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161 pamtri

Santiago. - The01Bro

The quotes in his videos are incredible! Like, now you must die, oh ok, and we are tighter than bark on a tree. And also Santiago gets me every time. Since minecraft in a nutshell, I feel like his videos have been going downhill, but I have a feeling he will get back on track.

Why 1117? He should at least be in the top 100

162 PurpleShep

I Vote this hilarious funny cute YouTuber. - BlueSheepYT

163 our2ndlife

Good at first but then started to loose the great fun and interesting quality.

They make me smile and it makes me cry when I think that we broke up

By the way this better not be because of them ending because they helped me through a lot

Its actually pretty cool

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164 Element Animation

Taking 5 decades to make a video that isn't a Minecraft Short. - Epicsauce45

I voted for him because I can

165 Barackdubs

Should do more The Weeknd songs. - PhenomentalOne

166 Brad Holmes
167 YoMama

Yo mamma is awesome #lovin it

I love this channel

Yo Mamas so FAT, She takes selfies, in PANORAMA MODE!

you mama says bad words and its not for kids

Pewdiepie is on this list and he says bad words so don't like it but this is the internet - Bearskater13

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168 Behind The Meme

This channel should be a meme. It has all qualities of a meme - PhenomentalOne


169 KYR Speedy
170 SullyPwnz
171 Fieldster

Truly phenomenal, his 'Day in the life of Fieldster' gave you an insight to not just a man... But a superhero. - Lone-Centurion

172 placeboing

I love the remixes! - olliv


173 Blixemi

One of my favorites, without a doubt. She writes amazing Warriorcats songs, and her Epic Rap Battles of Warriors are awesome, as well. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

174 Studio C
175 Freddie Wong V 1 Comment
176 Jacksgap

I don't watch them much but they're really cute and seem like cool lads! Must watch them sometime.

I love them 2. They are SUPER cute. And funny if course! I still get them mixed up somtimes though!

I lovve jacks gap they are halarious! They should be higher up

177 Lui Calibre

I lovE LUI I Love monkey I love gta5

Doo the doo banana bus

Do more squad of sqeaker

He is funny

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178 Lordminion777

Hello yes this is bonnie bunny I know how you hate me but I'm behind you no but really I'm stalking you BUT NOW IS REVENGE

End me

179 Jack Spero V 1 Comment
180 Cutefuzzyweasle
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