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81 Caddicarus Caddicarus Caddicarus (James Caddick) is a British YouTuber who started YouTubing around May of 2012. He makes reviews on Sundays, with the Caddicarus show, and he makes random videos on Wednesdays with the Caddy show.

Very original game reviewer, unlike most people who copy jontron/pbg/avgn, he has his own style.

82 MirandaSings

All of the people that hate her can't take a joke. I can't stand it when she makes a video of her singing and people put : SO BAD DISLIKE. I mean, It's A JOKE. She's super funny!

What the even heck? She should be like number 1 cause she's the queen.

Miranda is LIFE! I watch her videos all the time! Why isn't she higher?!?!

Oh sweet jesus this is one of the worst. - DapperPickle

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83 TobyGames

He is the funniest and he is better than all the others because their not funny and say bad words a lot I do not know why you guys like the bad words a lot

This is the exact same account that tobuscus has and yet it is here.

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84 Joey Graceffa

Okay one person below is being homophobic please leave this is not the place for you. The internet should be a place of happiness and I absolutely love Joey and I'm very proud!

Joey gets a lot of crap in his life and that is awful, because he is amazing! Anyone who says he isn't "natural" or whatever needs mind their own business. Joey is funny, cute, and is just amazing!

I love Joey Graceffa I'm listening to his song. Whenever I'm sad I always watch Joey and I get happier he is my favorite person ever

I like watching joey's videos because he is amazing I also like watching his gaming video and, he is very funny

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85 tyleroakleyā€ˇ

How come tyler is so low on the list? He is obviously the queen of youtube! He is one of the most inspiring youtubers right now, and he does so many good things for the world too!

Tyler Oakley is QUEEN! He needs to slay his way to #1 because he is fab.

Why is her number 29? Tyler I number 1! I am here because he is here! Tyler Oakley is number one. - dARTHvADERGirl7

I think you messed up. It says 68. It should say 1. #slay

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86 Matthias

He is funniest channel. Confirmed fact.

Why isn't he number 1

He has to be #1. Pewdiepie sucks - THEEPICDUDE990

Matthias you are awesome you should be first and teamedge should be Second

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87 Jim Sterling

I CAN'T FINDE Lizza or Awsamalan!

88 LittleKuriboh
89 PhantomStrider

Only number 758!? This should be number one! PEWDS SHOULD BE NUMBER 758. this is madness.

He rocks I can't wait for what he'll do in the future

I have so much respect for this guy. I have seen every top ten video he has posted (so far).

His voice was literally made for the types of videos he does - PeeledBanana

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90 MessYourself

I like funny moments it's the best of Grand Theft Auto 5

He's adorable, just look at the sexy face

I vote Messyourself and Gloomgames! voted Messyourself Because He's himself, Lovely, Kind, And Epic. He's so underrated a bit to. I love that has trying hard and Put effort in his videos and yeah :3 P.s Love his cats

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91 Dr. Wolfula


92 GassyMexican V 1 Comment
93 AmandasChronicles

I love Amanda, why is she so low? She deserves definitely to be higher than TheMysteriousMrEnter.

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94 PMRants

Wow, not a lot of subscribers and higher then YouTubers with five times subscribers. Way to got, PMRants

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95 Eddsworld

Why is this so low? Their animations are really good and funny!

I love it it's the best

Why is this YouTuber low? Edd's animations are way better than anything Shane Dawson ever did. Edd Gould is the funniest animator on YouTube. R.I.P. Edd (1988-2012) We miss you. - ThePwoperMuser101

96 HISHE (How It Should Have Ended)

Brilliant idea. You often wonder why certain characters don't do something that would have been simpler and this series explores those possibilities. Truly hilarious. Can't go wrong with it.

These guys are the best they don't have to curse to make a funny video they should be in about 80 place not like 296!

They are so FUNNY! I mean, I love pewdiepie, Markiplier and jacksepticeye, but when I think about a bad movie, and they make an ending for it, they do a real FUNNY job! Like how the force awakens should have ended

97 Speedyw03

Very entertaining and funny

98 MrBeast

He's alright but not as good as giant asian sticker - Lollipopz

He is the best! His videos are so funny and I have to admit that he is kind of cute to me.

Most underrated


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99 seananners

He is, has, and always be my favorite YouTuber. I love his giggle, it makes me laugh. He isn't fake and is a nice guy in genuine. I love his videos they are filled with entertainment and laughter. He is a way better YouTuber than hw many subs he has which is a lot and all, but he clearly deserves much, much, more for how good he is. There are plenty other factors but I'm not going to go too in deph. #NeverTrustNanners

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100 Frog Leap Studios

I love Leo's covers. He's such a sweet guy too. - cjWriter1997

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