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141 Mangakamen
142 theFLICKpick
143 Scumperjumper
144 Gabriel Cocos
145 Sonny Colborne
146 PrankvsPrank (PVP SAAN)

Amazing couple and they still love each other even after all the mean pranks

Brilliant insight to their everyday lives, they work hard to entertain us and never fail to do so.

You know they're meant to be if they stick together after all of this. - dipperpinesfangirl618

It's sad that they broke up, they were good together but Daily Vlogs has ruined their Relationship as they said :(

V 8 Comments
147 Marcus Dibble

Very funny stuff

148 HolaSoyGerman

HolaSoyGerman is amizing really is amazing - Santi12

He's the second most subscribed YouTuber.

He is Amazing!

He speaks Spanish. But he is so funny! 😂

149 ZackScottGames

This guy needs to get off this list, he cheats the YouTube search engine, crowds his videos where they shouldn't be, panders to his audience, and he's not even that good! Stay away from this guy at all cost!

He funny.

He plays angry birds go, minecraft and cut the rope 2 and more!

Something about this guy is amazing.

I have been watching zackscottgames for the past year and he has really in all of his videos been exceptional and is my favorite youtuber.

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150 EmpLemon

I like his bulge

He made the Uncredibles, which is unarguably a thing that will go down in history as one of the greatest, MLG videos.

151 Steve Terreberry

A funny and talented guitarist, how can I resist watching his videos? This guy is so awesome! - IronMaidenFan666

Any metal head should vote for him!

Should at least be in the top 10. - Skullkid755

152 HomelessGoomba
153 RandomTens
154 CGPGrey

Maybe if he screamed more he'd be higher up

Lol nice one

155 Movies
156 JohnFlickster

He's a little bit weird, a little bit crazy and a little bit magical
But it's okay, I like that - RIDDLER2K15

157 Cierra Frye

Shes inmortalkiodi and I just made a vote on her so heres another one

She is very nice I agree she is also lovable over waffles like me.
She should be 1st place, everyone get waffles now if she does
I laugh at all of her jokes and puns, even if they are bad against Jordan.

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158 BarelyPolitical

This is the best song parody website.watchmojo is a good one too. But this channel cracks me up

159 TryHardNinja V 2 Comments
160 Toys in Japan
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