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781 Supereeego

This dude is funny when ever I watch his videos I am laughing so hard I can't breath

782 Superwoman

She's hilarious and also a motivational speaker

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783 Twiz Gaming
784 Fungbros Comedy
785 Protomario
786 Quirkology
787 Ant Tommy

I like his Lego videos. He plays video games.

788 Tummy Time
789 TheFuriousGamer
790 The Tyshawn Zone
791 Thejwitz
792 MrWeenieProductions

I really like his reviews on Power Rangers, he does a good job expressing his opinion on the franchise and certain episodes. - SailorSedna

793 Spodermen V 1 Comment
794 Hitlerspimp
795 ElBananero
796 TheMrSark

Mr. Sark has a unique personality which is good. He's always energetic and funny which probably comes from being on X-Play and being the host of Machinima Respawn. Known for his sarcasm and his wacky personality, this YouTuber should definitely have more subscribers than he has now. Taking his personality and mixing it with his amazing editing skills and the great work put into his videos he's a unique and entertaining YouTuber.

797 AwesomeAlanna
798 Marasy8
799 Millennium Force

He has his own train

800 4EverLalaloopsy

She has good videos for kids

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