Best Yugioh 5D's Cards


The Top Ten

1 Stardust Dragon

You can sacrifice him to negate an effect and then he comes back to the field to fight again

This card is hands down the best I always beet my friends with this card and I've never lost a match with it on my side

This card is one of the best! All around strong and great with any 5ds deck!

2 Majestic Star Dragon


3 Shooting Quasar Dragon

It can be summoned in one turn if you have 3 cards in your hand, 1 card in your deck, and 4 cards in your extra deck. It has 4,000 attack and 4,000 defense.

4 Majestic Red Dragon

This card sucks it is the baby version of red nova dragon trust me my friend has it and I always beat him with my red nova dragon

5 Shooting Star Dragon
6 Ancient Fairy Dragon
7 Red Nova Dragon

Best card ever it should be at the number one spot on the list instead of majestic red dragon

This is just a gg if u play it

8 Cosmic Blazar Dragon
9 Black Winged Dragon
10 Black Rose Dragon

When syncro summoned all cards are sent to the graveyard and once per turn you can banish 1 plant-type monster your opponent controls; change its battle position to attack mode and its attack becomes 0

The Contenders

11 Red Dragon Archfiend

He even has a spell for him! He is great

12 Goyo Guardian

Love this card! Still good!

13 Blackwing Armor Master
14 Koa'ki Meiru Maximus
15 Cyber Dragon Nova

Gains 2100 atk and definitely for each monster in your grave yard better then cyber end dragon

Gains two thousand atk definitely fot each monster in the graveyard

16 Power Tool Dragon
17 Crimson Dragon
18 Pot of Duality
19 Cyber End Dragon
20 Exploder Dragonwing

When it battles a monster on the opponents side of the field its destroyed and it inflicts damage to the Opponent equal the destroyed monsters attack points

21 Utopia Ray
22 Gaia Drake, the Universal Force

Can not be destroyed by monster effects

23 Photon Wyvern

It destroys all set cards when summoned

24 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
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