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781 Phreakindee
782 Mullinmen
783 The8Bittheater
784 MrWeebl
785 Joe Weller

Who even watches him? He will not fit into the YouTube community

V 3 Comments
786 Helen Melonlady
787 Adam Kacsoh
788 AllAboutMeep
789 O2L (Our Second Life)

Ricky, Connor, JC, Trevor, Sam and Kian are my favourite YouTubers. All of their personalities come together so well, thus making an amazing channel.

790 Kingsley

The king of sass.

791 Kian Lawely V 1 Comment
792 PistolShrimps
793 Otis Jiry
794 Bethany Most

Last on the list?

795 Classic AJ
796 Luke Korns
797 Vic Dibitetto

For those of you who are really sick and tired of Justin Bieber's acts and how america is right now, go watch his three rants on Bieber where he talks about both of those things. They're definitely worth checking out. Trust me.

He's really funny and really smart. He's definitely worth checking out!

798 jACKSEPICTEYE V 1 Comment
799 Rpgminx
800 Dukethakilla
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