Best Yu Gi Oh Monster Cards

Doesn't necessarily mean order of the strongest, it can also be down to other things like effects, beauty and personal favourites. (One card, which sorta ruins Exodia's chances since there are 5 pieces.)

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1 The Winged Dragon of Ra

Seriously how could Blue-eyes white dragon beat this? Ra works well with Enchanted javelin, Life absorbing machine and Mystic wok. Alone with Life absorbing machine and Enchanted javelin you gain even more life than you had before summoning Ra! And if opponent tries to destroy it just activate Mystic wok to tribute Ra and gain life equal to Ra's atk. - KilMii

I love Ra cause it looks the best out of the god cards, and it has the best effect out of the god cards

Beauty of the God Cards. - EvilAngel

This and Dark Magician are my favorites (and Poison of the Old Man too but for 2nd place 0w0)

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2 Blue Eyes White Dragon

Blue Eyes White Dragon is beautiful and is a classic. One of the most popular cards from the series. - EvilAngel

Blue eyes is extremely powerful, but it's power is often overestimated and is a monster people try very hard to destroy.

My signature card for 12 years.. And also one of the most expensive and popular monster card of all time..


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3 Cyber-End Dragon

Cyber end dragon is the complete bomb he should be at least in 2nd place

It has 4000 attack!

cool card

4 Jinzo

Just let me know

Why jinzo sucks

Because jinzo is love,jinzo is life

2400 atk and his effekt...

5 Obelisk The Tormentor

Obelisk is strong but once u summon him you have to have the right cards to make him have infinite Attack it assures your victory once you have 5 monsters. But cards like the wicked avatar can overpower him.

Obelisk should be second

Obelisk should be on to ra should be second

Best God!

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6 Five Headed Dragon

He is the best dragon ever and he got five heads

It can be summoned easy and it cannot be destroyed by battle with 5 attributes!


7 Slifer The Sky Dragon

Its just amazing its a god card and every card in your hand it gets a 1000 attack points plus when its summoned all the opponents monsters loses 2000 attack points!

This ancient beast is said to be the dragon of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the underworld, enough said.

The best card water you better except that

Don't, forget sifer second mouth
I can now beat my brother anytime

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8 The Legendary Fisherman

This card with the presence of UMI is untouchable

9 The Wicked Avatar

Since it always has 100 more attack and defense of the strongest monster it can still be destroyed by spell or trap cards other than that it is always stronger

This card will dominate on the playing field

He gains 100 more attack than the strongest monster on the feild

10 Luster Soldier

Amazing, awesome looking card. - EvilAngel

Its attack and defense make it unstoppable

It works well with spikeshield with chain if it's in Defense Mode

The Contenders

11 Red Eyes Black Dragon

This classic card has a lot of other version such as Red-eyes Darkness dragon or Red-eyes Metal dragon with awesome effect and many more this card and summoned skull make a awesome fusion monster, Xyz etc. In my opinion this card is better than any other because of the others Red-eyes.

Awesome monster

12 Mirage Knight
13 Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

It has a lot of atk and def and makes you want to collect more cards

14 Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo Daedalus

Such a beautiful, colourful card, and an amazing monster. - EvilAngel

Such an OP card

15 Summoned Skull
16 Dark Magician

This card is so awesome I got it to have 7000 attack points my whole deck is based on it.

Best thing ever

Awesome card

This is the amazing monster

17 Dark Magician Girl
18 Kuriboh

Kuriboh is amazing just look at what happens when you pare it with its brothers

Just kidding kuriboh just sucks

Laugh out loud kuriboh sucks

I do not know why it is good

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19 Celtic Guardian

Why is this #19 it sucks

This card is really nothing special, and it's better to just leave it out of any deck you might ever want. But some idiot might use this card because s/he found it on a 'best monster cards' list... so... dems the breaks

20 Beta the Magnet Warrior

While I never owned this card, and might never, I use it all the time in a rock removal deck I use online. This card has been so useful and the deck has only lost once. Thank you Beta, you have been so good to me.

Honorable Mentions:
Armityle The Chaos Phantom: Gains 10,000 attack with his effect. Too bad he needs 9 monsters (Counting tributes for the materials)
The Supremacy Sun: The most annoying fiend ever, it can come back after being destroyed and has 3000 attack
All 3 of the Sacred Beasts (Uria, Raviel, Hamon): Just look so damn evil and are nasty bastards in a duel
Rainbow Dragon: I bugged the hell out of my parents to buy this for me when I was little. They did, and I love it
Dark Magician: Awesome artworks and one of my first collector cards
Dark Eradicator Warlock: A crippler in any spell deck. 1000 for each spell, and you can activate up to 5 per turn.
Chaos Command Magician: A good beatstick that keeps it from being destroyed.
White Horned ...more - TheFlameingSkull1

21 B. Skull Dragon
22 Blue Eyes Toon Dragon

the best

23 Thousand-Eyes Idol

You can use creature swap and laugh your ass off

24 Red Eyes Darkness Dragon

Easy summon

25 Relinquished

The best card in the world

26 Exodia the Forbidden One

Come on he could kick the ass of every monster in the game!

Exodia is the strongest of them all

Kick ass fighting machine

27 Exxod - Master of The Guard
28 Gemini Elf

Yeah the more powerful monsters will be the ones who take the top positions, but you can't forget the 4 star or lower monsters who allow those stronger monsters to happen and can be normal summoned. Gemini Elf is a brilliant card because there is 1900 attack and no effect preventing you from attacking normally, which is exceptional for a 4 star monster - EvilAngel

29 Dark Magician of Chaos

You can use its effect and get a spell card from your graveyard once per turn. So if you have foolish burial ( send a monster from your deck to your graveyard) and monster reborn you can just use them together then get them back with the effect

30 Shooting Star Dragon

Negates all destruction
So much better than Ra and blue eyes because all they have is attack power.

31 Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis

Sorry I meant destroy any number of cards on the field please look up

You can add more xyz monsters on him making him even more powerful. not only that every xyz you take off him you can destroy minimum amount of monsters the top hieratic sun dragon over lord up above was a mastake sorry about that

Every xyz kind of material that is on him he gains attack even xyz monsters that are not material you can connect on him making him even more powerful. taking away xyz material of him you can destroy minimum amount of xyzs you took off him.

32 Malefic Truth Dragon

Lets see a 5000 attack and 5000 defense if he destroys one monster on the field he destroys all the others

33 Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Th best card ever ;) ttyl

You sumon you basically take the atk and definitely of the opponet monsters

34 Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
35 Fire King High Avatar Garunix

If it's destroyed by a card effect it's special summoned from the graveyard during the next standby phase and then destroys all monsters on the field

36 Vorse Raider
37 King's Knight
38 Black Rose Dragon
39 Divine Serpent
40 White Night Dragon
41 Breaker the Magical Warrior

Come on guys he gains 300 attack for each spell on him and if you remove one you can destroy one monster on the field.

42 Crab Turtle

In all honesty I didn't expect to see this card but I have it sitting in front of me and it's pretty good

Man when he came out everyone was like what sweet.

43 Shark Drake Veiss
44 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon

Destroys anything by sacrificing it self

45 Exodia Necross

This card is almost as powerful as exodia himself

46 Fenrir
47 Yata-Garasu
48 Fiber Jar
49 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
50 Cyber Dragon
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