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21 Dark Bribe
22 Bottomless Trap Hole

I would surrender my mum to the Chaos Emperor Dragon: Envoy of the End just to look at this card

So op should at least be 19

One of the best traps

People try to summon things like The Winged Dragon of Ra and then BAM! it gets banished and they have 100 Lp remaining.

23 Stardust Dragon

You can tribute it from your hand to stop your opponents monster effects, then it destroys your opponents monster, and can be summoned from the graveyard at the end phase, and you can also summon a stardust dragon from your graveyard when it is destroyed

Why isn't this card in the top ten. You can tribute this card to negate any effect and then summon it bak on the field in the end phase, it also has 2500 attack and 2000 definitely (as good as dark magician).

I don't understand what kind of losers inhabit this forum, because this card is really good, far better then a weak blue eyes.

Best card in my deck

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24 Raging Flame Sprite

Attack directly when it does plus 1000 in 4 turns can be 4100 attack

Can build up to a really high attack level and direct damage!

25 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon

I have a deck completely centered around this guy. If everything works out, he ends up with above 7000 attack points, plus he is then unaffected by effects, spells, and traps. Best effect ever.

By far the best card in the game!
Traps and Spells don't effect it and it gains an extra 300 ATK points for every dragon in the graveyard. This card is awesome!

Come one guys gains 300 attack for each dragon that goes in the graveyard and cannot be effected by spells traps and monster effects

If played right, in my deck at least. 6 cards tributed for each blue eyes, plus the 3 blue eyes for Ultimate than Ultimate sacrificed for Shining you have 10 cards in your graveyard giving you 6000ATK just having the card on the field not to mention the other 10 to 15 supporting monsters in my deck, possibly in the graveyard. So in total with 25 monsters in my graveyard that's 25 X 300 + 3000 = 10,500 ATK. Pretty unstoppable.

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26 Magic Cylinder

This card is kind of like man eater bug because it negates any attack and inflicts that attack to your opponent.

Opponent goes through all the trouble to summon a monster with a lot of attack points then they basicly attack themselves, what more could you ask for?

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27 Solemn Judgement
28 Malefic Truth Dragon

Best card I mean seriously destroy a silly malefic and then boom 5k attack and defense what more do you want

When this card destroys one monster, which it will, all monsters your opponent controls go poof.

It should be 5th but still it's the best I have

I what it

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29 Fire Hand
30 Jinzo

One of the best cards ever released. 2400 attack/1 sacrifice for its time was amazing, and still is. Negating any pre-existing Traps or Traps to come. Match him alongside Black Luster Soldier ~ Envoy of the Beginning, and it's end game for your opponent.

He's a classic and my friends hate him all is well

Well one tribute needed 2400 of attack pretty good and the godlike effect of disable traps combined with all "Jinzo" cards like jinzo #7 returner jector and the badass jinzo lord Jinzo seens one of best cards in the game

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31 Revival Jam

Better with the card that changes the attack target to it though

32 The Creator God of Light, Horakhty

The creator God of Light, Horakhty is so strong. It has infinite Attack and Defense. I got it in the Legendary Collection 1 (Japanese version). It's so annoying that this card is illegal in tournaments. But I use it in fighting my Friend.

This is one of the few cards that has a true game winning effect.

Sacrifice all three god cards and automatically win the duel, also very cool looking!

It's not even popular

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33 Yata-Garasu

It's perma-banned for a reason... Never letting your opponent draw ever again is a pretty overpowered ability

Not perma-banned, first of all. We're at a state in the Meta where Yata returning will have absolutely no impact on the game. It is likely to come back when Spirits get new support.
It has a powerful effect, but nearly non-existent ATK power. It was only ever good because of Yata-lock, but 2 of the cards needed are banned.

34 Ice Hand
35 Black Luster Soldier

Very confused at why this card is not in the top 100 at the very least! Can attack twice or remove a monster from play! All you need to do is equip it with ribbon of rebirth and something to bump up its attack points and its already game over.

This card was banned for a reason, draw this card on your first turn with Graceful Charity and you can most likely have yourself a first turn kill.

That is black luster soldier - envoy of the beginning

It's a 3000 ATK Ritual Vanilla... It has never been banned as some claim. It can only attack once. It cannot Banish anything. It has no effect at all. It's just a 3000 ATK monster that was decent in the early days of the franchise, but sees little use in these modern days.
For those who want to argue that I am wrong... use Google. The card "Black Luster Soldier" is no good. The card that is good is "Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning". They are 2 completely and totally different cards.

36 United We Stand

united we stand is truly the best eqip ever!

I remember getting this. I was unbeatable - awesomenessdefined

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37 Guardian Eatos

Great overall card, with awesome ability and can be special summoned if there are no monsters in your graveyard.

I have two of these cards in limited edition. I use this to summon number 62 galaxy-eyes prime photon dragon or before I use them I summon darklon to level them up and then summon number 9 dyson sphere so it doesn't matter which one I use they both to destroy my opponents and make them scared to surrender hahaahah

My friend got two of em at the start of the dual and he summong two juggernauts than boom gg

38 The Winged Dragon of Ra Sphere Mode

Can be good can be bad u need a nother card two use it

What the hell is this?



39 Red Nova Dragon

What the heck this is like the best card ever when I summon it I basically win I mean this card is my god card or something. He beat slifer in a duel because slifer really sucks, what if you have no cards this guy has 5000 attack when first summoned if you have the tuners needed to summon him in your graveyard

Best card ever I love him he has a lot of attack. He is best because you can negate attacks and gain 500 attack for each tuner monster in your graveyard. He is awesome. Cool

It is my best card and man talk about op starting with a good amount of attack points and it can't be effected by card effects plus being able to just remove itself from play I'm surprised it's not banned. I think it's the best card ever.

I cannot believe this card isn't in the top ten. Red Nova is my card. His effect allows him to not be killed by spells, traps or card effects. Plus when there are a lot of tuners in your graveyard, his attack increases ten fold

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40 Ventdra, the Empowered Warrior

Great card, has won many many duels and even got a 3 turn kill with it when I powered him up with Mage power. Only 1 tribute and 2000 attack points and can attack directly what else do you want in a monster

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