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161 prankvsprank V 1 Comment
162 Doodlelee
163 Zoella

She is so pretty she has the best make up kit and the cutest pug ever and her birthdays are so amazing and she is just so nice and her boyfriend a life/pointlessblog is so amazing too they are just all so good and when I say they are so good I mean like so good.

Zoe is such a pretty, amazing, kind, sweet, adorable girl. I don't watch her much, but she totally deserves more!

Yeah right! if zoe is 142 then this is the end of the world! She is one of the best YouTubers of all time!

That is bad she should be up way more xxx

V 19 Comments
164 DanTDM - TheDiamondMinecart

He's awesome and funny and always makes me happy

SHOULD BE NUMBER 1 He's awesome and funny and always makes me happy

DanTDM you awesome videos you are my favorite you tuber EVER!

Good channel

V 10 Comments
165 UberHaxorNova

This guy is so underrated, he deserves more credit than he has subscribe to him!

This dude right here is the best YouTubers there ever is, he deserves to be in the top 10

He is my personal favourite his humour is one of the greatest and is way underrated

How is he still unnoticed?

V 3 Comments
166 Comedyshortsgamer

What he should be higher

This person is the Black version of PewDiePie, but more funnier and hilarious. Why is he at 240? - Mumbizz01

Comedyshortsgamer should never be at 107 best he should be top 10 best

Deji Is hilarious. Not as funny as his bro though. - 12cc

V 3 Comments
167 Matthew Santoro

Matthew has classic humor, but also his videos are educational and fun to watch!

Takes the unoriginal idea of top 10's and makes them original! Been with him since 100,000 and don't plan on leaving just yet!

Matt is the best channel for edutainment in the history of YouTube! Love the 7 Myths, 50 Amazing Facts, and the top tens!

I love Matt! I've been watching him for 3 years. He's educational, and I learned a lot of things from him. And he's always so funny!

V 11 Comments
168 Shanna Malcolm
169 MandJtv Pokevids

Best YouTube In The Youtubing History!


So funny

170 Fouseytube

Fouseytube can never fail to make me laugh and entertain me

Fousey used to be good, but now he never does pranks and post him getting drunk.

V 1 Comment
171 pamtri

Santiago. - The01Bro

The quotes in his videos are incredible! Like, now you must die, oh ok, and we are tighter than bark on a tree. And also Santiago gets me every time. Since minecraft in a nutshell, I feel like his videos have been going downhill, but I have a feeling he will get back on track.

Why 1117? He should at least be in the top 100

172 TheGamingLemon

I love all of his commentary

Gaming lemon is awesome

Should be top

Read my KSI comment he's the best

V 3 Comments
173 PurpleShep

I Vote this hilarious funny cute YouTuber. - BlueSheepYT

174 our2ndlife

Good at first but then started to loose the great fun and interesting quality.

They make me smile and it makes me cry when I think that we broke up

By the way this better not be because of them ending because they helped me through a lot

Its actually pretty cool

V 3 Comments
175 Barackdubs

Should do more The Weeknd songs. - PhenomentalOne

176 Brad Holmes
177 YoMama

Yo mamma is awesome #lovin it

I love this channel

Yo Mamas so FAT, She takes selfies, in PANORAMA MODE!

you mama says bad words and its not for kids

V 2 Comments
178 SomecallmeJohnny

Such a great channel

179 LastWeekTonight
180 Behind The Meme

This channel should be a meme. It has all qualities of a meme - PhenomentalOne


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