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41 The Creator

You can summon any monster you want from your grave yard using this card's effect by discarding 1 card. I think this card would be like number 5 if it required 1 tribute.

Can special summon monsters from the graveyard! Much better than monster reborn

42 Mystical Space Typhoon V 3 Comments
43 Master of Oz

Highest attack lv in English game

V 1 Comment
44 Dark Magician of Chaos

Dark Magician of Chaos is a good card and can do with out Dedication Through Light and Darkness and without Dark Magician in one's deck. If you was to assemble your deck with the right cards to keep him circulating on the field and in your hand, you can recycle important spell cards and still have the power to back you up on the field. A fine card indeed.

I think dark magician of chaos is the best magician of all yugioh magicians he should have a real poster I hope they make one I really have always wanted him but he is so rare.

This card brings 1 spell back to your hand and when he attacks the targeted monsters is removed from play! He also has great power and is in the Dark Magician family which I collect. - fallenfannumber1

No one can lose with this card

V 4 Comments
45 Relinquished

Has by far the best effect other than divines and he is also relatively easy to get out. This card for me is always one that can change the tide of battle in an instant

It's hard to find both cards to summon it but its virtually unstoppable

This card is awesome. For every turn, you get to take one monster from your opponent's side of the field and equip it to relinquished. This card really can't be destroyed because if it happens to be destoyed, the equip card is destroyed instead.

This card can make a good effect in tight spots and lead your way to victory

V 5 Comments
46 Crush Card Virus

One of the early cards to get BANNED from any professional gameplay. Has the ultimate trap card effect and wins duels in 1 turn.

V 3 Comments
47 Pot of Greed

Not much to it draw a card. Can be very useful however, when both players run out of cards and can give you a large edge.

This card is banned for a reason because draw cards are good in general

V 2 Comments
48 Utopia

Lets you summon Utopia the Lightning so it is the best rank 4 in the game

Yes, he is awesome. and his affect is amazing

Utopia is the coolest card ever

V 2 Comments
49 Tribe - Infecting Virus

I don't know if it's rare or not but with it you could wipe out the most powerful monsters in the game

50 Heavy Storm

I almost don't like the use of this card. True it can rid the field of all spell and trap cards, well I just said it... All! You may be in a jam and draw this card that can rid the field of of a threat, but could possibly spoil the plan you may have face down on your side of the field. Good card, but consider what this card can do depending on how you assemble your deck especially if you have traps that may be an important foundation in your blueprint.

Easiest thing for all of the annoying things that any soul may put in their trap and spell zone! Rid it all to heck!

51 Dark Hole

It is awesome but the only problem is that it is a banned card so I can't use it in a championship, but you could use it when you are playing with your friends which is ok but I think that it shouldn't be in the banned list. But other than that you can typically use it to wipe out all cards for your opponent if you have no cards and he has a ton!

I especially value this card, because the power of gravity is so strong! Additionally I like the artwork of this card and hence it should be even better than place 22.

Very good cars. I have the spectacular edition one with the ultra rare golden border. Defiantly a great card to have in your deck. It deserve like 15

Got it from a starter deck

V 3 Comments
52 Marshmallon


-Cannot be destroyed by battle
-set it face-down and let your opponent atk and take 1000 direct damage

The worst to play against, instant 1000 damage straight to your face.

Used it in so many decks, amazing

V 9 Comments
53 Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

True, galaxy eyes is one of the best.

Galaxy-Eyes isn't at the top? Clearly this is a broken list.

This card is completely OP

Kite is the best

V 5 Comments
54 Man-Eater Bug

This card is almost too powerful because ANY monster can attack and it would be destroyed.

Use to kill opponents who think there gonna win

V 1 Comment
55 Helpoemer
56 Winged Kuriboh V 1 Comment
57 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier V 1 Comment
58 Judgement Dragon

Combine this card with the wickedest Lightsworns and you practically always win. Check out this card's unstoppable effect out!

Okay, I know I was the one that added "Judgment Dragon" not this misspelled Judgement Dragon.

Wipe the field for 1000 LP and you can do it more than one time a turn. Light Sworn fills the grave so easily the summon requirement is a joke. Even without that killer effect its a 3000 attack beatstick. Has to be the top card in the whole game

59 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

Another card that beasts in my synchro deck. It is my new insurance policy. Negate, reuse, negate. Over and over. Combine with my trusty old Shield Wing and Stardust Dragon and you have good chances of winning. Yes, I think outside of the circle that is in a box.

If you have a darkworld deck, you can keep getting him/her from your graveyard.

V 2 Comments
60 The Wicked Dreadroot

The Wicked Dreadroot should be in the top 10s because it is equally as powerful as Obelisk and it halfs all monsters attack in half (a very useful power to have especially when combined with "Deck Devastation Virus".

Atk/4000 definitely/4000
All other monsters atk and definitely are halved
Kills any other monster easily, even the god cards get killed by it

V 1 Comment
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