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Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 60 million subscribers. more.


He has loads of hate, but I mean come on his content is not bad at all REALLY! I honestly think this man deserves what he has, but the hate...everyone has that. I know that doe's not make a lot of sense but what my point is, is that he still he still has good ideas in his content, like the You Laugh You Lose Challenge, he was like the first to do so, everyone else always uses Try not to laugh, and I even lose on the intros myself. But that's just me. So I am a bro in the "Bro-Army" if you hate him then you must hate 50 Million (on counting) other people in the world! But none of this matters to you, so while your all butt hurt PaPa Pewds is just laughing you off as I typed this comment and you clicking on porn hub and these websites to show off your hate to someone who can care less. Thank You

This guy is the best! He's funny and awesome! PewDiePie may be annoying to some people because he yells at video games a lot but what he says is funny. When people say, "Watching someone play video games is a waste of time, isn't it better if we play them ourselves instead? " I don't really give a crap about what they say because don't we watch people play sports too?

He's just the best. He's genuinely funny and is actually a good person, he cares about his fans and isn't afraid to speak about his own opinions, as controversial they may be. He's incredibly honest too, unlike some other fake, forced YouTubers out there. He also gets a ton of undeserved hate--but if he makes an actual mistake he regrets it and sincerely apologizes. He doesn't pretend that he's perfect either, in fact he says plenty of times that he isn't a good person (but I personally believe he is). And he knows how to entertain, which is exactly what being a YouTuber is supposed to be about.

I love pewdiepie he is so sweet and funny and he saves his views lives and I just love him so much

I'll be honest - before, I disliked him. I thought he was just one of those arrogant pricks who were fake and over-exaggerated everything, and that his fame was undeserved. However, I recently rewatched him, and I fell in love with his new style of content. They were more raw and sarcastic, and showed Felix was no longer afraid to challenge others. He showed that he can man up to his controversies (the recent one when he said the n word during a stream), and makes jokes that don't only pertain to cancerous people, or little kids. You go, Felix! You truly deserve the spot as the King of Youtube.

Honestly, I don't know why he gets so much hate! I mean, I guess I can see why you'd think he's annoying, but he's such a good person. He tries so hard to make his viewers smile, and I think that's all that counts.

PewDiePie he really deserve to be number one, not because Markiplier is like that not because Nigahiga is like this but because he is Felix Kjellberg. As I read some comments about the other youtubers, they say that "not like PewDiePie" "That includes PewDiePie too".

And also he puts efforts in his videos, if you think he's not then try recording a video and edit it in the same day. Another reason why he's also number because he always thinks of his fans.

Even though he is going somewhere, he won't stop at posting videos. He'll even vlog about it. So for me he really deserve to be number one.

Anyone else notice how the YouTube community can effectively be divided into those who like pewdiepie, and those who don't. And both categories can be divided into those who engage in comment wars over whether he's bad or good, and those who really don't care?

He's really funny and, well, REALLY FUNNY. Every time I watch his videos, I laugh like a maniac. Laughing is good! And you can depend on Pewdiepie to help you laugh. Because his humour works like a charm!

I personally find Pewdiepie quite funny, although I can understand why some people don't enjoy his humor, but the ones who are constantly telling Pewdiepie to kill himself sound as if they are projecting their own feelings onto him.

All I can say really is...


I love the fact that here, where he's listed as a good channel, everyone in the comments agrees and when he's listed as a bad channel everyone agrees too- as if it was forbidden to disagree in a topic and everyone has to go to the page of his opinion...

He's just amazing, and whenever he gets hate I genuinely feel bad. He has hilarious videos and his subscribers and audience are well deserved. Whenever I watch his videos, I feel so much better, even if I'm having a bad day.

Pewdiepie is really a good person but people only looks at his mistakes and wrong doings. Why not watch more of his videos, the recent and the old ones, you can learn about more. A lot of other youtubers also said he's a nice person. Like jacksepticeye, one of his videos said something really nice about him. Everyone can have different personalities online, so don't judge them by what you see of them online.

I have been a Pewdiepie fan for years now and Pewds holds a special place in my heart. His videos have made me laugh, smile and be entertained whenever I was feeling down or bored. His content may have changed but I still find his videos quite enjoyable. There have been a lot of youtubers that I have loved watching but stopped because their videos no longer appeal to me as much as before. Pewds has always been able to capture my attention and hold it. I feel this is true for a lot of his fans as well. He is also very genuine, nice, humble and really cares about his fans. For these reasons, I believe he is the best youtuber in my opinion.

Love you pewds never stop just remember whenever you get hate comments that you are amazing and all these people like Dillon the hacker and Malcolm-1466 they are YouTubers that suck and say that you suck but in reality you are more famous and you have more than 45 million sub's so never give up keep being great love you Felix bro fist

Pewdiepie makes me happy! My friends think he's annoying but I don't even care! He's funny and amazing. People don't think of him for being nice just for being funny but he donates a lot of his money to charities

At first when I saw him he just seemed to scream and cuss into the mic. Then when you get to know him he is nice, funny, and fabulous. I'm a total bro now.

Uh well this is the most subscribed tutu her and probably one of the most interesting but he is getting a little old with his humor and games. But I still love him!

Back in the day, I don't know if I'd believe someone if they told me Pewdiepie would be my favorite youtuber. However, he deserves all his subs. He is currently the best content creator on youtube. I didn't really like him back in the day, but he has certainly changed for the better, despite what many people think.

Pewdiepie is so funny and my watching corpse party 4 part 1

He seems so genuine. When he's happy he laughs. When he's scared he curses in Swedish. You just can't help but love him.

The face you make when you get a mansion, hot wife, and the inside of your parents house when they are having some privacy in the bedroom.

PewDiepie is the best! He should stay number 1 in my opinion!

He is a very kind person, and super funny person. PewDiePie is very funny as well, and doesn't curse (Well, sometimes he does) it is very hard to find Youtubers these days that don't curse.