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221 Mirage Knight

This card was practically MADE to destroy 5 Headed Dragon!
It is LIGHT Attribute, and gains ATK equal to the monster it is battling! All you need is Dark Flare Knight, Dark Magician, Flame Swordsman, Flame Manipulator, Masaki The Legendary Swordsman (or substitutes) and 2 fusion spell cards E.G. Polymerization!

222 Ancient Fairy Dragon

It's very powerful you should get it

223 Power Tool Mecha Dragon
224 Twin Cyber Dragon
225 Call of the Haunted

Great. Card reasons:gets one of your cards in the graveyard for free

226 Metamorphosis
227 King Tiger Wanghu
228 Master Kyonshee
229 Necrovalley
230 Reasoning
231 Synchron Explorer

Being a 2 star card means you can summon this without tributing or using a Ritual so it's a plus there. It can summon cards to help with a Synchro Summon which could lead to a giant advantage in the match and it can be used with so many synchron cards : Turbo,Nitro,QuickDraw and Junk to make a lot of synchro summons in a game and Synchron Explorer isn't that rare to get

232 Ring of Destruction

Can beat almost any of the monsters here. - Vaing1955

233 Cannon Soldier
234 Fairy King Truesdale
235 Machine King
236 Dice Jar
237 Return from the Different Dimension
238 Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon
239 Odd-Eyes Sabre Dragon
240 Pulling The Rug
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