in ranking their channel is the best

Honestly. How has no one seen these people? Go subscribe, now! Venturian is among the most popular gaming YouTubers. He has corny comedy fit for kids and teens of all ages from 7 to even 25+ years old. He is a good inspiration and a clean channel. Can't believe this isn't on the list. - iiKyodaiKickz

Where’s Jake and Logan Paul?

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42 Filthy Frank

Edginess pushed to the absolute limit. This channel is only for those who love ridiculous characters, absurd situations, edgy topics, and even edgier delivery. Basically, it's hilarious, but watch at the risk of your own sanity.

MMM FILTHY FRANK IS THE BEST HE SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 10 he so weird but that's what I love about him, he's just so awesome and makes me laugh when I'm upset or angry! He's JUST THE BEST along with pewdiepie

But filthy frank is totally one of the best YouTubers- HE NEEDS TO BE HIGHER

Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Smosh, all those channels are garbage.

This is entertainment.

Best youtuber, hands down. Needs to be number one.

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43 theodd1sout

There's just so much people that don't know about this guy or animation at all and that needs to be different. He's growing really fast and that's how it should be (I discovered him a few months ago) because he's the type of YouTuber that once you find him you watch all of his videos multiple times and want new content immediately (like Nigahiga). Very entertaining (like Nigahiga), only thing that's kind of stupid is the time he needs to make a video (LIKE NIGAHIGA) so I give him a 9/10 (12/10 for effort though, LIKE NIGAHIGA)

Completely hilarious! Never watched anyone else this funny!

I've seen all of his videos I have not seen one that I did not enjoy

*anyone not alone I made a typo - Lunala

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44 VanossGaming

Doo doo doo doo Banana Bus!

I like watching him play Grand Theft Auto 5 with Wildcat, Delirious, Lui and others.

Honestly he's better than pewdiepie

I swear.. This Guy needs to be higher on the list.. He is really hilarious and I personally believe anyone can find a little humor in his videos. Hell even his new content is amazing!

He makes the most hilarious gaming videos ever.

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45 Danger Dolan

Umm, excuse me, but you must revise this. Change it from #28, Danger Dolan, to #4, Planet Dolan. Or SPD.

One of the best YouTubers I know..

The number one best channel next to college humor and nigahiga

He does the best videos for top 10s please vote

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46 AtomicMari

AtomicMari, along with the whole Smosh Games crew, is one of my favourites. She's quirky and never fails to put a smile on my face.

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47 Annoying Orange

The annoying orange was good back in the beginning, but the it just got stupid and repetitive as it went on.

Yeah I agree he's gotten stupid after a while

The Annoying Orange is the best thing I have ever watched no youtube, because of him I have had wet dreams about oranges, and whenever I watch his videos now I get tingly feelings in my private areas.

The best

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48 Ten Second Songs

Anthony Vincent is one of the best musictubers, along with Rob Scallon and 331erock. - cjWriter1997

49 TheMysteriousMrEnter

I like him because he doesn't care too much about being funny, like Nostalgia Critic (I still like Nostalgia Critic, but his jokes sometimes take too much time out of the review). Plus, he is very sophisticated (which is definitely saying something, because he's a brony) and it's clear that he put a lot of thought into his videos.

He's terrible. He thinks trolls and cyberbullies are the same thing, and blocks people who think otherwise. Not to mention he complains about every little thing for like ten minutes!

I know he gets a lot of hate, for being a brony, but that doesn't bother me too much. His rviews are very honest, and he points out why things fail, unlike Nostalgia Critic, who just points out that things fail

He's the best YouTuber ever

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50 Lasercorn

Lasercorn is simply hilarious, he's great. Never fails to make me laugh! ~

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51 iDubbbzTV

WHAT? 114? IdubbbzTV is funny and is very diverse in his content, and has 3 MILLION subscribers! He wouldn't have 3MIL if he were a bad person! He deserves to be at least in the top 20s

Great at roasting, some of the best comedy I've ever seen, and I wish he'd upload more often. - Disasterpiece

Idubbbz is God

He takes out the garbage for youtube

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52 DanDTM

He is the best

What my lil bro loves this guy he rants on about him so much he should be so much higher

He is the best

Dan tdm is The diament minecraft

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53 SMG4

This guy is awesome. he makes the best super Mario 64 bloopers ever! If you have never watched his videos you need to. - ShatteredCrystal

One of the only YouTubers today that can still make me laugh my head off. - CatsOMG

His videos just makes me fall to tears by how funny he makes his videos - ParkerFang

I love all the characters even bob

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54 Swoozie

I can't really believe that he's this far down but he's a good stick figure artist.

All the way down here he makes a life of youtube

Oh man, he is great. He can draw better than me!

The greatest on the tube except Rhett and Link. I wish I had him for a wing man. You don't even K-no.

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55 PhantomStrider

Only number 758!? This should be number one! PEWDS SHOULD BE NUMBER 758. this is madness.

He rocks I can't wait for what he'll do in the future

I have so much respect for this guy. I have seen every top ten video he has posted (so far).

I love this channel. Funny and his “video brinquedeto” impressions are funny. - Lunala

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56 Buzz Feed

Racist, sexist, and they say the most stupid things, like the 36 questions women have for men! - pokemonrater

You guys are retarded

I do there quizzes online but haven't watched any videos but there good for quizzes when your bored or can't sleep

Buzz Feed is awesome losers it should be #1

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57 ScreenJunkies

The honest trailer are so hilarious the movie fights are so interesting and don't get me started about screen junkies plus. Wow I just got a notification about there new movie fight Austin powers 4!

Their honest trailers are hilarious! And their interviews with other filmmakers and screenwriters are pretty interesting to.

They do honest trailers with smosh

I love this channel.

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58 DashieGames DashieGames

This is the best YouTuber to ever grace the earth. Hilarious.

Yo whats up it's yo boy darrell

Really deserves a better spot... at least top 10

He needs to be higher

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59 Snowreacts V 1 Comment
60 Game Grumps

This guys are so funny. And Arin's rages. The Pachinko machine. Battle Kid. these moments are priceless. - Haqulea

These guys...THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME! They are super funny! Whether it be Arin and Jon or Arin and Danny, I'll always be watching the adventures of the grump and the not so grump.

My favorite channel to watch

Avi stories are awesome - EliHbk

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