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121 PBGGameplay
122 CGPGrey

Maybe if he screamed more he'd be higher up

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123 Super Minecraft Kid

Super Minecraft Kid is truly the gem of YouTube. Despite what most people say, he has good points. Even when his delivery is sometimes over the top, his cut and dry reasoning really makes you self-reflect.

He's a 12 year old, spoiled, flamboyant brat - Catacorn

Super Minecraft Kid makes the best rants and makes valuable reasoning. If you don't like FNAF or Minecraft, he will change your mind in an instant. He is our new savior, reaping the world of haters. He should be #1 instead of Pewdiepie and his 12 year old fanboys.

I love this channel.
Super minecraft kid is so mature and is able to keep calm in the worst of situations. This channel is truly the hidden saviour of youtube and I thoroughly believe that in the future he will be the most subscribed youtuber. He is a role model for humanity as he is able to calmly present his opinions in amazingly well-edited videos. He also stands up to all the hate on Minecraft and is actually saving he game. I believe that this is the single greatest channel of all time and I hope that after all my reasoning you will agree with all your heart.

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124 JustinBieberVEVO

I don't think that this channel deserves to be here since it's a company and not an actual channel.

Worst channel ever it's not even one single person it's a company

I consider vevo channels as not youtubers. All they do is produce their music video or announcement - Ruthanime0

I mean, he has the most views on youtube. Surely he has to be doing something right.

Such as tricking TheTopTens trolls into voting him on every list.

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125 pcull44444
126 LifeaccordingtoJimmy

Funniest Youtuber. Ever. Hands down. Watch his videos. QUALITY CONTENT. They're really mini movies.

127 freddiew

Oh man. I used to watch him all the time! - dipperpinesfangirl618

He is hilarious his video are great the one with Roman Atwood was a killer

128 Mangakamen
129 theFLICKpick
130 Scumperjumper
131 Gabriel Cocos
132 Sonny Colborne
133 PrankvsPrank (PVP SAAN)

Amazing couple and they still love each other even after all the mean pranks

Brilliant insight to their everyday lives, they work hard to entertain us and never fail to do so.

You know they're meant to be if they stick together after all of this. - dipperpinesfangirl618

It's sad that they broke up, they were good together but Daily Vlogs has ruined their Relationship as they said :(

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134 HolaSoyGerman

He really should be above PewDiePie. Dude has 29M subs and all his videos have more than 1M likes. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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135 ZackScottGames

This guy needs to get off this list, he cheats the YouTube search engine, crowds his videos where they shouldn't be, panders to his audience, and he's not even that good! Stay away from this guy at all cost!

He funny.

He plays angry birds go, minecraft and cut the rope 2 and more!

Something about this guy is amazing.

I have been watching zackscottgames for the past year and he has really in all of his videos been exceptional and is my favorite youtuber.

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136 Marcus Dibble
137 HomelessGoomba
138 MessYourself

I like funny moments it's the best of Grand Theft Auto 5

He's adorable, just look at the sexy face

I vote Messyourself and Gloomgames! voted Messyourself Because He's himself, Lovely, Kind, And Epic. He's so underrated a bit to. I love that has trying hard and Put effort in his videos and yeah :3 P.s Love his cats

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139 SomecallmeJohnny

Such a great channel

140 YourMovieSucksDOTorg

Watch this man's videos if you want to start learning what makes a film good or not and have a good laugh as well.

This guy is so honest I love it.

Uh oh. Adum will not be happy with this. Let's vote him up so he is higher than 155. - cjWriter1997

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