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641 4kidsgaming
642 RobertIDK

Sweetest person ever and he's really funny and makes good quality videos!

He makes great parodies and seems like. Great person

I have to say he's one of my favorites - HydroTail

643 progaming31

Really recommend his videos. Search him up. NOW. P.S. I was in two of his videos, "Mining" and "Diamonds" (yes, he's a minetuber)! I usually hate 10 year old YouTubers, but he's an exception. He's one of my best friends - his friend, Combo07

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644 Noodlerella
645 Alex Wassabi

He is great at making Vlogs best ideas for his channel and he is my favorite youtuber

646 ShoddyCast
647 WheezyWaiter

A classic, best inside jokes, winner of a super note and a YouTuber from almost the beginning.

648 kwingsletsplays

He is one of my favorite youtubers and he is also fun to watch

649 Loudwire
650 Sabresfan20148

He is really good! I love the humor in his videos!

651 Gamer Chad

He's funny and awesome

652 Austin Evans
653 Dillon the Hacker

I can't believe people take him serious. He's just being sarcastic.

Great Youtuber, and helps brighten up the Youtube community with his amazing videos! Probably one of the most unbiased and positive Youtubers. He definitely should be #1 on this list, with his awesome friend malcolm 1466 as #2.

This guy is the winner of the biggest loser award

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654 Logic

Dope and honest guy who's a rapper. He just started his gaming channel recently so he counts as a YouTuber. - Forhad_765

655 AbdallahSmash026

He is the only youtuber that I found funny, and he is so friendly, seriously, and he has cats!

656 TheSw1tcher

They are the best YouTubers. End of story - bobbythebrony

657 SolitareJoker

The only good Goanimate user out there. The rest just suck and tie for the worst youtube channel ever. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

Another "good" user that makes cringy grounded videos. He one time called Caillou the N word.

658 Steven Suptic

Pretty good

659 VenomousSoup14

This guy is a GoAnimator. But he does make good ones. He is also a very nice guy. He is also one of the only YouTubers who does shoutouts. - DoroExploro13

660 Jessii Vee
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