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641 Twinkieman V 1 Comment
642 Max Baer

Max Baer, possibly one of the best Terrible Channels creators I have ever came across, but also one of the most hated, due to him making Terrible Channels out of the two most pampered "animators" out there: DietStab and RaeBae. First of all, it's his opinion, but RaeBae and DietStab's fans are too ignorant to understand that. They will start getting butthurt and salty because Max just criticized their favorite YouTubers. Besides DietStab and Rae's fans being idiots, Max Baer is pretty good at making these "Crappy Channels". He makes enjoyable videos, and for any of you people who are fans of the channels Max Baer criticized, BAER in mind, it's an opinion.

643 V 1 Comment
644 KPopp
645 BasicallyIdoWrk V 1 Comment
646 Cyprien
647 TheAn1meMan
648 Luna

I think Luna is by far the best YouTuber. He talks about messed up stuff he's done in his life, but he doesn't brag about it. He knows he messed up. He's also pretty good at BO2.

649 Emerey R V 1 Comment
650 SmurfVlogs

Such a great guy with an amazing sense of humor- never holds back with his opinions. Lucaya!

V 1 Comment
651 Brock Baker
652 Mikey Bolts

This guy does do his impressions in awesome way's

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653 4kidsgaming
654 RobertIDK

Sweetest person ever and he's really funny and makes good quality videos!

He makes great parodies and seems like. Great person

I have to say he's one of my favorites - HydroTail

655 progaming31

Really recommend his videos. Search him up. NOW. P.S. I was in two of his videos, "Mining" and "Diamonds" (yes, he's a minetuber)! I usually hate 10 year old YouTubers, but he's an exception. He's one of my best friends - his friend, Combo07

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656 Noodlerella
657 Alex Wassabi

He is great at making Vlogs best ideas for his channel and he is my favorite youtuber

658 ShoddyCast
659 WheezyWaiter

A classic, best inside jokes, winner of a super note and a YouTuber from almost the beginning.

660 kwingsletsplays

He is one of my favorite youtubers and he is also fun to watch

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