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141 HomelessGoomba
142 MessYourself

I like funny moments it's the best of Grand Theft Auto 5

He's adorable, just look at the sexy face

I vote Messyourself and Gloomgames! voted Messyourself Because He's himself, Lovely, Kind, And Epic. He's so underrated a bit to. I love that has trying hard and Put effort in his videos and yeah :3 P.s Love his cats

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143 YourMovieSucksDOTorg

Watch this man's videos if you want to start learning what makes a film good or not and have a good laugh as well.

This guy is so honest I love it.

Uh oh. Adum will not be happy with this. Let's vote him up so he is higher than 155. - cjWriter1997

144 Movies
145 JohnFlickster

He's a little bit weird, a little bit crazy and a little bit magical
But it's okay, I like that - RIDDLER2K15

146 Cierra Frye

Shes inmortalkiodi and I just made a vote on her so heres another one

She is very nice I agree she is also lovable over waffles like me.
She should be 1st place, everyone get waffles now if she does
I laugh at all of her jokes and puns, even if they are bad against Jordan.

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147 BarelyPolitical

This is the best song parody website.watchmojo is a good one too. But this channel cracks me up

148 ABrandonToThePast
149 Toys in Japan
150 prankvsprank V 1 Comment
151 Doodlelee
152 Zoella

She is so pretty she has the best make up kit and the cutest pug ever and her birthdays are so amazing and she is just so nice and her boyfriend a life/pointlessblog is so amazing too they are just all so good and when I say they are so good I mean like so good.

Zoe is such a pretty, amazing, kind, sweet, adorable girl. I don't watch her much, but she totally deserves more!

Yeah right! if zoe is 142 then this is the end of the world! She is one of the best YouTubers of all time!

She's awesome

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153 DanTDM - TheDiamondMinecart

He's awesome and funny and always makes me happy

SHOULD BE NUMBER 1 He's awesome and funny and always makes me happy

DanTDM you awesome videos you are my favorite you tuber EVER!

Good channel

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154 Comedyshortsgamer

What he should be higher

This person is the Black version of PewDiePie, but more funnier and hilarious. Why is he at 240? - Mumbizz01

Comedyshortsgamer should never be at 107 best he should be top 10 best

Deji Is hilarious. Not as funny as his bro though. - 12cc

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155 UberHaxorNova

This guy is so underrated, he deserves more credit than he has subscribe to him!

This dude right here is the best YouTubers there ever is, he deserves to be in the top 10

He is my personal favourite his humour is one of the greatest and is way underrated

How is he still unnoticed?

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156 Matthew Santoro

Matthew has classic humor, but also his videos are educational and fun to watch!

Takes the unoriginal idea of top 10's and makes them original! Been with him since 100,000 and don't plan on leaving just yet!

Matt is the best channel for edutainment in the history of YouTube! Love the 7 Myths, 50 Amazing Facts, and the top tens!

I love Matt! I've been watching him for 3 years. He's educational, and I learned a lot of things from him. And he's always so funny!

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157 Fouseytube

Fouseytube can never fail to make me laugh and entertain me

Fousey used to be good, but now he never does pranks and post him getting drunk.

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158 TheGamingLemon

I love all of his commentary

Gaming lemon is awesome

Should be top

Read my KSI comment he's the best

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159 Steve Terreberry

A funny and talented guitarist, how can I resist watching his videos? This guy is so awesome! - IronMaidenFan666

Any metal head should vote for him!

Should at least be in the top 10. - Skullkid755

160 PurpleShep

I Vote this hilarious funny cute YouTuber. - BlueSheepYT

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