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121 Pink Sheep

Yo yo yo homies! I made it to the list! - AngusMacdonaldMii

The funniest YouTuber I have ever seen

Pinksheep is the best


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122 Ihascupquake

She's a great gamer and puts time into her videos. Funny story too. When I watch her my cat gets excited and runs into my room!

I love I has. Cup quake so much I love that she does HUSBAND VS WIFE I just love all of her videos she puts so much time into them I love her she is so pretty too

I love her challenges they are so funny


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123 OfficialNerdCubed

He may not necessarily be the best, but he is definitely my favourite

Should be #1. No question.

Best you tuber ever

How come so many people are above him?


Procrastinator Brad, you b*stard. - DapperPickle

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124 SuperCarlinBrothers

I love the carlin bros

125 Brave Wilderness

Great channel

126 Steve Terreberry

A funny and talented guitarist, how can I resist watching his videos? This guy is so awesome! - IronMaidenFan666

Any metal head should vote for him!

Should at least be in the top 10. - Skullkid755

127 PBGGameplay
128 Smike

Get this guy off the list NOW! HE IS SO BORING - DCfnaf

We might as well kill every cow ever. We've got all the milk the world will ever need here. - toptenzen

Get your fresh milk here. Strait from Scott Cawthon's farm.

His has some awesome FNAF theories

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129 OneyNG

Amazingly talented and funny man along with his friends at sleepycabin.

130 Super Minecraft Kid

Super Minecraft Kid is truly the gem of YouTube. Despite what most people say, he has good points. Even when his delivery is sometimes over the top, his cut and dry reasoning really makes you self-reflect.

He's a 12 year old, spoiled, flamboyant brat - Catacorn

Super Minecraft Kid makes the best rants and makes valuable reasoning. If you don't like FNAF or Minecraft, he will change your mind in an instant. He is our new savior, reaping the world of haters. He should be #1 instead of Pewdiepie and his 12 year old fanboys.

I love this channel.
Super minecraft kid is so mature and is able to keep calm in the worst of situations. This channel is truly the hidden saviour of youtube and I thoroughly believe that in the future he will be the most subscribed youtuber. He is a role model for humanity as he is able to calmly present his opinions in amazingly well-edited videos. He also stands up to all the hate on Minecraft and is actually saving he game. I believe that this is the single greatest channel of all time and I hope that after all my reasoning you will agree with all your heart.

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131 Jennifer Veal

She was one time good, but then she was what changed the life of who we call Fred.
Fred is no longer the guy we used to adore with his videos with his weird voice.

Ever since Jennifer was with him, his life changed so much and now he talks about sex.

And the next year, he sold his Fred channel to make money.

132 JustinBieberVEVO

I don't think that this channel deserves to be here since it's a company and not an actual channel.

Worst channel ever it's not even one single person it's a company

I consider vevo channels as not youtubers. All they do is produce their music video or announcement - Ruthanime0

I mean, he has the most views on youtube. Surely he has to be doing something right.

Such as tricking TheTopTens trolls into voting him on every list.

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133 LifeaccordingtoJimmy

Funniest Youtuber. Ever. Hands down. Watch his videos. QUALITY CONTENT. They're really mini movies.

134 Todd In the Shadows
135 freddiew

Oh man. I used to watch him all the time! - dipperpinesfangirl618

He is hilarious his video are great the one with Roman Atwood was a killer

136 theFLICKpick
137 Scumperjumper
138 Gabriel Cocos
139 Sonny Colborne
140 HowToBasic

Creates high quality videos of how to do basic things! Provides affordable and efficient instructions, that are easy to follow, kid friendly, and just awesome! He should be in the top 5 for me.

He's funny but I'm a neat freak and all the messes he makes make me really uncomfortable

So funny channel!

The most hilarious youtuber of all time, he starts out creating proper tutorials (at least he does some of the time) then he starts chucking eggs at everything and setting it on fire and skidding through the mess, honestly it's better content than what you can get on T.V.

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