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781 Minecraftuniverse
782 Animeme
783 JWittz
784 PrimetimePokemon
785 TamashiiHiroka
786 SkulShurtugal
787 NBA
788 Onision

One of the best, if not the best, YouTuber out there. He isn't afraid to talk about and poke fun of subjects that most people won't touch upon. He says things that need to be said even if people don't want to hear them because they get offended too easily. He actually makes a difference and could bring a little intellect into the world as oppose to the other YouTubers that make videos of them doing idiotic things just to get views

Only ignorant people can't like Onision because they get the intellectual humor. People are idiots and I think Greg deserves more recognition. - qwerts

No no no no. Really, guys, number 884? He is amazing, and speaks the honest truth whether you like it or not.

He can be one sided in his arguments ( vegetables boi videos) but I admire his honesty with it comes to woman's bodies and he sudnt the be shamed for that - HydroTail

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789 GayGod V 1 Comment
790 VitalyzdTv
791 ZexyZek

I used to go on a server she goes on! Name is SuperFlatBuild and my mcpe name is FireCreeper

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792 Phreakindee
793 Mullinmen
794 The8Bittheater
795 MrWeebl
796 Joe Weller

Who even watches him? He will not fit into the YouTube community

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797 Helen Melonlady
798 Adam Kacsoh
799 AllAboutMeep
800 O2L (Our Second Life)

Ricky, Connor, JC, Trevor, Sam and Kian are my favourite YouTubers. All of their personalities come together so well, thus making an amazing channel.

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