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101 TVFilthyFrank

Wow no papa franku fans here



Awesome with idubbz and maxmoefoe and howtobasic

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102 Vsauce

Better question is why isn't he #1. This man has made my love for knowledge blossom. He teaches children to be curious and love education. He's funny, thoughtful, smart, and is a huge influence for me.

This guy is the second coming of jesus

His videos are so interesting. - PeeledBanana

Hey! Vsauce Michael here. Right now I stand in the 70th spot of the list of best youtuber lists...but what is a best youtuber?

*15 minutes later*
The world will end.

Gotta love Vsauce and his power to start existential crisis's. - cjWriter1997

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103 ChadTronic

Chad is seriously the most entertaining guy on the internet

I love his videos. He should be above PewDiePie. - olliv

Why is he so low? I laugh every time.

He's good because unlike 98% of reaction channels, he actually adds his own content to it. Chadtronic and H3H3 Productions are the only good reaction channels.

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104 HowToBasic

Creates high quality videos of how to do basic things! Provides affordable and efficient instructions, that are easy to follow, kid friendly, and just awesome! He should be in the top 5 for me.

He's funny but I'm a neat freak and all the messes he makes make me really uncomfortable

So funny channel!

Love this maniac! - Humancentrist2999

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105 H2ODelirious

To the hater who put the comment about the headset not one person cares he makes funny ass videos

Can't watch a video of his without laughing

How the hell does this man think it's a good idea to make his gaming videos with a broken microphone from the Walmart bargain bin?

H20 is amazing he funny I'm love him so muchπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž

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106 Logan Paul Logan Paul

Logan is inspiring people to be different and unique!

The best blogger ever #logang4life

Gang gang gang gand

Seriously 452

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107 Chris Smoove

When yo sags off yo swags off

Look at that noob

Make it splash


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108 ProJared ProJared

Best channel theme ever. I give it a ProJared/10. - cjWriter1997

109 Alienmyth64

Somebody say something postitive about him - Himalayansalt

Don't care

110 ChrisStuckmann

Gives Fantastic reviews about his point of view of films and gaming. And get up to date quite often, give reasons and grades!

You can tell how much of a passion he has for movies. Great guy and great reviewer!

He seems like a good person and his reviews are creative and good

On my opinion Chris Stuckmann is the best movie critic

111 jennxpenn

She is just being herself, she is a regular person and I love that about her. In every single video she makes, I'm like "WOW! SHE IS SO GOOD" and she surprises me in a good way every single time. She is also very relatable to me and that's just crazy how much of myself I see in her. I love this girl!

THIS NEEDS TO MAKE ITS WAY UP TO NUMBER 1 because jenn is amazing she is my life I love her so so so much. And I re watch all her videos she is the sweetest most kindest person ever and she does what she loves she's gotten very far and I'm very proud of her she's amazing

Jenn is so funny, cute, and creative when it comes to videos. I love her hair and she is so kind to her fans!

Jenn is very pretty her videos are amazing

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112 Emma Blackery Emma Blackery

She is sexy I love her yes I have a crush on her I said it

She should at least be in the top 50

We have the same music taste

I love her

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113 Rackaracka

This breaks the offensive bar but it's funny

Should be in top 10 great channel amazing

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114 Aphmau

I have no interest in Aphmau at all and I would be considered a hater, but I have to give her credit because she always sneaks her gosh-darn videos in my recommended list :/

Aphmau is amazing and so nice she is really funny and kind

She is nice and makes daily videos!

To me she is the #1 YouTuber and should never stop making videos.

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115 Sausagelover99

Please watch and subscribe to my channel - Sausagelover99

It changed to Sausagelover 99 - Sausagelover99

My name is on here - Sausagelover99

116 SammyClassicSonicFan

This kid is a god at rants

SammyClassicSonicFan is ahead of JonTron,Jacksfilms, and Projared!? *snaps neck*


117 Philip DeFranco

What the hell is he doing this low? One of the very few honest youtubers left and a great place to get up to date on big news stories, mind you he does cover youtube drama maybe a little too much but I trust him more than any main stream media source.

118 SuperGreninja3482
119 Achievement Hunter V 1 Comment
120 Vinesauce

Should definitely be higher. They're a hell of a lot better than PewDiePie and most of the other Let's Players, I'll give them that.

(And yes, that includes the actually GOOD let's players like PeanutButterGamer, DashieGames and Continue? ) - xandermartin98

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