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21 B. Skull Dragon
22 Blue Eyes Toon Dragon
23 Thousand-Eyes Idol

You can use creature swap and laugh your ass off

24 Red Eyes Darkness Dragon V 1 Comment
25 Relinquished

The best card in the world

26 Exxod - Master of The Guard
27 Gemini Elf

Yeah the more powerful monsters will be the ones who take the top positions, but you can't forget the 4 star or lower monsters who allow those stronger monsters to happen and can be normal summoned. Gemini Elf is a brilliant card because there is 1900 attack and no effect preventing you from attacking normally, which is exceptional for a 4 star monster - EvilAngel

28 Dark Magician of Chaos

You can use its effect and get a spell card from your graveyard once per turn. So if you have foolish burial ( send a monster from your deck to your graveyard) and monster reborn you can just use them together then get them back with the effect

29 Shooting Star Dragon

Negates all destruction
So much better than Ra and blue eyes because all they have is attack power.

30 Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis

Sorry I meant destroy any number of cards on the field please look up

You can add more xyz monsters on him making him even more powerful. not only that every xyz you take off him you can destroy minimum amount of monsters the top hieratic sun dragon over lord up above was a mastake sorry about that

Every xyz kind of material that is on him he gains attack even xyz monsters that are not material you can connect on him making him even more powerful. taking away xyz material of him you can destroy minimum amount of xyzs you took off him.

31 Malefic Truth Dragon

Lets see a 5000 attack and 5000 defense if he destroys one monster on the field he destroys all the others

32 Thousand-Eyes Restrict

You sumon you basically take the atk and definitely of the opponet monsters

V 1 Comment
33 Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
34 Exodia the Forbidden One

Come on he could kick the ass of every monster in the game!

Exodia is the strongest of them all

Kick ass fighting machine

35 Fire King High Avatar Garunix

If it's destroyed by a card effect it's special summoned from the graveyard during the next standby phase and then destroys all monsters on the field

36 Vorse Raider
37 King's Knight
38 Black Rose Dragon
39 Divine Serpent
40 White Night Dragon
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