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81 Jim Sterling

I CAN'T FINDE Lizza or Awsamalan!

82 LittleKuriboh
83 Matthias

He is funniest channel. Confirmed fact.

Why isn't he number 1

Best videos

Why is he just 83rd? he should be somewhere in the top ten or twenty. some of his videos are better than the youtubers above him (well at least in my opinion)

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84 Dr. Wolfula


85 GassyMexican V 1 Comment
86 AmandasChronicles

I love Amanda, why is she so low? She deserves definitely to be higher than TheMysteriousMrEnter.

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87 Eddsworld

Why is this so low? Their animations are really good and funny!

I love it it's the best

Why is this YouTuber low? Edd's animations are way better than anything Shane Dawson ever did. Edd Gould is the funniest animator on YouTube. R.I.P. Edd (1988-2012) We miss you. - ThePwoperMuser101

88 DanDTM

He is the best

What my lil bro loves this guy he rants on about him so much he should be so much higher

He is the best

My because and I love him so much we are part of team tdm

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89 Dude Perfect

The dudes should be one not only are they great there child friendly on like some dude perfect work hard and film the most amazing things half of these you tubes all they do is swear I mean seriously it's not fun to listen to people swear if you want to hear people swear go out side tones of people do it so let's leave the best to there job

There cool and everything but tiny at take them forever to make them since it doesn't take one try to do their trick shots they also are horrible at getting excited when they make it because they tried so many times

They are amazing I love how they support who those who are in need like the man a wish video and the Arron Rodgers and Chris Paul video for there charities

This bunch of people are are amazing group of friends who are all talented in all different ways.

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90 HISHE (How It Should Have Ended)

Brilliant idea. You often wonder why certain characters don't do something that would have been simpler and this series explores those possibilities. Truly hilarious. Can't go wrong with it.

These guys are the best they don't have to curse to make a funny video they should be in about 80 place not like 296!

They are so FUNNY! I mean, I love pewdiepie, Markiplier and jacksepticeye, but when I think about a bad movie, and they make an ending for it, they do a real FUNNY job! Like how the force awakens should have ended

91 JeremyJahns

I love this guy! His humor is very relaxed and he's not too loud and fast paced.

Best critic ever - PeeledBanana

Why is nott in the top 10

Jeremy Jahns is amazing & theFLICKpick is good - Santi12

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92 Speedyw03

Very entertaining and funny

93 seananners

He is, has, and always be my favorite YouTuber. I love his giggle, it makes me laugh. He isn't fake and is a nice guy in genuine. I love his videos they are filled with entertainment and laughter. He is a way better YouTuber than hw many subs he has which is a lot and all, but he clearly deserves much, much, more for how good he is. There are plenty other factors but I'm not going to go too in deph. #NeverTrustNanners

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94 MrBeast

He's alright but not as good as giant asian sticker - Lollipopz

He is the best! His videos are so funny and I have to admit that he is kind of cute to me.

Most underrated


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95 Frog Leap Studios

I love Leo's covers. He's such a sweet guy too. - cjWriter1997

96 TVFilthyFrank

Wow no papa franku fans here



Awesome with idubbz and maxmoefoe and howtobasic

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97 PhantomStrider

He rocks I can't wait for what he'll do in the future

Only number 758!? This should be number one! PEWDS SHOULD BE NUMBER 758. this is madness.

I have so much respect for this guy. I have seen every top ten video he has posted (so far).

Not my favorite but in my top 5 - PeeledBanana

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98 H2ODelirious

To the hater who put the comment about the headset not one person cares he makes funny ass videos

How the hell does this man think it's a good idea to make his gaming videos with a broken microphone from the Walmart bargain bin?

Can't watch a video of his without laughing

H20 is amazing he funny I'm love him so muchπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž

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99 Chris Smoove

When yo sags off yo swags off

Look at that noob

Make it splash


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100 ProJared ProJared

Best channel theme ever. I give it a ProJared/10. - cjWriter1997

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